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Feb 06 2015
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
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This is the latest in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert.

Adrian C. Martin’s latest work for PUMP! shows the brand’s athletic underwear on their day off from the gym. Without an early morning workout to rise for, model Rubén Santana stays in bed, and in his PUMP! boxers and briefs. One day won’t kill him. Ruben, 22, is a model and bodybuilder. He was the runner-up in the last Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The breathable mesh still looks great in this more laid-back setting. But rather than getting winded, they breathe easy in this photo shoot. Let the early bird get the worm. Staying in late comes with its own treats.

The energetic green of the PUMP! Microshock Boxer is the brightest look Rubén wears in the photo shoot. Let’s face it, the green mesh is intensely bright. It’s the attitude you pull off more than a color, and the strong masculinity Rubén brings to the shoot has a confidence made for sporty mesh and bold waistbands. 

And while briefs are commonly seen as less masculine than boxer styles, PUMP! briefs look awesomely athletic on Rubén, even in bed. The bright colors and mesh look ready to move, but Rubén isn’t going anywhere.

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Eddie Redmayne Is EVERYTHING Comments (0)
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Eddie Redmayne, who might be about to swipe the Oscar out from under Michael Keaton, makes the (back) cover of Men's Health (March 2015) and appears confidently sexy on the inside pages.

Feb 04 2015
Speaking In Tongues Comments (0)


This is so hot you won't care if you don't happen to speak the language...

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Feb 02 2015
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
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Andrej T. by Armando Adajar (barely) in Timoteo.

Jan 30 2015
Need To Know: Bitch, You're Not Madonna + Romney Pre-Concedes + God Damned + Madonna Opens Her REBEL HEART + MORE! Comments (0)

FryGod isn't dead, He's just a prick.

*widget boy cultureStephen Fry drags God.

*widget boy cultureFASHION POLICE: Being posh in court is not Amal's style.

*widget boy cultureLarry Kramer's new novel gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureSome gay Republicans oppose gay marriage. I oppose gay Republicans.

*widget boy cultureWHAT A BABE: James Cromwell's ass 31 years ago was flawless.

Venus-D-LiteHe spent $75,000 to look like this.

*widget boy cultureJamie Dornan looks confused on Glamour.

*widget boy cultureMadonna talks Rebel Heart to France's NRJ here 'n' here.

*widget boy cultureThorn Birds scribe Colleen McCullough dies @ 77.

*widget boy cultureMITT ROMNEY NOT RUNNING IN 2016.

Romney-tarmacGet your Mitts off me!

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin, whose '16 candidacy is a joke, calls Fox News quasi-conservative.

*widget boy cultureChris Pratt will be Indy after doing Jurassic Park with a sexy stache.

*widget boy cultureAbuse for decades at America's largest private Catholic school, naturally. 

*widget boy cultureLeelah's Law petition swells.

*widget boy cultureSuge Knight is a fucking sociopath.

*widget boy cultureVenus D-Lite claims to be obsessed with being Madonna, after the jump...

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Jan 27 2015
Truth Or Bear Comments (0)
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Fran Otero models for Adrian C. Martin in the new Modus Vivendi Bear Line.

Jan 26 2015
Need To Know: Bashin' Carrie + BIRDMAN Spreads Its Wings + Snow Joke + Diplo Blow + PARIS Still BURNING + MORE! Comments (0)

Debbie-ReynoldsOh, how they do Carrie on!

*widget boy cultureSAG honors, daughter Carrie Fisher roasts, living legend Debbie Reynolds.

*widget boy cultureRedmayne upsets Keaton, Birdman upsets Boyhood at SAG; full winner list.

*widget boy cultureNYC might get three FEET of snow.

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin's racist, meandering speech in Iowa was so weird DNC thanked her.

*widget boy cultureColin Farrell pushes for marriage equality in Ireland.

*widget boy cultureJindahl believes that amending U.S. Constitution vs. gay marriage is do-able.

*widget boy cultureDiplo says Taylor Swift's fans are “the worst people in the world.”


*widget boy cultureJennie Livingston revisits her landmark Paris Is Burning doc.

*widget boy cultureMale models flash peen on the runway.

*widget boy cultureMaryland's new governor disenfranchises LGBT people IMMEDIATELY.

*widget boy cultureUnexpectedly, marriage equality in Alabama is on hold.

*widget boy cultureCarly Fiorina: Former U.S. senator & Sec. of State Clinton's never done anything.

*widget boy cultureHillary polls better than Obama in rural areas. (Wonder why??)

Hillary-clinton_2440834bShe will run, she will win.

Jan 23 2015
You're Welcome Comments (0)
  Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 2 Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 1 Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 3 Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 4 Model BENI D - Photogrpahy IAN CHANG - Garcon Model Underwear - 5

Garçon Model's stuff looks even better when it's on Beni D., as shot by Ian Chang.