Oct 20 2012
Madonna's Erotica Album Turns 20 Today Comments (11)

Nov61992_143_lgHard (as a rock) to believe it, but Madonna's seminal album Erotica was released 20 years ago today, got spanked by many critics (though not as many as the press would soon imply) and became her lowest selling studio album to that point, thanks in part to the sexual saturation of the album, the Sex book and the following January's Body of Evidence movie.

Many fans rank it as her best album. For me, it doesn't hold a candle (nor does it drop hot wax on) the likes of Madonna, Ray of Light or Like a Prayer, but it's sure a solid piece of work thanks to its glorious singles and "Thief of Hearts".

Oct 15 2012
My Sister Cam Comments (3)

Modern Family
In Entertainment Weekly (October 12—19, 2012), Mark Harris gingerly hates on Modern Family's gay-couple template, which has spread to The New Normal (dreadful) and Partners (not great, but it was funnier last episode). He raises some great points, including how unreal these people are. We all know queens, but these are wildly overdrawn.

Or is it just because all TV sitcom characters are over the top?

Jul 20 2012
Deep In The Heart Comments (5)

DallasJoshHendersonClick me to enlarge me

With thanks to Thom: Check out Josh Henderson's crotch area in the new Entertainment Weekly (July 27, 2012). Is it supposed to be where a revolver would be?

The sexier pic is after the jump...

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Jun 21 2012
On The Record Comments (3)

Entertainment Weekly (June 29, 2012) has an interesting feature on the "new art of coming out" in Hollywood. In a nutshell, the magazine points out that many of the celebrities who've made if official in the years since Ellen's "Yep, I'm gay" splash have done so in low-key ways or as an afterthought. This removes the defensive argument many people make about gay public figures not having to march in pride parades—that was never the point. The point was making it official, and more and more are doing so.

Sidenote: Above is the newsstand cover, but the subscription cover needs space for a mailing address so loses two faces. The two who were considered expendable: Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

May 16 2012
Exhibitionistic Streak Comments (4)

EW1208CVR_MagMikePROMO2Click me to see how amazing I am

Entertainment Weekly reveals its best-EVER cover.

May 02 2012
The Homosexual Gourmand Comments (3)

Hot William Levy TV Notas
Above, William Levy simultaneously flaunts bulges in the back and the front. Bravo. As seen in TV Notas (Abril 3, 2012). Below, TV y Novelas (Mayo 2012) has this scorching-hot Juan Pablo Llano shirtless shot:

Juan Pablo Llano TV y Novelas shirtless
More after the jump...

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Apr 13 2012
Chapter Two Comments (1)

Entertainment Weekly Eric Stoltz
As more and more fortysomethings and fiftysomethings contemplate second (or Fasttimesthird) phases of our professional lives, even famous folks are hankering for reinvention. I've always been fascinated by what actors and other public figures are supposed to do to support themselves when their initial claim to fame goes down the drain, so this piece by Eric Stoltz (on the left with Sean Penn and Anthony Edwards from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) holds a special interest. Stoltz has been no slouch in the acting department, yet he was not able to become another Kevin Bacon, to name one example from his era. To hear him tell it, his move into directing (especially Glee) is some kind of wonderful.

Mar 30 2012
Hammering It Home Comments (2)

Armie Hammer is well cast as a prince in Mirror Mirror, yet another cutesy filmic take on a fairy tale. In his Entertainment Weekly (March 30, 2012) profile, he asserts he and his wife support themselves with no cash from his family fortune, discusses being terrified to audition for The Social Network and remembers having ringworm multiple times while living barefoot in the Cayman Islands, the infamous tax haven where his dad moved based on liking how it looked in The Firm.


Feb 16 2012
Love Bites Comments (3)


Entertainment Weekly (February 17, 2012) gets off on The Vampire Diaries cast—what hot pictures for a cold subject...

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Jan 26 2012
My Buddy, My Buddy Comments (4)


From Entertainment Weekly (January 27, 2012): Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer are not only Magic Mike co-stars, they're college buddies! Who knew? I love it; it just increases the odds they've accidentally seen each other naked at some point.

In the purposefully-naked department, Bomer says of filming the stripper-themed Magic Mike:

"If you ever want to build an ensemble between a cast of dudes, put them in a thong together and it's like, instant band of brothers."

I second that. More male casts should try it.

More pictures of the buds after the jump...

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