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Mar 24 2014
Need To Know: The Heart Is A Lonely Tab Hunter, Perez Keeps It Together, Roamin' Ronan, Queen Of The Hill, Heart-Stopping Cocktail + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureABOVE: Tab Hunter exercising is another reason to get this book.

*widget boy culturePICTURED: Chip Duckett DJs Perez's Madonna-themed b'day in NYC. Perez-Hilton

*widget boy cultureRonan Farrow at NLGJA.

*widget boy cultureBest celebrity-sibling quiz. The. Best.

*widget boy cultureAnita Hill now: "I am not going to stop."

*widget boy cultureVeep Biden speaks out on passing ENDA.

*widget boy cultureYou won't believe this Caesar cocktail.

*widget boy cultureBecause gay people are cool like that.

*widget boy cultureAaron Tveit in South Beach.

*widget boy cultureFamiliar actor James Rebhorn dies @ 65.

*widget boy cultureBest twink butt EVER? (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureIs Gaga's latest extravaganza too much, too late?

*widget boy cultureRussell Adams's cuteness is far easier to locate than MH370.

Russell-AdamsLooking for...love?

Nov 07 2013
Senate Approves ENDA; House No Party Comments (0)

Tammy-BaldwinOut Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin)

The Senate has approved ENDA, 17 years after it was last voted on in the same body. John Boehner has made it clear the House won't even vote on it.

Nov 05 2013
Need To Know: LaBelle LaLegend, Benghazi Bluffer, Naked Men Acting, ENDA Game, SacksDreams: Gaga Cans Manager + MORE Comments (0)

Patti-LaBelle-Oprah-Winfrey"'How's Oprah?' Meet her one day yourself."

*widget boy cultureOoh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh—Patti LaBelle's got an old attitude. (And it's cool.) Wrecking-ball-parody

*widget boy cultureLying Benghazi "witness" exposed.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Pfeiffer was in a cult, didn't know it.

*widget boy cultureHow 13 kids react to watching gay-marriage proposals.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Bryan Hawn butt video.  (Work Unfriendly-ish.)

*widget boy cultureShia really eating out in this movie? (Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureDon't click, size queen! (Very Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureKenyth Mogan's catchy "Fall Apart" is serving "Tearin' Up My Heart." Britney

*widget boy cultureYoko Ono is 80...and a bad dancer.

*widget boy cultureBritney sprays fans with "Perfume."

*widget boy cultureCristiano Ronaldo IS big. It's the undies that got small.

Cristiano-Ronaldo-underwearTall order.

*widget boy cultureMadonna likes Rebecca Walker's Adé. Madonna_and_ingrid_casares_image3

*widget boy cultureMadonna used to like pussy.

*widget boy cultureStephen Bray confirms unreleased Madonna tracks.

*widget boy cultureBaby Madonna's dad was preaching about would be 26 now!

*widget boy cultureNOT IN MY STRAIGHT BACKYARD: Gay bar nixed by hix.

*widget boy culture7 youth orgs write open letter urging Congress to pass ENDA.

*widget boy cultureENDA advances in the Senate!

*widget boy cultureBut President Boehner is against it, so fuck you all.

*widget boy cultureThe Battle of amfAR debuts December 2 on HBO. Lypsinka

*widget boy cultureYour Lypsinka swag is here.

*widget boy cultureGaga fires manager, will host/be musical guest on SNL

*widget boy cultureGaga looks horrible, performs a downer ("Dope") for YouTube.

*widget boy cultureGaga's Golden Girls moment.

*widget boy cultureIn case you're "bicurious" about Judi Dench's new flick, Philomena:

Aug 01 2013
Need To Know: Cher Likes That C*nt Madonna, Lewinsky Love Letters, Zimmerman Stops Traffic + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureCher unleashes pro-Madonna Twitter love, Monsters attack.

*widget boy cultureWill newly released Monica Lewinsky letters sink Hillary '16? (Uh, no.) Rodrigo-Braga

*widget boy cultureRodrigo Braga washes up on shore.

*widget boy cultureExplain to me why soldiers SHOULDN'T get to hook up?

*widget boy cultureMeet the 3 douchey Democratic senators still "undecided" on ENDA.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman in armed TX traffic stop.

*widget boy cultureSharon Stone has never seen porn. For real.

*widget boy cultureON THE BED WITH MADONNA: 1990's "In the Mix" by Mix Masters feat. MC Action.

Madonna-dance-truth-dare-1-largeHouse warming: Madonna dances to the song in Truth or Dare.

May 03 2013
Need To Know: Monae Changes Everything, Who Reese Is, Ryan Lochte Offers His Rose + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove, Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu's "Q.U.E.E.N."

*widget boy cultureOlympia Dukakis is a foul-mouthed dyke.

