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Aug 19 2014
Midnight Snack Comments (0)


A hot-as-hell Cliff Watts shoot of Ryan Phillippe from back when he was a hottie. Oh, wait—he never stopped being one! Two more mouth-watering pics after the jump...

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Aug 17 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


Via DNA #75: Constantine Rousouli by Lewis Payton.

Aug 15 2014
Splash Shots Comments (0)


Football jocks hit the pool in this series of images showing the UGA team enjoying some...water sports.

Aug 14 2014
Mantiques: Ed Fury & Vintage Beefcake Hotties Comments (0)
  Ed-Fury 19yo-muscles-policeman-Willard-Anderson AMG-Muscles-1 AMG-Muscles-2 AMG-Muscles-3 AMG-muscles-pecs-underarms Hot-muscles-vintage-guy Raul-Pachew-Lon-New-York

A dip into my collection of AMG shots of Ed Fury (b. June 6, 1928) and other hot guys of the '50s on.

One more after the jump, and bunches in the gallery above...

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Aug 09 2014
Guydar Comments (0)

LegsFollow me on Instagram for more dudes.

Aug 08 2014
Guydar: A Bit Of A Stretch Comments (0)

Yoga Dudes 1

Boy Culture reader Wayne was kind enough to send in these shots of some yoga-loving dudes strutting their stuff in Riverside Park. Two more after the jump...

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Aug 07 2014
Your Nightly Briefing: Rounderbum's Comics Collection Comments (0)
  Underwear-1 Underwear-2 Underwear-3 Underwear-4

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert

Look—in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It's...a hot model in awesome undies!

We could do the superhero thing all day. That’s because these photos by Andrew Werner for Rounderbum are just so much fun—as much fun as Rounderbum’s Comics Collection, that’s for sure!

The Comics Collection by Rounderbum is all about bringing boyhood fun to your skivvies. And that’s definitely what Werner tapped into when taking these photos. The model is having a blast, too, and the way Werner catches him midair, well, it’s no small feat.

Might we also add that a pair of underwear able to withstand death-defying feats of strength, flying in the clouds, or kicking some bad-guy butt is, in our opinion, exactly what good underwear is all about!

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Aug 05 2014
Jordie Caskey Works It Comments (0)

Jordie-Caskey-hotHot peace

Adorable model Jordie Caskey has an at-home workout series on YouTube.

Jordie-Caskey-underwear-workoutSeeing spots

You wanna try to convince me you have no interest in watching him hit his abs and butt? Watch him work it on out after the jump...

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