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Nov 11 2016
You're Welcome: Moha Elmani Comments (0)
  ACM_7482_5761 ACM_7337_5616 ACM_7171_5451 ACM_7192_5472 ACM_7263_5742 ACM_7585_5864

(All images by Adrian C. Martin) 

Fitness model Moha Elmani, 28, is from Morocco, but living in the Canary Islands, Spain. Adrian C. Martin shot him in clothes by the Australian brands 2eros and Supawear.
Nov 09 2016
You're Welcome: Paul Revesz Comments (0)
  Paul Revesz by Marco Ovando for Garçon Model 2 Paul Revesz by Marco Ovando for Garçon Model 1 Paul Revesz by Marco Ovando for Garçon Model 3 Paul Revesz by Marco Ovando for Garçon Model 4

I posted this guy earlier in the week, but here he is again: Paul Revesz of MSA Models NYC.

He sure looks good in his Garçon Model undies.

Nov 07 2016
Too Much? Comments (0)

AOPTS2036U_Hillary_Clinton_Paparazzi_Mockup_1024x1024(Image via Rage On)

You can get yours here.

Nov 05 2016
6-PACK/politics —Beyoncé Tosses Cookies In Trump's Face + Philly Unions Planning For Election Day + Trump Fighting For Right To Disenfranchise Voters! + Florida: We Got This + Hillary vs. Bullying + The Brainless Elector! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Pantsuited Beyoncé's appearance with Hillary used Hillary's own words to great, feminist effect.

*widget boy culturePhilly unions plan van service on Election Day. SEPTA should just relent a day out of self-preservation.

*widget boy cultureTrump & the RNC have been served a restraining order for voter intimidation in Ohio—and they're appealing!

*widget boy cultureFlorida's Latinx population is going to bring that state into Hillary's column—period.

*widget boy cultureMelania's uses Marla's words to fight bullying, but Hillary has a $500M plan to stop it.

*widget boy cultureIn 240 years, the U.S. has had 100+ faithless electors: Here's the latest, a #NeverHillary one in Washington State.

Nov 04 2016
Take That Off — Take That ALL Off Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.00.02 PM(Video still via Successful People)

Successful People is so successful it has spawned its first single and music video ...

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Nov 03 2016
Your Nightly Briefing: Modus Vivendi Comments (0)
  MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (1) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (2) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (3) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (4) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (5) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (6) MV-Transparent-Line-Conseptual-Photos-WithLogo (7)

Modus Vivendi's Transparent Line and Dark Circus campaign, shot by Gavin Harrison in the U.K. with models Perri Hooper and Matthew Bladies, are looking HOT in the gallery above.

From a press release:

With a new, super sexy line of dark mesh underwear, Modus Vivendi continues with its presentation of the many new lines for its fall/winter 2016-17 collection.

The Transparent Line is a combination of strength and sensuality. Self-possessed and subtly erotic, the new briefs, boxers, tanks and tees come in three colourways of black, dark red or blue with black mesh panels. Jocks are presented in uniform colour with matching mesh waistbands. The designs sculpt the hips, buttocks and shoulders, carving strong lines that meet with concealing linings and pouches, an exercise in revelation and the balance of power. 

The campaign for the line was created in Leicester, England. Talented photographer and fine artist Gavin Harrison was inspired by the moody impact of the line to build a Dark Circus themed photo shoot, with the ultra-masculine Matthew Blades and Perrie Hooper as his male protagonists. The studio was transformed into an eerie circus of mystery and atmosphere. Seductive and very masculine, the images showcase the daring new designs from Modus Vivendi at their best.

Credits for the shoot:

Underwear and clothing: Modus Vivendi
Photographer: Gavin Harrison
Models: Matthew Blades and Perrie Hooper
Location: Leicester, UK
Videos by: Gavin Harrison

Oct 28 2016
6-PACK — Another Alleged Trump Victim + Log Cabin Republican Fail + Hot Musclestud + Dreamy Adrian Armas + HALLOWEEN Countdown + Best Xmas Gifts! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureEx-Miss Finland says Trump groped her, too.

*widget boy cultureWhy Log Cabin Republicans declining to endorse Trump is “too little, too late.”

*widget boy cultureYes, he even lifts, bro: 


Baby, You're my favorite thing.

A photo posted by Music Fashion Fitness Food 💰 (@thomas_keal) on

*widget boy cultureAdrian Armas continues to be beautiful:

*widget boy cultureJesus, there've been 10 movies in the Halloween saga? (None can top that first one.)

*widget boy cultureBest Christmas gifts E-VER:

KnitjohnwatersBAG_465_465_int(Image via Etsy)

Oct 27 2016
Whose Hunk Is It Anyway? Comments (0)

This story of how the Vivienne Westwood brand took an artist's work and put it on a T-shirt is fascinating to me for the ballsiness of the appropriation, as well as for issues of ownership—the work in question, while certainly unique and identifiable, itself makes use of found imagery.

The man whose face is at the center (literally) of artist Roberta Marrero's work, and is now on a Vivienne Westwood shirt, is David White, a classic Playgirl model. The image was shot by the supremely talented Norbert Jobst (who has probably since died—he would be 90+) for Playgirl, and as such belongs to the magazine, should they still retain any documentation following their many changings of the guard.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.06.17 AM(Covers via Playgirl & GQ)

Plus: Would Mr. White not be able to object to being sold on a T-shirt (as opposed to being the subject of an original piece of collage art)?

Apparently, Westwood's husband designed the shirt, and the company is now claiming it was all one giant mistake—it has apologized to Marrero directly, which the artist greatly appreciates.

Check out Roberta Marrero's work here.

For more on former Winston cigarette stud David White, check out this smorgasbord of hotness, and also this 2007 article on his life post-modeling career.