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Mar 30 2014
Agony Of The Feet: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Foot-Fetish Fan Frenzy Comments (0)
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In his Details (April 2014) cover story, Game of Thrones boner-inducer Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks about the "hi!" price of fame, namely, horny fanboys:

"Yeah, it's crazy. There are some very intense fans. We did a premiere last year in Seattle, and I got a taste of it. It was a little claustrophobic. All these people wanting to take a picture with me. One guy was like, 'Do you mind if I take a picture of your shoe? I have a thinkg with shoes...'"

Lots of foot soldiers in the Nikolaj Army out there.

Mar 26 2014
Need To Know: The Big Chris-Off, The Odd Uncouple, Decker Pecker + MORE! Comments (0)

Tumblr_mavin3YSW91qkdghtHis acting career's on the bubble.

*widget boy cultureChris Evans announces acting exit plan. (Can he still do shirtless gifs?)

*widget boy cultureGwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin "consciously uncouple." (Oh, brother.) Hot-muscles

*widget boy cultureAll the beach-themed shots I've posted lately? #springfever

*widget boy cultureKISS lands its first (!) Rolling Stone cover.

*widget boy culture

Tiger that almost ate Siefried's Roy dies.

*widget boy culturePastor flooded Texas due to praying too hard.

*widget boy cultureWeir divorce goes from bad to whatever's Russian for worse.

*widget boy cultureFan-reaction vid outshines Lady Gaga's kitchen-sink "G.U.Y." vid.

*widget boy culture"Eric Decker has an enormous schlong" is SEO catnip.

Eric-DeckerWorth the weights

Mar 25 2014
With A Garden Hose Comments (0)
  DORIAN2487 DORIAN2484 DORIAN2485 DORIAN2491 Grey Gardens

Love this shoot by Rick Day for the new issue of Dorian. New issue is available here.

Mar 24 2014
Need To Know: The Heart Is A Lonely Tab Hunter, Perez Keeps It Together, Roamin' Ronan, Queen Of The Hill, Heart-Stopping Cocktail + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureABOVE: Tab Hunter exercising is another reason to get this book.

*widget boy culturePICTURED: Chip Duckett DJs Perez's Madonna-themed b'day in NYC. Perez-Hilton

*widget boy cultureRonan Farrow at NLGJA.

*widget boy cultureBest celebrity-sibling quiz. The. Best.

*widget boy cultureAnita Hill now: "I am not going to stop."

*widget boy cultureVeep Biden speaks out on passing ENDA.

*widget boy cultureYou won't believe this Caesar cocktail.

*widget boy cultureBecause gay people are cool like that.

*widget boy cultureAaron Tveit in South Beach.

*widget boy cultureFamiliar actor James Rebhorn dies @ 65.

*widget boy cultureBest twink butt EVER? (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureIs Gaga's latest extravaganza too much, too late?

*widget boy cultureRussell Adams's cuteness is far easier to locate than MH370.

Russell-AdamsLooking for...love?

Mar 18 2014
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert

For the launch of their latest S/S 2014 campaign, Australian based brand Marcuse has just released a gorgeous editorial shot by photographer Russell Fleming, featuring local model Ayrton. Shot on the beaches of Gold Coast, Australia, these photos capture the essence of the brand and the swim line—sexy, breezy and cool; and Ayrton is just the right model to rock the fresh looks.

Check out some of the pics from the shoot in the gallery above, then head on over to The Underwear Expert for even more.

The Underwear Expert is the ultimate resource for 200+ men's underwear brands. Visit us for the latest men's underwear trends and more. Like us on Facebook.

Mar 16 2014
Instagratification: 9 Hot Men Burning Up Instagram With Their Bods Comments (0)

Rory-Max-Kaplan-grinCute to the (Rory) Max!

Bruce-WeberIt's time for the third installment of "Instagratification" (first one here, second one here), wherein I round up some of the hottest quasi-celebs and should-be-famous totties revealing their bodies and all aspects of their beauty on social media, especially on pic-happy Instagram.

I follow so many people (not all of them strictly because they're pretty—give me some credit) that I'm frequently surprised to fall for a model and then discover that I'm already following his Instagram. So if there is anyone you think should be spotlighted in these features on BoyCulture, please, by all means, let me know—you can find me on Facebook here or here, and/or on Twitter, and/or on YouTube.

Diogo-inkThat name tattoo acts like the human version of micro-chipping—no way to lose him!

Get ready for some annoyingly perfect beauty, and don't forget to follow my own Instagram if you aren't already...

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Express Your Selfie Comments (0)


Louis Smith selfie via me-me-me.tv.

Mar 12 2014
Hangin' 10 With Josh Henderson Comments (0)
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Josh-Henderson-DallasJosh Henderson (seen at right in a Dallas promo) and some girl (okay, Nina Agdal) burn up their O.P. shoot. Tons of images in the gallery above.

He's a handsome sucker. I knew him a bit when he was in Scene 23, that music music group created by the short-lived WB series Popstars. Nice guys, and always smiled with a tiny bit of his tongue trapped between his teeth.

Mar 10 2014
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem Comments (0)
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Model Bruno by Sergio Cyryllo.

Mar 09 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


From here.