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Sep 24 2013
Switching Channels Comments (0)


I missed the Emmys. Lucky for you, Johnny Lopez did not. His hilarious recap is here.

Sep 23 2013
Wake Me Up, Before You Gotta Go-Go Comments (0)
Merritt Weaver's thank-you speech for her Nurse Jackie win is getting all the play in today's coverage of last night's Emmys. Justifiably so! Very funny...

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Jul 19 2012
Lena On Me: Emmy Nominations Announced Comments (7)

Lena Dunham Girls Emmy nomineeI loved that mop-lady cartoon before The Carol Burnett Show!

Emmy nominations are out, and for the first time I can remember, there are more cable than network nominees in the Best Comedy Series category. I'm thrilled that Girls and Veep were recognized. Girls totally deserves to win, but will never overcome Modern Family (which I still enjoy in spite of increasingly saccharine, tied-with-a-bow endings to each episode).

Even better, Lena Dunham was nominated for Best Actress in a comedy series, along with every other working actress who's ever made a person smile, from Zooey Deschanel to Edie Falco.

Margaret-cho-kim-jong-ilMargaret Cho is America's best-kept state secret

Bizarrely—and happily—Margaret Cho received an Emmy nod (Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series) for impersonating Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock! But otherwise, I'm never truly satisfied with the Supporting or Guest categories. None of the Girls girls or boys?

Maggie-smith-downton-abbey-2I'd give all the dramatic awards to Downton Abbey, which is more fun than a week-end.

American Idol failed to get nominated for Reality-Competition Program in spite of six others getting the nod.

Anyone you think was missed or unfairly recognized?

Sep 18 2011
Congrats To Melissa McCarthy—Winning An Emmy For Being Great In A Movie Comments (3)

The beauty-pageant gag on the Emmys was legendary. While I love Melissa McCarthy, it's a sin to reward her for her good work on Mike & Molly before Amy Poehler gets a nod for her outstanding turn on Parks & Recreation.

Aug 31 2011
"Hello...enthusiasm...and thank you." Comments (7)

Via Bryan Safi: I'd never heard of this mesmerizing clip of Patty Duke accepting an Emmy back when her bipolar disorder was undiagnosed. Desi Arnaz Jr. seems to know that her speech will not go well...

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Jul 14 2011
Nods & Nixes: Emmy Nomination Time Comments (0)


The Emmy noms are out, and it looks like Mildred PierceMad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Modern Family are the toast of the boob tube. (Remember when they had tubes?)

Noteworthy items:

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