*widget boy cultureIs Jason Collins "marketable" now?

*widget boy cultureWhen anti-gay firings lead to a backlash, things are changing.

*widget boy culture"You're about to find out who I am."—Reese Witherspoon in arrest vid.

*widget boy cultureReagan probably would not have supported marriage equality, Patti.

*widget boy cultureSUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY: Gay-friendly Catholics vs. gay-unfriendly bishops.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte auditions for The Bachelor on Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea-HandlerIs Ryan ready to take the plunge?

Apr 29 2013
Need To Know: Like A Prayer, Lesbian Chic Mystique, Beastie Book + MORE Comments (4)

2hommes_jason_03Music to his ears, candy to your eyes

*widget boy cultureJason Vickery strips for Thomas Synnamon.

*widget boy cultureRoss Mathews was in a prayer circle with Madonna & Britney.

*widget boy cultureSHOCK: Sarah Palin has no sense of humor, thinks she works hard.

*widget boy cultureAre gay women more accepted than gay men?

*widget boy cultureFinancial-planning essentials for gay couples.

*widget boy cultureFrance's first gay-marriage wedding fair.

*widget boy cultureOhio students stand behind fired lesbian teach.

*widget boy cultureCH-CHECK IT OUTTA THE LIBRARY: Beastie Boys memoir.

*widget boy cultureAfterElton is now "The Backlot." Yes or no?

*widget boy cultureGay billboard...funny, or homophobic?

TuiWhat is this selling? Humor, or homophobia?

Apr 27 2013
Need To Know: True Or False Flag, She Was A Showgirl + MORE Comments (3)

ShirtlessThe Shore thing

*widget boy cultureThe UK's Jersey Shore guys are ogle-worthy.

*widget boy cultureHands up if you think the bombers' mom was in on it.

*widget boy cultureWhere Republicans and terrorists overlap.

*widget boy cultureChicane's "One Thousand Suns."

*widget boy cultureNYC's Showgirls!: The Musical.

*widget boy cultureMight some Republican senators support ENDA?

*widget boy cultureNow Justin & Selena are just jerkin' your chain.

*widget boy cultureCould Armie Hammer's Lone Ranger be...good?

*widget boy cultureJustice Joslin covers Man of the World.

JUSTICE-JOSLINMan, oh, Man of the World

Apr 26 2013
Need To Know: Best Bette, Zac Makes Me Feel Funny Down There, The Beginning of ENDA + MORE Comments (1)

Daniel for west phillips (14)He shoots, he scores!

*widget boy cultureWest Phillips knows how to shoot a model. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTeens' sexualities relatively unaffected by porn?

*widget boy cultureDoes Zac Efron in a tight T-shirt affect adult sexuality?

*widget boy cultureBette Midler's I'll Eat You Last is a "delectable soufflé."

*widget boy cultureKey Delaware senator will be voting for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureENDA introduced in Congress.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte fans turn out to support What Would Ryan Lochte Do?:

Image004 Image014 Image016I love him, jeah, jeah, jeah! What Would Ryan Lochte Do? airs Sundays @ 10PM on E!

*widget boy cultureSteven Soderbergh raised on The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

*widget boy cultureJoin the Concrete Hero Urban Obstacle Challenge to fight AIDS.

*widget boy cultureHow marriage was won in Rhode Island.

*widget boy culture"Have Your (Cup)Cake & Read It, Too! -- The Great Gatsby edition.

*widget boy cultureChanning Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt remaking Guys & Dolls?

*widget boy cultureMadonna was "impressive" recording "Like a Prayer."

*widget boy cultureMore of Madonna's so-called "secret project."

*widget boy cultureFrom here: Madonna's not-so-secret past wardrobe hits Macy's. All 8 looks.

MadonnaHaven't collected many items worn by Madonna, but I'd kill for a Keith Haring dress.

Oct 24 2012
ENDA Game Comments (0)

R_Clarke_Cooper_insert_cMichael_KeyR. Clarke Cooper, LCR's head & a total hypocrite on marriage equality

This is a bonehead move to Romney—he apparently met with the Log Cabin Republicans in secret and promised to support ENDA (which President Obama already supports on top of marriage equality, hate-crimes legislation, the end of DOMA, etc., etc.) in order to get their endorsement, which they gave.

Why? They're not that important and it will only piss off his base.

And he's a liar anyway, so it's unlikely he'd support it if he won. Why would he stick his neck out for ENDA while simultaneously fighting to enshrine marriage inequality in the U.S. Constitution?

Jul 30 2011
You're The Only You You've Got Comments (0)

Missed Mike C. Manning's Trailblazer Campaign video when it was posted a couple of months back. But the message is timeless so now is as good a time as any...

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