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Oct 27 2010
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Teacher/student confluence

Did you catch Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode last night? Right off the bat, I must admit—I never liked the movie. I saw a live show in Chicago 15 years or more ago and that was only okay to me, too. Further, I've not been a big Glee fan. So a marriage of two gay-positive, pop-culture phenoms should have been enough to help me shake my reservations. Instead, it was just two times the shrug.

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Jun 13 2010
Mystery Meat Comments (1)
Guess the killer bum. ("Bum" is a hint. You still might not know this guy, but you need to, so click here.) 
Apr 15 2010
The Lutz Life Comments (0)
Via Famous Male Forums: All the hi-res images from Kellan Lutz's scantily-clad shoot for Interview (April 2010)...after the jump...

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Mar 03 2010
Alex At 19 Comments (1)
Alex Pettyfer is doing everything he can to de-twink his image. More efforts viewable here
Jan 12 2010
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I'm undoubtedly late to this party, but college athlete Andrew Zollner looks like he had two choices in life—pole vaulting or porn. 


Don't worry, I'll get a second job, Andrew.

More of him here.

Feb 08 2009
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Twenty-six-year-old California boy Travis Van Winkle gamely participated in the abysmally unfunny but skintastic Meet The Spartans and is about to give new meaning to the word "cut" in Friday The 13th. He's one of those good-looking actors who knows what it takes to get noticed in Hollywood—namely, flashing your pits to every horny gay photographer and director of photography you meet. He's the male version of Beyoncé, his pits are so well-documented.

But I, for one, think it's a good strategy:



Click here for more sexy, if pitless, Travis pix. After the jump, a bonus crotch shot...

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Feb 06 2009
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I don't know what a "Beautiful Strander" (as opposed to a "Beautiful Stranger") is, nor do I know from where these (new?) Marco Dapper shots originate. But whether strander, stranger or heck even strangler as long as I have a bodyguard with me, I'M THERE when it comes to Mr. Dapper:



More after the jump...

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