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Sep 07 2014
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FU Underwear introduces its Triathlon Cut, modeled by Tony and shot by Vaughn Stewart.

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Sep 06 2014
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

We want to paint you a better hitchhiker story than the ones you’ve heard before. Take model Char DeFrancesco in this Underwear Expert exclusive by Marco Ovando, for example. Sure, he might be a little lost, but we suspect that’s just a part of the charm.

Sporting pairs from the likes of 2(X)IST, Marco Marco, and Baskit (just to name a few), Char’s rugged, masculine style matches the landscape he’s found himself in. There’s a particularly great shot of him in black C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Briefs, framed by mountains and glaring at the camera. Another has Char’s tattooed chest out to the sky, the blues of the evening echoed in the blues in his Papi briefs. It’s clear that this is a man who isn’t afraid of anything, no matter where he is or what situation he’s in—and he’s wearing the essentials to prove it.

Marco Ovando takes full advantage of the lighting in the scene, playing with the various hues of underwear and environment to create a truly coherent story. This turns out to be one hitchhiker we wouldn’t mind picking up. He’s got great style, after all. 

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Sep 05 2014
Suits Me Just Fine: The Naldo Montanez Swimwear Show Comments (0)
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When I received a very sweet personal invite to the swimwear show by Naldo Montanez, I realized that after 22 years in NYC, I had never attended a fashion show, let alone one during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...it was a must-go.

Eduardo-Joy-Just-OnceHats off to Eduardo

I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived I had a front-row seat next to charming Eduardo Joy, the creative force behind Just Once, who designed all the headwear the models would be wearing.

His hats are slick, inventively visual takes on the standard baseball cap; the one he pulled off of his head for me to inspect was basically wearable art and felt like it could be worn successfully through a hurricane.

Naldo-MontanezI was so close it was practically a Matt-walk.

The show was impressive, and not only because I wanted to make babies with every model. Well, at least the ones with whom I could not physically make one.


Male-model-assI'd love to own that suit. No, I mean, that actual suit.

If I had a waist, you couldn't keep me out of Naldo's retro-sexual briefs, which are chic and classic.

Hot-guyBlond. James, Blond.

Because chic and classic can veer into boring if you're not careful, Naldo includes some eye-popping tops (don't say it) in bold colors as well as some pretty luxurious wraps.


Holding handsGotta hand it to them

Of course, Naldo had everyone's attention from the moment his show began, sending two hand-holding studs down the catwalk—gay never goes out of style.

Fashion-weekThe front row was exactly how I'd hoped it would be...

After, the show was over so fast I didn't get to fulfill my fantasy of cornering models backstage for impromptu and revealing photo ops, but I did grab these two—two of the best!—in their street clothes on their way to whatever comes after a perfect afternoon:

IMG_9088I asked if I could take their picture and the unspoken response was, “Duh.”

Sep 04 2014
Last Laugh: Legendary Comedian And FASHION POLICE-woman Joan Rivers Dies @ 81 After Being Removed From Life Support Comments (0)

061013-joan-rivers_27June 8, 1933—September 4, 2014

Well, this has felt inevitable ever since word broke that Joan Rivers had gone without oxygen for an extended period of time after she stopped breathing during a routine throat procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy in New York City:

The iconic entertainer has died at 81 in a private room after leaving intensive care and being removed from life support.

Joan-riversThe florid fashionista

Her daughter, Melissa (b. January 20, 1968), released the following statement to news outlets:

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  Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 01 Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 02 Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 03 Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 04 Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 05 Ginger by Marcio Del Nero 06

Great shoot (Ginger) shot by Marcio Del Nero for RadarX, the Brazilian lifestyle and fashion site. The model is Andrew Vinco/Allure Agency, with fashion styling by Thidy Alvis, grooming by Johnny Lazz and classic vintage Levi's threads.

Sep 03 2014
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Joe Jonas for GQ Taiwan by Chiun-Kai Shih. More here.

Need To Know: Blood & Sand + Flying Off The Handle + Joltin' Joe + Closet Spaces + Blake McIver Is Bangin' + Crack Addiction + Big Bother + MORE! Comments (0)

Sotloff-VideoAnother reason ISIL needs to be destroyed.

*widget boy cultureISIL beheads American journalist Steven Sotloff.

*widget boy cultureBolivia and Israel are officially on a break.

*widget boy cultureI don't like reclining airline passengers either but grow the fuck up.

*widget boy cultureI want to be Sofia Vergara's vagina.

*widget boy cultureWhere all the hot MSMs vacation...Chicago???

*widget boy cultureNow Groot joins Jennifer Lawrence on list of celebs violated by iCloud.

*widget boy cultureMcKayla Maroney's argument vs. sites posting her nudes: She was jailbait.

*widget boy cultureFashion Police is on a two-week hold. That's...optimistic!

*widget boy cultureBlake McIver introduces Nancy Sinatra to Ariana Grande: 

*widget boy cultureRaja is officially more sickening than salmonella.

*widget boy cultureNestle makes bank while California dries up.

*widget boy cultureBeloved LGBT activist Andrew Cray succumbs to cancer.

*widget boy cultureIllinois seems poised to elect an out of touch rich tool as governor.

*widget boy cultureCuba Gooding Jr. is all cracked out!

*widget boy cultureClassic links to Robin Williams here and here.

*widget boy cultureAdele leaks.

*widget boy cultureMurderous Russian mobster takes issue with where your penis goes.

*widget boy cultureBRAID DAY: Texas Native American kindergartener sent home for long hair.

*widget boy cultureKeanu Reeves is 50 and looks like this.

*widget boy cultureWhy everyone seems to hate Frankie Grande.

Frankie-GrandeHe's so nice in real life! (I'm not watching the show.)