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Sep 06 2017
Ellen Remembers Being Told WE? NO! + Telenovela Hunk Strips + Carter Crash + Formerly Hasidic Lesbian Mom Prevails In Custody Case + Some Obama/Trump Voters Regret Their Vote + New Jack'd City — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 1.58.50 PMThey didn't think anyone would watch a lesbian during the day, Ellen DeGeneres told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday, claiming that at the onset of her now massively popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show, producers were uncomfortable with her referencing her sexual orientation — and even banned her from uttering a seeming innocuous word!

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Aug 07 2017
Chris Pratt, Anna Faris Announce Separation Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.02.30 AMVia ExtraTV: Sad to report that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have announced their decision to legally separate in joint Facebook posts.

They say they're disappointed and tried to stay together, and ask for privacy.

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Jun 28 2017
Piers Morgan Burned (Don't Get Too Excited; It Wasn't At The Stake) Comments (0)

Piers-Morgan(Video still via Good Morning Britain)

Possibly the most unlikable man on TV, Piers Morgan, made the mistake of whining about people getting political on Facebook. The burn is satisfying, even if it's really just a standard morning-show act ...

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Apr 16 2017
I Love Lucifer Comments (0)

Enneth-Anger-Lucifer-Rising(Image via Kenneth Anger)

Kenneth Anger, who turned 90 this year, is still alive — thanks to a deal with the devil?

The occult-obsessed author of the tawdry, shamelessly muck-racking Hollywood Babylon (1965) is now offering an official bomber themed to his inarguably amazing short film Lucifer Rising (1972).

Get yours here.

You may be thinking that marrying the devil with a rainbow won't work wonders for the LGBTQ cause, but he's no GLAAD. Still, Anger accomplished some astonishing things for queer visibility and expression. I, for one, am still blown away by his avant garde short films, starting with 1947's Fireworks. The idea of an early gay filmmaker inspired my (by now quite old) second novel, Blind Items: A (Love) Story.

Good luck wearing this bomber and not getting beaten up — maybe by some gays!

Jan 21 2017
Bottom Of The Barrel: '80s Gay-Porn Star Kevin Williams Hearts Trump Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.31.35 PM(Screengrab via Facebook)

UPDATE: Kevin has blocked me from Facebook (we were never friends), but I am told he took the picture down. But not before he write, in response to his own friends chastising him about his absurd Trumpism, that Trump's pussy-grabbing was no big deal because that's what women want behind closed doors. Talk about someone with a truly warped vision of the world.

Eighties gay-porn actor Kevin Williams — real name Ted Currall — was definitely an icon of his era, studio, hair color and bedroom position — so it's kind of a head-scratcher in 2017 that someone who made his living in a field that doesn't jibe with Republican family values/anti-LGBTQ rhetoric has a boner for Trump.

The former porn actor updated his Facebook page to honor Trump's inauguration. It would appear some of his followers aren't on the Trump Train with him, as expressions of disappointment (so far) outnumber expressions of support.


I don't have any links to statements he's made in favor of Trump, and one of his uploaded photos is of the LGBTQ equality symbol, but the updated image kinda speaks for itself.

Unnamed copy

(Split image via Falcon)

Currall is certainly welcome to his opinion, and I am not inviting people to bombard him. But it's news to me when a gay-porn icon can support a man who within an hour of assuming the Oval Office made aggressive moves against LGBTQ inclusion — and who's promised to go much further.

Maybe he has some form of CTE from all the rough-sex scenes? It's a bummer because he is one of the few survivors of the biggest names in '80s porn, especially among guys who bottomed, and his page is actually often generous with personal photos from that era. I imagine many of the guys who died, their photos and effects were tossed in the trash by their families.

Just disappointing in an obviously gossipy and not very meaningful way. I mean, it's not like Ellen turned on us, y'know?

