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Feb 27 2015
For Your Thighs Only: Steve Grand Comments (0)


Steve Grand treating his fans to some serious leg!

Feb 26 2015
Bad Form Comments (0)


This guy's cute but what an idiot. Like some (mostly younger? because they've grown up in a world gripped by conspiracy theories?) others, he openly suggests Madonna's fall at the Brits was staged. I mean, you'd have to be a complete idiot to think that for one second upon viewing that tape. Madonna was forcefully dragged backwards off of three steps and fell on her ass in mid-sentence. There's no way she could have rehearsed that safely. It's obnoxious, but it's also incredibly stupid, to think such a thing because while one might understand being cynical in general, the fact that common sense can be thrown out the window is scary.

Meanwhile, this is incredibly creative and not unkind, a funny way to laugh off what happened. I think Madonna should use it on tour.

Madominos pic.twitter.com/OcXrWUZC53

— cyriak harris (@cyriakharris) February 26, 2015

Feb 22 2015
For Your Thighs Only Comments (0)


The rest of the picture is even more eye-popping.

You're Welcome: River Viiperi Comments (0)


Feb 17 2015
Nothing Comes Between Calvin And His Armani Comments (0)
  Calvin-Harris Calvin-Harris-2 Calvin-Harris-3 Calvin-Harris-4

DJ and producer Calvin Harris is lettin' it all hang out for Armani. Video after the jump and gallery above...

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Feb 15 2015
RIP Suave, Sexy Louis Jourdan Comments (0)


One of France's last Golden Age stars, Louis Jourdan—so memorable in Gigi (1958)—has died at the ripe old age of 93 in Beverly Hills.


Jourdan's first film work was in 1939, his last in 1992. In-between, he made for a dashing Bond villain in a not-so-great film from that enduring series, Octopussy (1983). In 1986, he made his final TV appearance, in the campy Faye Dunaway vehicle Beverly Hills Madam (image above).


Feb 14 2015
Robbie Barin' Comments (0)


Will people tell Robbie Williams to stop getting naked (as on Facebook) and start acting his age? (I hope not.)

Feb 13 2015
Raw Talent Comments (0)


Hot chorus boys, as chosen by Time Out New York.