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Jan 22 2015
Need To Know: Throwing SHADES + By Alien Means + Jeb & Mitt 2016 + Je Suis Idiot + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureFifty Shades of Grey looks ridiculous, but it's tracking to be huge.

*widget boy culture130,000 pages of declassified UFO files hit the Web.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's victory-lap Facebook post as hacker is arrested.

*widget boy cultureRunaways Svengali Kim Fowley has died @ 75.

*widget boy cultureMAYBE THEY'LL CANCEL OUT?: Jeb & Mitt meeting in Utah.

*widget boy cultureISIL executions were real, but not necessarily about homosexuality.

*widget boy cultureThese are the only states that care about transgender students.

*widget boy cultureParis vs. Fox News—“this guy's clearly a complete idiot.”

*widget boy cultureMinnesota dad vs. his black daughter's school bullies.

*widget boy cultureThis poor ball boy at the Australian Open really lived up to his name:

Jan 11 2015
Where's My Mom, Faggots? Comments (0)



A hugely popular Russian page—Fascist in nature—posted a picture of two American dads (famous singer Sam Harris and his husband Danny Jacobsen) with their baby, defaced with the phrase, “Where's my mom, faggots?”

It was liked many times and, in spite of complaints, Facebook has apparently said there is no violation. So Facebook's policy is...to facilitate vicious homophobia?

The page's owners claim to respect human right's (sic) but want no gay people in Russia.

Jan 03 2015
Venfield 8 Is Enough To Fill Your Lives With Love... Comments (0)


The elusive photographer Venfield 8 has finally joined Facebook—like 'im here.

Dec 29 2014
Headless Body From Topless Facebook Comments (0)


Come check out Boy Culture on Facebook—make it a New Year's resolution.

Dec 11 2014
Need To Know: Tortured Logic + And The Award Goes To Zzzz + Dude, My Girlfriend Is Away + Nun's Brass Ballsl + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSenate torture report is horrifying; could war-crimes charges happen?

*widget boy cultureOutgoing Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) says CIA, White House still lying. Tyson-Beckford-HIV-Plus

*widget boy cultureDoctors aided and abetted torture.

*widget boy cultureNicolle Wallace is cool with torture.

*widget boy cultureSNORE: Golden Globes nominations.

*widget boy cultureTyson Beckford covers HIV Plus.

*widget boy cultureThe poz movie Hollywood wouldn't make.

*widget boy cultureNo surprise: PrEP does increase barebacking.

*widget boy cultureIs this give-it-to-me-all-over-my-Facebook?

*widget boy cultureTop 10 overused gay-porn scenarios.

GAY-WRESTLINGMoon over my hammies

*widget boy cultureThis summer blockbuster is riddled with faults.

*widget boy cultureBRONSKI BEAT: Cineaste asks what's so queer about James Franco. Comfyballs_3133764b

*widget boy cultureComfyballs branded “too vulgar” for U.S. trademark.

*widget boy cultureAngelina Jolie's a “minimally talented spoiled brat”?

*widget boy cultureFeminist attacks Madonna. (Wait, which decade is this?)

*widget boy cultureItaly's singing nun gifts the Pope with her “Like a Virgin” cover.

*widget boy cultureVine star Cameron Dallas is bulging with surprises.

Cameron-Dallas-cock-bulge-underwearLooks even better as a gif

Oct 29 2014
Need To Know: Draggin' His Heart Around + Rich CEO + Jolie's Tea Party + Gaga Preggers + Hook-Up Hell + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSummerlin gay boy teams up with RuPaul drag vet.

*widget boy cultureGay man named head of Discovery Network.

*widget boy cultureLaraine Newman remembers Marcia Strassman.

*widget boy cultureImagine Angelina Jolie playing Michele Bachmann???

*widget boy cultureThe boy looks good naked:

HOT-GUYSo much more to see...

*widget boy cultureWHEN HE'S RIGHT...: Elton John thinks young gays don't care about AIDS.

*widget boy cultureWTF?: Anti-gay airport attacker only eligible for slap on the wrist.

*widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo's family isn't funny-stupid, they're stupid-stupid. Artbirth300x175

*widget boy culture“Lady Gaga” is “pregnant.”

*widget boy cultureMatt Crane is proud of his “large, defined” legs.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson's ass habits.

*widget boy cultureThe most jaded gays ever finally have an outlet.

*widget boy cultureRight-wing nuts faking pro-choice outlook until post-election.

*widget boy cultureAnother gay hook-up goes very wrong.

*widget boy cultureGov. Scott Walker (R-WI) has a Palin-style word-stroke.


Oct 02 2014
Coming Out As Gay And Single Comments (0)


BchanJaymes Vaughan, the openly gay Chippendales dancer who came close to winning Amazing Race a couple of years ago, is a single man—but while that will be good news to some, reading the announcement from his ex, Bryan Chan, should help stifle any jumps for joy.

Chan, who was once a member of the boy band LMNT and who worked at Chippendales in the past, says Facebook—or rather what it represents—was a relationship-killer:

 “I do this funny thing with Facebook. I take pictures and write stories, add captions, promote my causes and basically say whatever the hell I want. Because, well...it’s my account…and nobody else’s. But here’s the thing. I never put up a 'this is my boyfriend” post. I never changed my relationship status. I have often looked, yet never considered, the 'I am interested in:' category. I equated that gush to the endless feed of #selfies or poorly shot pictures of plated lunches. It was of no interest to me to post about that part of my life. He was mine. I loved every part of what we were together. My family, my close friends, my community…already knew. Exposing my personal relationship to the abyss of unknown views on Facebook, where it was subject to likes, comments or opinions of people I have never met, wasn’t on my 'things to do today' list.

 “And therein lie the problem. 

 “My boyfriend wanted that acknowledgement. He needed that validation. It wasn’t enough that our friends and family knew. He wanted to be able to scream it from the rooftops to anyone who would listen. And I never afforded him that chance. That attention was his air. Without it he was suffocating. So he spent our whole relationship thinking that I wasn’t proud of him. That I didn’t care enough to let the world know we were together. Or that I was ashamed to be with him. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. Although to him, my newsfeed spoke otherwise.

 “In the end, it’s not fair to say that our relationship ended because of Facebook…but maybe what Facebook represented. If you’re going to put your life out into the world for people to admire, respect, judge, emulate, or support…then put it out there. All of it. Take the risk. Allow your whole self to shine, not just the parts you like the best, or the parts you think will get the least judgment. When you don’t acknowledge certain parts of your life, you run the risk of allowing people to believe they don’t exist. Then you have others filling in those parts of your story, when you should be the only one writing it.”

Read the rest of it here. Much love to these two—know them both and they're both great guys.

LMNTChan (L) from his boy band days. (Yes, Matthew Morrison was in LMNT.)

Need To Know: Mrs. Claws + Facebook No Longer A Drag + Ebola Out Of Control + BIG BROTHER Booted For HIV? + MAGIC MIKE Set Check + MORE! Comments (0)

MadonnaMadonna and 101 Uses for a Dead Cat...how '80s can you get???

*widget boy culturePud Whacker's Madonna Scrapbook: Unseen Madonna + love for my book!

*widget boy cultureFacebook apologizes over, rescinds “real name” policy.

*widget boy cultureEbola is consuming Africa.

*widget boy cultureMichael Dunn convicted of 1st-degree murder in “loud music” case.

*widget boy cultureBig Brother baddie found out he was HIV-positive in the house.

*widget boy cultureMan-meat on the set of Magic Mike XXL.

Republicans-are-blackGetty black

*widget boy cultureMaybe Republicans are black, but I bet this black woman isn't a Republican.

*widget boy cultureEAT HEARTY: Naked Highway's “Cannibal”.

*widget boy cultureComic anthology giveaway.

*widget boy cultureReligious scholar shames Bill Maher over Islam remarks.

*widget boy cultureBen Affleck goes full-frontal.

*widget boy cultureFirst, meet the American Apparel ad girls.

*widget boy cultureNow, meet 1985's Playboy briefs man.

Underwear-modelWarning: Listening to this guy read from a script about winning this contest is hard-on killer.