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Apr 02 2014
The Eyes Of Mike & Matinga Comments (0)

You can't pass up any opportunity to talk or hear about The Eyes of Laura Mars...

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Aug 15 2013
All The Veneers In Zurich Comments (0)

Faye-Dunaway-awardFaye Dunaway bites.

In Globe (August 26, 2013), Faye Dunaway demonstrates the handiness of her new chompers on a Swiss award.

Jun 30 2013
"Really Bad...And That's Good": MOMMIE DEAREST Vet Dishes The Dirt Comments (3)

Rutanya-Alda"This was the first round that Faye won..."

Carol-AnnHAPPY PRIDE: Delightful Rutanya Alda, "Carol Ann" from Mommie Dearest, is clearly having a blast in this long clip, in which she reads from her on-set diary from the making of the movie. She recalls Faye Dunaway blackmailing her way into getting her boyfriend a producing credit, waving people away like insignificant specks, demanding that her hair look like Goldie Hawn's in Private Benjamin and providing a Polaroid of herself to put into the coffin so that Alda will have something to react to.


Put on a bib, it's delicious...

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Feb 02 2013
Shower Head Games Comments (1)
From here.
Jan 14 2013
Ham And Egg Comments (2)
I can't believe I never saw this, but this commercial consists of Faye Dunaway eating a hard-boiled egg for 90 seconds. Okay, I'm sold...

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Jul 28 2010
The Eyes Of Madonna Ciccone Comments (11)
Framed by stills from one of my favorite movies, Madonna is seen framing shots for W.E. (or behind-the-scenes at the Material Girl shoot). She looks so right behind a camera; I hope that watching W.E. will prove that she is so right behind a camera.  
Jun 18 2010
Bonnie & Hide Comments (5)

Globe (June 28, 2010) reveals a recent shot of Faye Dunaway, 69, walking around with a surgical mask hiding what is probably some kind of facial rejuvenation (surgical or chemical). Not too out of the ordinary, but the article insists that Dunaway has said she's never had plastic surgery. Um, see above. 

I wish she were still famous as a great actress instead of as the moody grandma of the Barbi Twins.


Feb 04 2009
Flashback: An "Homadge" To Joan Comments (1)


With credit to MadonnaTribe.com (and thanks to Giulio), this is an old discovery (probably first posted on that site years ago) about an old video, but one that still fascinates me—I never noticed at the time how directly the Joan Crawford film Humoresque (1946, dir. by Jean Negulesco) inspired Madonna's "The Power Of Good-Bye" director Matthew Rolston.

I wonder how Crawford—who died of cancer before Madonna made her mark—would have related to Ciccone? Probably about as well as Faye Dunaway is relating to Hilary Duff.