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May 12 2015
You're Welcome Comments (0)


Via Rufskin.

May 10 2015
Need To Know: Live To Virtel + Larger Than Life + Basket Weavers + Bitch, He's The Director + MORE! Comments (0)

CEftiCgUgAAm77l.jpg-largeOn the outs

*widget boy cultureHe lost on Jeopardy, baby.

*widget boy cultureYou won't recognize Kevin Bacon in this pic.

*widget boy cultureGrace and Frankie is ... okay.

*widget boy cultureHomeless woman's new pad.

*widget boy cultureJack Black and James Marsden cruise baskets.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's next video will be by ...

*widget boy cultureNatalie Portman playing Justice Ginsburg?

*widget boy culture(Carol) Brady on Deflategate.

*widget boy culturePitch Perfect 2 ladies light up the red carpet.

*widget boy cultureHe was branded a pedo for having legal twink images.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of which, Cody Simpson is single.

Cody-simpson-shirtlessNew to the market

May 06 2015
Need To Know: Red Alert + She's Serving + Graham's Supreme Pragmatism + Eye! Eye! Eye! Candy + Hillary's Immigration Movement + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureEvery star you can think of, as a ginger.

*widget boy cultureNebraska woman cuts to the chase, sues ALL homos.

*widget boy cultureKenya doesn't like gays, either.

*widget boy cultureLindsey Graham tells righties to move on if Supremes rule pro-gay.

*widget boy cultureIs this the anti-Grindr?

*widget boy cultureHere's that gay couple who fired up the kiss-cam!

*widget boy cultureWhat one up-and-comer learned from Paul Rudd.

*widget boy culturePaps go nuts for Madonna.

*widget boy cultureThe Sphinx Sisters.


*widget boy cultureAlways eye candy at Ugly Ugly Emptiness. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culturePam Geller thinks she's the Rosa Parks of Islamophobes. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.56.14 PM

*widget boy cultureSUPER SEXY SHOWER SCENES.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton would expand on immigration reform.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner reveals beauty secrets to his stepdaughter.

*widget boy cultureIndiana Jones reboot confirmed.

*widget boy cultureHorror movies as ice cream flavors, including Human Centi-Peach.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Renner got in trouble for slut-shaming an imaginary woman.

*widget boy cultureAnother gold medal for Tom Daley.

Tom-daley-shirtless-diving-05042015-03-675x900Number one in your heart

May 05 2015
More Than Just A GIGOLO Comments (0)
  Gigolo1 Gigolo2 Gigolo3 Gigolo4 Gigolo5 Gigolo6 Gigolo7 Gigolo8 Gigolo9 Gigolo10 Gigolo11 Gigolo12 Gigolo13 Gigolo14 Gigolo15 Gigolo16 Gigolo17 Gigolo18 Gigolo19 Gigolo20
Check out this amazing spread (“Gigolo”) by Baldovino Barani, styled by Bhisan Rai, grooming by Karen Yiu. The model  is Milan Petruska at Talentman.
Haven't We Met Ball? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.00.35 PM

Thirty-one years (!) after he crashed the Herb Ritts Desperately Seeking Susan shoot to get a picture of Madonna with underwear on her head, André Leon Talley briefly chats with Madonna at last night's Met Ball...

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Need To Know: Collage Of Consent + Shaved Pussy + Met Ball Double-Takes + Wrestlemania + Texas Justice + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureHot collage boy!

*widget boy cultureCheck out this Grindr pussy!

*widget boy cultureBoycotting Reisner & Weiderpass is a watershed moment.

*widget boy cultureMadonna lost her Moschino gown for some hip-HOTpants.

*widget boy cultureThe expression on SJP's face is just ... priceless.

*widget boy cultureIs Rihanna's gown cheesy?

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus flaunts mother-of-pearl hair.

*widget boy cultureSolange Knowles looks ... interesting.

*widget boy cultureMelissa Rivers says her mom's death was “100% preventable.”

*widget boy cultureHot wrestler action!


*widget boy cultureTexas terrorist was on watch list for years. UN chief condemns.

*widget boy cultureFox News quisling Guy Benson is gay, but doesn't care about gay rights.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay kiss on Dodgers kiss-cam!

*widget boy cultureBy now you've heard: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

*widget boy cultureBrett Chukerman (even if you don't know him) looks good nekkid.

*widget boy cultureEllen Albertini Down, whose career started in her 70s, dies @ 101.

Tumblr_mdfs02d3361qki66fo1_500I also remember her from episodes of The Golden Girls and Seinfeld.

May 04 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Gianni Reyes Comments (0)
  JO4A4263_2636 JO4A4523_2894 JO4A4213_2586 JO4A4347_2721 JO4A4361_2733 JO4A4397_2769 JO4A4471_2843 JO4A4491_2862 JO4A4501_2872

Adrian C. Martin shoots 20-year-old Gianni Reyes from Gran Canaria in Aware Soho.

May 01 2015
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


 Modus Vivendi goodies on Christos Artemiou in Santorini, Greece, as shot by Nikos Papadopoulos.