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Jan 19 2014
Need To Know: Brutal Gay Murder, Ms. Parker Wants To Marry, Kylie's Blue Material, SAGgers, LOOKING Good + MORE! Comments (0)

Caique_santos_gay_teen_brazilWhat monster could kick this sweet face to death?

*widget boy culture16-year-old gay boy tortured, murdered in Brazil—they extracted his teeth.

*widget boy cultureHouston's Mayor Annise Parker gets married, pisses off the right.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to marry his mister, so killed his missus.

*widget boy cultureRUFF STUFF: Adorable Pekingese puppy gifs.

*widget boy cultureSean Cody barebacker "Noel" not allowed to graduate...high school...for doing porn.

*widget boy cultureLISTEN: Kylie Minogue's bubbly "Into the Blue."

*widget boy cultureGOP officially loathes gays, but gay Republicans keep trying.

*widget boy cultureMcConaughey & Leto win @ SAG + full list of winners here.

UnnamedA little too blue, Jasmine

*widget boy cultureIn advance of a Grammys perf, Madonna's Instagram Hall of Fame.

*widget boy cultureSundance celebrates gay couples married in Utah.

*widget boy cultureGay protester in Russia wrestled down by Olympics security, detained.

*widget boy cultureTonight's Looking on HBO gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureYou must see The #RichKids of Beverly Hills on bethenny.

*widget boy cultureGary Lee Boas on the horny Mayor of the Munchkins.

*widget boy cultureJuan Pablo Galavis is sorry, sinceremente.

*widget boy cultureNotorious Russian kidnapper/torturer of gays arrested in Cuba.

Maxim-MartsinkevichRussian psycho

Jan 04 2014
Just Give Me A Fan!: 50 Crazy (In The Good Way) Madonna Fans Of The '90s! Comments (0)
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All of the ones above are unidentified...post title inspired by this.

I was always trying to position myself at the center of the Madonna fanverse. Was that a good and productive thing to do? Is it a proud achievement? Maybe! But it was definitely my goal 20 years ago.

Img923 copy 2Studly Daryl from Chi-Town

Back then, I was selling Madonna magazines (I would buy foreign mags with M on the cover for $5 or $10 and re-sell them to hicks in the sticks—remember, I was a hick recently from the sticks—for $20 or $30). This helped me afford more Madonna goodies, and allowed me to pay rent. I certainly didn't spend it on haute couture.

Madonna sale list 2 from Ted Tan copyMaterial boy

Here are two pictures of me during this era: here 'n' here.

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Oct 29 2013
When Something Is EVERYTHING...Except More Comments (0)
These fans (including Chris Crocker) like Lady Gaga. A lot. No...more than that. Like, a lot...

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Dec 04 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Cheyenne-main"Know" one hotter than Cheyenne

Widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson's "Don't Wanna Know" is a 2000s "I'm Still Standing".

Widget boy culture"Don't Wanna Know" features Broadway Bares beefcake.

Widget boy cultureAndrew Corvin is as hot as it gets.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's original "Vogue" boy is visually remixed.

Widget boy cultureMadonna releases "Superstar" with fan-art cover in Brazil.

Widget boy culturePRIVATE DANCER: Mesmerizing movie trailer. Gay-Jan-Brewer-shritless-underarms-model-Barbra-Streisand-France-guys

Widget boy cultureHow the gay press bred gay power.

Widget boy cultureFrench 1st Lady can't wait for marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureEasy—not cheap—way to meet Barbra Streisand.

Widget boy cultureLunatic #1 shoves NYC man under train. Lunatic #2 photographs it.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy culturePapa John's loses favorability over Obamacare.

Widget boy cultureJan Brewer M.I.A.: Surgery? Affair? Back to Mars?

Widget boy cultureThe 8th Annual Out Music Awards hit Vegas.

Widget boy cultureThe Baby Wait at full term tonight.

Widget boy cultureLittle House child actress abused/disowned by mom.


Widget boy cultureTix to Kinky Boots—by Cyndi Lauper/Harvey Fierstein—on sale.

Widget boy cultureOfficial Pet Shop Boys "Memory of the Future" lyrics video:

Nov 25 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Matthias-Schoenaerts-shirtessThat shirt is the pits

Widget boy cultureMatthias Schoenaerts heads up a spread for Vogue.

Widget boy cultureYasser Arafat to be exhumed, tested for poison. Yasser-Arafat

Widget boy cultureAl Jazeera: Radioactive polonium detected on Arafat's belongings.

Widget boy cultureMuslim radio station fined for pushing "torture" for gays.

Widget boy cultureTRAITORS: Texans flirt with secession.

Widget boy cultureTRAITOR: Gay Tory sez LGBT people don't want marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureAmnesty International against "Kill the Gays" bill, says being gay a "choice."

Widget boy cultureParenting and being gay no longer mutually exclusive.

Widget boy culturePrison-sex crackdown.

Widget boy cultureWhat if names were farts?

Widget boy cultureFinally, a time-traveling cops Web series.

Widget boy cultureScratch That: Meet two men who own 50 tons of 78 records.

Sistine-chapel-records_optMust be some kinda record!

Aug 17 2012
"I'm You Biggest Fan/I'll Follow You Until—" Comments (8)

Lady Gaga fan hit
Lady Gaga's security takes down an overzeaous autograph-seeker in Romania. The worst part for him won't be the harsh smack-down or not getting her autograph, but all the comments about how he's "just an old man" when really he's probably—what?—40? Video after the jump...

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Jun 01 2012
The MDNA Tour: A Review From Tel Aviv Comments (22)

Keep reading for an exclusive, eyewitness account of The MDNA Tour's opener in Tel Aviv by a longtime and trusted Boy Culture reader/discerning Madonna fan...

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Mar 15 2012
Buzz Feed Comments (1)


I'm sure Brian Buzzini was a lot of people's first crush, but The Smoking Nun's Chuck Taylor (formerly the ultimate singles reviewer at Billboard, where he was pop music's BFF) outdoes himself with this tribute.

Mar 12 2012
With Rimes Comments (6)

LeAnn Rimes

With thanks to Chris: This guy from Curtis, Ohio, made a semi-desperate plea to meet his idol, LeAnn Rimes (I know!), and his wish came true when he was escorted backstage to meet her 20 minutes before she played an acoustic set in not-so-nearby Saginaw, Michigan. His story here, his video bid after the jump...

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