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Aug 28 2015
Still More Evidence That Max von Essen Is A Hot Piece Comments (0)


Via Broadway Style Guide.

Aug 27 2015
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
  Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(2) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(1) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(3) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(4) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(5)

Modus Vivendi's Abstract Lace line as modeled by Alexandros Kaltsidis and shot by Panos Misailidis.

Aug 26 2015
2winkle 2winkle Little Star Comments (0)

2wink Cockatoo 2

Aussie brand 2wink just launched a new range of sexy bikini briefs called “Cockatoo.” (As in, “I'll have a ...”)

Queensland native Hartley (Hartley: Please, if you need help flying to NYC, I'm your man! Some strings attached.) was shot by photographer Russell Fleming.

2wink Cockatoo 3

“It’s a simple yet seductive design which works wonders; the attention is drawn to the front pouch, and from the rear your bum checks are just slightly exposed,” according to 2wink co-owner Damian Greco.

Get them for about $19.95 AUD (free worldwide shipping), only right here

2wink Cockatoo 1

Aug 21 2015
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  _DSC4219 _DSC4228 _DSC4253F _DSC4259F _DSC4283F _DSC4197 _DSC4208 _DSC4268F
Nick Perillo models the appropriately named Wood Underwear for Armando Adajar.
Aug 20 2015
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Black4-10 Black4-4Black4-7Black4-8Black4-11

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Just about every guy knows black underwear is where it's at. For most of us, they're the first pairs we pull from our top drawers. Why? Because black underwear is simple and classy. But if we've learned anything from our “Boxers Or Briefs?” series, it's that most men still prefer boxer briefs over briefs. But like our latest exclusive photoshoot proves, black briefs are just as equipped to hug your body is casual, classic style. They're also sexier, which never hurts. 

Jared North models 10 black briefs in Jerrad Matthew's photoshoot below. Opting for a pair of black underwear should be an easy fashion choice to make. Make that black pair a brief, and you're wearing a stylish pair of underwear that's both reserved and refined. So for you men hopelessly devoted to your boxer briefs, rest assured a black brief can be just as unassuming. So what if they leave your thighs exposed? The lesser coverage is easier to move in, and shows off more of your physique.

Almost every black brief Jared North models has a pop of white somewhere in its design, but you get something distinctly different depending on the amount of white. Jared's Cocksox CX76N Sports Brief looks the most athletic thanks to some attractive white trim around the legs. Leave it to the rest to keep it casual, and look like modern classics with a fun sense of style.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.

Aug 18 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Joshua Michael Brickman Comments (0)


Via Quid & Buck: The physically perfect Joshua Michael Brickman strikes again.


Need To Know: Racy Behavior + Unfashionably Bitchy + Rugby Hunk's Naked Honesty + Zacwatch + #HillarysAnswersMatter + MORE! Comments (0)

1390318507072684869Shot in the dark: George Zimmerman hates black people?

*widget boy cultureTell me again how George Zimmerman isn't a racist fuck. Images
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.49.22 AM

*widget boy cultureIs Patrick Couderc the biggest cunt in fashion? Images

*widget boy cultureNewly out Keegan Hirst, rugby star, gets nude!

*widget boy cultureHirst: “Time to be true to myself.”

*widget boy cultureRIP to Batman.

*widget boy cultureDavey Wavey's straight/gay kissing challenge. Images

*widget boy cultureHe's only as funny as the jokes he shamelessly steals.

*widget boy cultureMesmerizing Carol trailer. Kiss me, Cate Blanchett!

*widget boy cultureObama looking to make travel to Cuba a snap.

*widget boy cultureSuge Knight cracking wise about AIDS.

*widget boy cultureThe Rock on Zac Efron's Baywatch turn. Images

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey to Broadway. Images

Enhanced-16559-1393505474-21Enjoy The View!

*widget boy cultureHick heroine in KY continues to resist issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

*widget boy cultureMilitary-rejected flamethrowers being sold to the public, because America. Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.24.44 AM

*widget boy cultureHillary helped save her country's rep in the world.

*widget boy cultureHillary meets #BlackLivesMatter. Right answer? Images

*widget boy cultureScott Walker wants to end birthright citizenship.

*widget boy cultureBiden and Gore analysis.

*widget boy cultureIs Fiorina the least accomplished R candidate of all? Unknown

*widget boy cultureTyra Sanchez urges suicidal people to jump. Images

*widget boy cultureKris Jenner tears into Caitlyn Jenner.

*widget boy cultureDolce apologizes for IVF comments.

*widget boy cultureIt's like a Best Chest Convention up in here! Images

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.08.57 AMBroad? Way!

Aug 14 2015
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  IMG_5438 IMG_5363 IMG_5380 IMG_5414 IMG_5512

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Who doesn’t like to hang out on a tropical beach in the summer? Most people would, so let’s soak up the sun with Papúa and the hot models wearing its Sea Legend Collection.

Santiago Sepúlveda shot models Jose Miguel Nuñez, Mauricio Valdeblanquez and Juliana Díaz Rozo on a beautiful tropical beach, complete with wildlife and trees, for this Soak Up The Sun With Papúa shoot. Santiago uses a lot of texture in each photo, keeping eyes captivated from one photo to the next. The tan color of the sand, water, dead palm leaves, and tree bark appear several times throughout this shoot to contrast with the brightly colored styles and keep them the main focus. His use of the small palm tree shelter draws us in closer. No two leaves are facing the same direction, giving this shot a wild, rustic look. He also uses a lot of linear objects that cut across the image either in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction, giving each photo another interesting layer.

Jose and Mauricio show diversity in their poses and facial expressions. Mauricio features are highlighted by his wild beard, and his light blue linen shirt contrasts well with his skin and the swim short. Jose’s beautiful blonde hair and great build will have anyone wanting to be stranded on a beach with him.

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.


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