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Dec 22 2014
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Via Drunk Blogging.

Midnight Snack: U Of Nottingham Hockey Team Comments (0)


Via The Gaily Grind: The University of Nottingham hockey team got naked this year to combat homophobia in sports.

Dec 19 2014
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Via 1960's and 1970's Advertisements: The styling hasn't aged well, but both are...gifted. Jack Scalia on the left, I think.

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Cellblock13 Enforcer jockstrap 01

Via Men & Underwear.

Dec 18 2014
Ends Of The World: Chris J. Marchant Of Well-Strung Comments (0)


Via Chris Marchant's Instagram.

Dec 12 2014
'80s Heartthrobs Unleashed Comments (0)
  A-ha Bros Corey-Hart Michael-Hutchence Chris-Isaak Curiosity-Killed-the-Cat Johnny-Hates-Jazz Nick-Kamen Peter-Cox-Go-West Rob-Lowe Simon-F Wet-Wet-Wet

In case there aren't enough cute guys running around today, check out these adorable singers of the '80s from teen magazines. Some of them—of the ones who are still alive!—have aged pretty well, if you look them up.


Who was your '80s crush?

Keep reading for three very racy images of Spandau Ballet...

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Dec 10 2014
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Via The Light That Never Dies.

Dec 09 2014
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Via Poseidon's Underworld.