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Jun 24 2016
6-PACK — Bill Cunningham Ailing + Teen Trans Star Jazz Jennings Speaks Out + THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Dish + Bernie On Hillary: I DON'T KNOW HER + Shawn Mendes Comes In + BREXIT Upset Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0147e37f1058970bBill Cunningham at work in 2011 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

*widget boy cultureLegendary New York Times shooter Bill Cunningham suffers stroke!

*widget boy cultureJazz Jennings, America's favorite teen trans reality star, tells Village Voice if she hadn't had a supportive family, “I don't know if I would have had the courage to live.”

*widget boy cultureHow the most iconic scene from The Devil Wears Prada—celebrating its 10th anniversary—was created, and why it almost didn't make it into the film.

Tumblr_inline_nhcxy4VpDZ1s3l2i4(GIF via Fox 2000)

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders suddenly cares about down-ballot candidates, but never mentions Hillary ONCE in his hour-long “what's next?” speech. Won't endorse her.

*widget boy cultureI don't know on what planet it doesn't matter whether or not Shawn Mendes is gay, but it ain't this one.

*widget boy cultureThe pound plummets as it becomes increasingly clear BREXIT is pulling off an upset in England. Guess it pays to kill your opponents.

CNN Calls It: England Votes To Leave The EU, Pound Crashes Comments (0)

I refuse to entertain the thought that today's disastrous result—England has voted to leave the EU, with over 51% of the vote—means Trump is winning in November.

But it's still a historically sad night.

Daily-Mirror-front-page--Bush-reelectedThe U.S. doesn't have a monopoly on stupidity. (Image via Daily Mirror)

Jun 23 2016
6-PACK — God Is Not Dead, Just Gay + Hollywood Power-Brokers + Hastert In The Pen + Snowcroft: I'M WITH HER + Affirmative Action Lives! + Shower Power! Comments (0)

GodIsGay(Image via Pink News)

*widget boy cultureBritish Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy declares “God is gay” in powerful Pulse-themed poem.

*widget boy cultureThe Hollywood Reporter has assembled its list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment. Out figures: Greg Berlanti, Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Murphy, Bryan Lourd.

*widget boy cultureThe only thing former Speaker of the House/wrestler molester Dennis Hastert is entering these days is prison. First pic inside.

*widget boy cultureOld-timey Republicans, who remember what their party is about, are refusing to vote for racist/sexist/anti-LGBT Trump—Snowcroft voting Clinton.

*widget boy cultureSupreme Court affirms Affirmative Action. Suck it, Clarence Thomas.

*widget boy cultureRoberto Enríquez showers his culo in the Spanish series Vis a vis. (Work Unfriendly)

Roberto13-500x283He's a shower. (Video still via Globomedia)

Jun 16 2016
BRITAIN FIRST Nut Murders Labour MP Over Brexit Comments (0)

Labour MP—and prominent anti-Brexit voice—Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death today in Bristall, near Leeds, England.

According to reports, her attacker was heard to shout, “Britain First!” The slogan belongs to a movement in favor of England leaving the EU.

Her 52-year-old attacker reportedly shot, stabbed and kicked the mother of two before being apprehended, and seriously injured another. 

He's a white guy, so I can only imagine everyone will talk about how England needs to deport all white guys who are pro-Brexit. Just a shocking action. Already, gun-rights nuts are pointing out that because England has strict gun laws, he couldn't have shot her. The sarcasm is delightful. He may have shot her, but he didn't have access to an assault rifle, so the loss of life—while heartbreaking—was not widespread.

Jun 03 2016
6-PACK/trump — 6 More Pieces Of Info On Just How Bad For America Donald Trump Is Comments (0)

Trump0715Not the next president of the United States (Image by NBCUniversal, color intensified on purpose)

*widget boy cultureWaPo ed board trashes Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for “capitulating to ugliness” in flip-flop endorsement of Donald Trump.

