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Jul 10 2016
HEAT INDEX — StrongJaws + Red Speedos + TARZAN Kiss + Backs Matter + Frank Ocean + Bed Head + Nico Tortorella + T W I N S + Strong Brew! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.49.55 AM(Image by Timoteo Ocampo for Cellblock 13)

STRONGJAWS IS THE NAME: And modeling jockstraps is his game. (Work Unfriendly)

RED SPEEDO DIARIES: He's a big boy!

KISSED OFF: The M4M kiss (!) that was cut from snorefest The Legend of Tarzan.





A photo posted by @kaiquebarbanti_ifbb on

MOTION IN THE OCEAN: Frank Ocean for Calvin Klein.

BED HEAD?: Scruffy, shirtless, muscular dude in bed.

THINK NICO IS CUTE?: He agrees: 


la. #niconiconico

A photo posted by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on

EVER GET SICK OF TWINS?: If so, don't click here.

Matas-ir-karolis-jon-27(Image by Migle Golubickaite from Twinz)



You're welcome. Photo of @mitchell.wick by @wongsim #menandcoffee

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Jul 06 2016
6-PACK — Hawk Tees-er + More Beer, Less Hate + Trump Okay With Banning Trans People From The John + Free College From Hillary + Gretchen Carlson Sues Roger Ailes For Sex Harassment + A Boy With A Lotta Culture! Comments (0)

UnnamedTastes great! Less filling! (Image via Michael Sanderson)

*widget boy cultureI love Michael Sanderson's new T-shirt collection. Rimming has never been more classily advertised.

*widget boy cultureMore Beer, Less Hate event planned to raise $$$ for Orlando mass shooting victims.

*widget boy cultureTrump, who was surprisingly against HB2, is now unsurprisingly for it—trans people in the john thrown under the clown car.

*widget boy cultureHillary adopts Bernie's debt-free college for all policy. You get free stuff with Hillary, too, guys!

*widget boy cultureHANDS OFF THIS ONE, SWEETIE: Gretchen Carlson secretly axed from FOX, sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

*widget boy cultureBoy Culture movie co-writer/director Q. Allan Brocka chats about LGBTQ stories in new Going Places Web series: 

HEAT INDEX — Skinny Jeans + Justin Bieber's Wet Undies + Nude-Beach Fracas + Jockstrap-Hanger + Baseballers + Lines Form Here + Mark Wahlberg & Dave Chappelle's Gun Show + Naked Art + CABARET AS FOLK! Comments (0)

ABOVE: The skinny on his jeans.

WET UNDERWEAR CONTEST: Justin Bieber shows off his inconveniently tasty assets.

SEXY SHOOTER'S UN-SEXY ARREST: Hot guy, cold law enforcement on nude beach.

INCIDENT REPORT: Stripper dressed as cop gives raunchy show on subway:


stripper on the subway!!!!!!!!

A video posted by alex rees (@maybealexislost) on

YOU MUST BE JOCKING: 2 pros grab their bases on balls.


GUN PATROL: Mark Wahlberg looks like a dirtbag ... with amazing guns & a farmer's tan.

CHAPPELLE SHOW-OFF: Damn, who knew Dave Chappelle looks good in a tank?

ME LOVE YOU SCHLONG TIME: Art, or just nude dudes? You decide.

QUEER EMCEE: Randy Harrison takes on the 2nd most famous Cabaret role.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.53.30 PMRandy Harrison (Image by Joan Marcus)

6-PACK — Wait'll You Get His Haynes On You + Lois Lane, RIP + Bud Light Beef + Trump Sez Hillary BRIBED Lynch + Hillary & Obama Campaign Together + HANDS Across Gay America! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.18.21 AM(Image via Tyler Shields/Colton Haynes)

*widget boy cultureColton Haynes offers ridiculously pricy T-shirts that say “Daddy” and “Anxious.” I would consider.

*widget boy cultureOne of the last two surviving Adventures of Superman (1952-1958) stars, Noel Neill aka Lois Lane, dies @ 95.

*widget boy cultureThe amazing Bud Light Boys of Pride Toronto: 

*widget boy cultureTrump claims Hillary bribed Lynch to get off the e-hook.

*widget boy cultureHillary and Obama campaign together: 2008's dream team is 2016's worst Republican nightmare.

*widget boy culture“Hands,” a new single to help the Orlando mass shooting victims, boasts all-star lineup. Get it here!

Unnamed(Image via GLAAD & Interscope)

Jul 05 2016
Your Nightly Briefing: Daian Zubieta For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)
  MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (3) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (1) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (4) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (6) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (8) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (9) MV-Narrow-Line-With-Logo-photos (2)
Photographer: Gastohn Barrios shoots Daian Zubieta in Modus Vivendi's Narrow Line.
From a press release:
One of the main trends in Modus Vivendi's Spring/Summer 2016 collection is the return of stripes. The Greek underwear and menswear brand has just released a new line that features stripes combined with neon accents. The new Narrow Line comprises four styles of underwear and some great looking T-Shirts to wear them with! The underwear styles are briefs, mini briefs, boxer briefs and jockstraps, all of which are available in three colourways, with thin black and white stripes as the base and vibrant, neon waists and trim. 
The campaign photographs were shot in the dunes of Pinamar in Argentina by one of today's hottest South American photographers, Gastohn Barrios. The campaign presents a nautical theme and the sexy sailor on shore leave is portrayed by model Daian Zubieta.
See MORE of the model (gulp) here. (Work Unfriendly)

Video by Barrios after the jump ...

 Read More

You're Welcome: Taner Sigirtmac By Baldovino Barani Comments (0)
  Raf14 Raf1 Raf2 Raf3 Raf4 Raf5 Raf6 Raf7 Raf8 Raf9 Raf10 Raf11 Raf12 Raf13 Raf15 Raf16 Raf18 Raf19 Raf20 Raf21Raf22Raf23Raf24

(All images in this post by Baldovino Barani)

“L.A Hallucinations”  from Texas Yearbook SS16 as shot by Baldovino Barani, styled by Cheryl Leung and with groomed by Karien Yiu using Tom Ford for Men skincare.

The model? The one and only Taner Sigirtmac @ ModelOne.

Raf17Features the best of spring/summer looks from Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Acne Studios, Givenchy, Ermenegildo Zegna and Fendi.

Jul 02 2016
Red, White & Blew Comments (0)

Red White + Blue.

A photo posted by Charlie by Matthew Zink (@charliebymz) on

Jul 01 2016
Model Krit McClean Strips, Scales TKTS Booth, Breaks Arm, Career, Internet Comments (0)

I was busy yesterday (and today) and missed out posting on 21-year-old Krit McClean, the troubled or drugged or both of the preceding male model who stripped nude and galavanted around Times Square atop the TKTS booth.

The model yelled out his admiration for Bruce Weber and Mario Testino, also shouting Donald Trump's name (possible running mate?). He also proclaimed his love for his mom ... and said he is a virgin.

In the end, the Bangkok-born catwalker leapt 15 feet to the ground, breaking his arm, before being taken to Bellevue for observation. 

It would all be so hot ... if it weren't so obviously sad.


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