Dec 30 2016
Start With Why Not: TED Talk Speaker Explains The Millennials' Biggest Obstacles Comments (0)

Above is the most insightful and aggressive part of author and TED speaker and Start with Why author Simon Sinek's  (great primer on him here) September 2016 interview with Inside Quest's Tom Bilyeu. He is expressing his thoughts on what's wrong with millennials — a BookLeft1controversial premise — but is doing so in a way that is, if nothing else, empathetic and thoughtful, and that attempts to offer some fixes for the future. (The title on the FB embed is rather insulting; ignore that.)

I think he makes some great points, including the oft-repeated conservative talking point (which does not mean it's automatically wrong) that kids who are told they're special and can have anything they want and get participation medals are being done a disservice. I, too, worry about the implied promise in such things; I have never responded well to people saying dreams come true, even though I have understood it to mean that dreams (can, sometimes) come true.

He loses me a bit by characterizing the entire generation as having been failed by their parents. That is extreme. A new parenting strategy that he suggests is failing is not the same as having overall bad parenting.

Where he strikes paydirt is in discussing the downside of our innovations that have led to the expectation of immediacy — in other words, put down the cellphone. (How?!) It's hard for us because — as has been scientifically proven — social media and texts and such trigger dopamine bursts in our brains, meaning they're all potential addictions.

Where he loses me a bit is the idea that if social media/cellphones are same/same as drugs, alcohol and gambling, that means we have only one new addiction to deal with; all those other generations before had three, and new generations have four. Is that one extra addiction powerful enough that it should be blamed for leading to the tipping point? Or is he suggesting this addiction is far worse than all that have come before? I guess he doesn't lose me there so much as I think it's glossed over.

I'd also like to ask him if he thinks the advent of social media/cellphones is not actually affecting people born well before 1984. As someone born in the '60s, I think I have actually lost some of my better attributes due to that addiction, even though I was raised with them (I, too, hate seeing that a video will run 14 minutes when I click on it, I now despise writing in longhand and my blog/cellphone/social media preoccupations certainly have affected relationships and productivity. I have a great novel that's been cooking in my so long Herman Melville could have written it out on onion paper in the time I've spent thinking on it and escaping it via Internet self-medication.

I do think it's insanity to suggest leaving your house without your cellphone, even if you're going to dinner with friends. That's why we have cellphones, to have portable contactability. What if there is an emergency? I think we can leave them in our pockets and check before and after a fully engaged meal.

All that said, it's food for thought, and it doesn't come from a place of saying that millennials are assholes and we're better than them and fuck them.

Watch the full hour after the jump. If that feels like a loooooot of tiiiiiiime, you may have a problem ...

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Nov 01 2016
6-PACK — Ariana Grande: Human Shield + Some Bones About It + Kim K's Facebook Flash + Putin Consolidating Global Power + Movember Better Blues + Bob The Drag Kid! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Pretty funny to watch Ariana Grande and Ellen's perennially scared producer brave a haunted house.

*widget boy cultureThey finally found Amelia Earhart ... 76 years ago. I misplace stuff, too, but fuck.

*widget boy cultureTraumatized Kim K returns to social media — disappears again. (We'll ID her bones eventually.)

*widget boy culturePutin is using white supremacy to take over Europe — and the U.S.. You should shit your pants now.

*widget boy cultureClick here if you like facial hair, dislike testicular cancer.

*widget boy cultureBob the Drag Queen surprises his #1 fan, a li'l boy who went as him on Halloween:

Oct 07 2016
Bernie Sanders Questions Donald Trump's Basic Decency Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 3.44.40 PM(Video still via RBVC Network)

Bernie Sanders just gave a wildly accurate speech regarding Donald Trump's innate racism and lack of fitness for office while stumping for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

He said, among other things:

Candidates who run for office can disagree. That’s fine. But there has got to be at least a minimal threshold of decency before we take a candidate seriously, and that threshold has got to be that you are not a bigot trying to divide us up.

Keep reading to see his 50-minute speech ...

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