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Jan 05 2016
Is Trump For Real? Comments (0)


Esquire's new cover story on Donald Trump—great cover and cover line—is preceded by a letter from the EIC, who thinks Trump is just playing a game:

It was business as usual inside Trump Tower, and he broke off the interview right in the middle to give me a call.

After he bragged that he had "destroyed" Ben Carson ("I had to do it"), he was off on a conversation very much like the one I wrote about in my editor's letter two months ago. Here's how it ended this time:

"Yeah. So good to talk to you, man. So good. Hey, call me, like, in Florida or something; we'll play. You know, I have Doral, I have Palm Beach, so whenever you're down there, call me and we'll play, okay? Or you'll play with some friends. But call me, okay? You take care of yourself, David. Have a good time, thanks."

This is not a man who is planning to occupy the White House. This is not the man who personifies the rage that is rippling through our culture. When you talk with Donald, you get the distinct impression that he's enjoying this other person, this fellow named Donald Trump, out there tuning up the rubes.

I think this outlook is dangerous because Trump could very well win the nomination and the presidency. It is not out of the question. And if he does, it will not matter if he was just having fun and ginning people up—he will be the most powerful dude on Earth, for real.

Mar 31 2015
Need To Know: What A Joke + DC For JC + Ban-diana + TIDAL Wave + Hardy Boy + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureWhy is ridiculing a group excused when it's humor, even malicious humor?

*widget boy cultureDestiny's Child reunion, praise Jesus.

*widget boy cultureYes, Indiana is a big deal.

*widget boy cultureIt's legal: NO GAYS ALLOWED.

*widget boy cultureMadonna & many others join Jay Z for TIDAL launch in NYC.

*widget boy cultureYour daily hunk fix.

*widget boy cultureEdilson Nascimento: Tits 'n' pits.

*widget boy cultureBill O'Reilly's cameraman calls him a liar.

*widget boy culturePetition to save Looking.

*widget boy cultureLiam Hemsworth's mushroom.

*widget boy cultureTom Hardy for Esquire.


*widget boy cultureTrevor Noah is the new Jon Stewart.

*widget boy cultureBritney's got a new song (May 5) with Iggy Azalea.

*widget boy cultureBeckham & James Corden in undies.

*widget boy cultureRuPaul's DragCon lineup.

*widget boy cultureNew Raymond & Lane!

*widget boy cultureKit Harington feels demeaned by the word “hunk.”

Aug 12 2014
Where It's Pratt Comments (0)


Snazzy Chris Pratt for Esquire (September 2014).

May 12 2014
Balls To The Wall: Tom Hardy For ESQUIRE Comments (0)
  Tom-Hardy-Esquire-1 Tom-Hardy-Esquire-2 Tom-Hardy-Esquire-3

Tom Hardy is looking unbelievably hot on and in Esquire (May 2014). The magazine identifies him as genuinely dangerous and possibly the greatest actor of his generation. For some reason, they asked him to shave off his beard:

“We asked Hardy to shave his beard. His response: 'I ain't shaving my beard for you. To shave my beard off would be to cut my fking [sic] nuts off...and give them to you to sell.'”

I wouldn't sell them.


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