*widget boy cultureTrump implies Hillary should be jailed for slamming him: “After what she said about me today in her phony speech ... Hillary Clinton has to go to jail. She's guilty as hell.”

*widget boy cultureUK PM David Cameron still thinks Trump is “stupid” and “divisive,” but hey, he could work with it if he hadda.

*widget boy cultureMegyn Kelly rips Trump for saying judge in his Trump U case has conflict of interest just because he's Mexican.

*widget boy cultureNO BUENO: Anti-Trump protesters assault and egg pro-Trump rally attendees. This doesn't help their cause, but it's what happens when you spew hate speech.

*widget boy cultureMore evidence that Trump is interested in making money first, making America great ... maybe:

Apr 22 2016
Oafish London Mayor Boris Johnson Goes Full Xenophobe On President Obama Comments (0)

Boris Johnson is a total douchebag, and continues to show it off.

The British Conservative mayor of London referred to President Obama, in an op-ed, as “the part-Kenyan president,” accusing Obama of being ancestrally negative in his views of England. Obama is in Europe in support of the EU.

In his attack, Johnson also repeats the claim that Obama had a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office because Churchill had sent British troops to quash an uprising in Kenya. There is no basis in fact for the claim, which hasn't stopped anti-Obama Brits from harping on it.

Obama remains popular in England, so his presence there is seen as a threat to forces that want the country to abandon the EU.

Mar 25 2016
The Lost Language Of Gays: Anyone Heard Of Polari? Comments (0)

Image(Image by Jez Dolan)

Fascinating—I'd never heard of Polari, a gay language invented and used by gay men in Great Britain in the '50s and '60s in order to evade detection.

The slang includes common lingo like “chicken” (c'mon, you know what that means) and much more obscure stuff like “vada” (for look at). Allegedly, the word camp even came from Polari.

Via Atlas Obscura:

Polari provided gay men with a subtle way to find one another for companionship and sex. Says Dolan, "if you fancied somebody you’d drop a few words in, see if they picked it up, and go from there.” The code words of Polari, indecipherable to outsiders, made the solicitation process safer, allowing men to approach potential partners without having to reveal their own sexuality.

Among confirmed gay men, however, there was nothing subtle about Polari conversations. The language was used to "recount stories of trade [sex], and cottaging [looking for sex in public bathrooms], and wigs and makeup and who was wearing what and who did what to whom," says Dolan. "It was a way of showing off and bitching and all that kind of stuff.” In Hello Sailor! The Hidden History of Gay Life at Sea, Paul Baker and Jo Stanley write that Polari played a role in “allowing gay men to construct a humorously performative identity for themselves.”

The closest I can come to this is when I once went to a gathering of like-minded sex-seekers, for which we'd all been given a secret word to use because it was held at a large public bar. We were supposed to use that word in conversation to see if the guy we were chatting with was into the same stuff. I was talking to a super cute guy and he brought up the word—but only to say he had been told what was up and could I believe how weird that was?

Yes, I believed.

Too bad—he had a real dolly eek.

Mar 06 2016
6-PACK — Bieber Side-Piece + KKK Was Liberal? 'K... + Starry-Eyed Over Zac Efron's Speedo + Male Hooker Scandal + Gay-Rights Protest In Italy + Mayor Morrissey?! Comments (0)

CclFbmhUMAAmciY-500x671(Image by Clash Magazine)

*widget boy cultureBieber's side-booty for Clash.

*widget boy cultureUnpacking the utter B.S. of the right's talking points about the KKK.

*widget boy cultureShirtless Zac Efron pics, including him flashing a stars-and-stripes Speedo.

*widget boy cultureMale hustler ring puts Colombian cops in agua caliente.

*widget boy cultureThousands protesting on behalf of gay adoption in Italy.

*widget boy cultureMorrissey for mayor???

Morrissey-PR-2010-608x396(PR image via Morrissey)