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Sep 04 2015
Need To Know: I Am NOT One Of Your TRANS! + Kris Jenner's 1st Time At The Rodeo + Don't Fuck With Gay Marriage, Fellas! + No Deleted E-mails EVER! + Barbara, Rest In Peace + As Usual, Joe Biden Has The Last Word + MORE! Comments (0)

Kaitlyn-caitlyn-jenner-pornCaitlyn was saddened to learn many trans girls have to do sex work. Well ... try this on for size.

*widget boy cultureSHOCKER: Trans porn studio takes on Caitlyn Jenner. (Work Unfriendly) Images

*widget boy cultureKris Jenner's first run-in with Caitlyn Jenner. Screen-Shot-2015-09-03-at-6.44.50-PM

*widget boy cultureKim Davis could be in jail a long, long time.

*widget boy culture“Ron Swanson” says Kim is a terrible coworker.

*widget boy cultureXavier Dolan is F hot! Images

*widget boy cultureDrowned Syrian toddler's dad: Nothing left to live for.

*widget boy cultureHunky Cody Deal hikes in tights. (Tight ones.)

*widget boy cultureJoe Biden isn't sure he/his fam can handle another White House run.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton's associate testified no work e-mails destroyed.


*widget boy cultureI love Cate Blanchett, too, but ewwwww. Images

*widget boy cultureKids duct-taped to chair, forced to watch Mommie Dearest! 11885358_gal

*widget boy cultureSomeone who's been bred by Tom Hardy. Images

*widget boy cultureIncredible Robyn cover will tug tears outta you.

*widget boy cultureHot men of the U.S. Open.

*widget boy cultureThis could turn gay foodies straight.

*widget boy cultureNew Janet Jackson single.

*widget boy cultureBarbara Brecht-Schall dies @ 84.

*widget boy culture15th-anniversary edition of (amazing) gay flick Big Eden. Images


Apr 01 2015
Need To Know: Mommie Issues A Book! + CATFISH Fever + For Ryan, Out Loud + Moore Talent + Kiddie Porn??? + Savage Attack + MORE! Comments (0)

Faye Dunaway Mommie DearestAre you one of her fans?

*widget boy cultureFaye Dunaway shocks w/o makeup, sells home, revisits Mommie Dearest.

*widget boy cultureThis revealing pic may make you a Catfish hunter.

*widget boy cultureRyan Gosling inspires beautiful music.

*widget boy cultureJoni Mitchell health crisis. Now in good spirits (which she isn't usually!).

*widget boy cultureElton John's pal defends Indiana anti-gay law.

*widget boy cultureJulianne Moore allegedly canned for bad acting.

*widget boy culture10% of 12- to 13-year-olds addicted to porn?

*widget boy cultureHate group wants Dan Savage sitcom cancelled.

*widget boy cultureWalmart is against the anti-gay law the Arkansas governor is set to sign.


Apr 02 2014
The Eyes Of Mike & Matinga Comments (0)

You can't pass up any opportunity to talk or hear about The Eyes of Laura Mars...

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Aug 15 2013
All The Veneers In Zurich Comments (0)

Faye-Dunaway-awardFaye Dunaway bites.

In Globe (August 26, 2013), Faye Dunaway demonstrates the handiness of her new chompers on a Swiss award.

Jun 30 2013
"Really Bad...And That's Good": MOMMIE DEAREST Vet Dishes The Dirt Comments (3)

Rutanya-Alda"This was the first round that Faye won..."

Carol-AnnHAPPY PRIDE: Delightful Rutanya Alda, "Carol Ann" from Mommie Dearest, is clearly having a blast in this long clip, in which she reads from her on-set diary from the making of the movie. She recalls Faye Dunaway blackmailing her way into getting her boyfriend a producing credit, waving people away like insignificant specks, demanding that her hair look like Goldie Hawn's in Private Benjamin and providing a Polaroid of herself to put into the coffin so that Alda will have something to react to.


Put on a bib, it's delicious...

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Feb 02 2013
Shower Head Games Comments (1)
From here.
Jan 14 2013
Ham And Egg Comments (2)
I can't believe I never saw this, but this commercial consists of Faye Dunaway eating a hard-boiled egg for 90 seconds. Okay, I'm sold...

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Jul 28 2010
The Eyes Of Madonna Ciccone Comments (11)
Framed by stills from one of my favorite movies, Madonna is seen framing shots for W.E. (or behind-the-scenes at the Material Girl shoot). She looks so right behind a camera; I hope that watching W.E. will prove that she is so right behind a camera.  

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