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Apr 27 2016
6-PACK — Twin Bros On Coming Out To Each Other + Katya's Brazilian Hooker + Cruz Beating Trump In Delegate War + Butt Wait, There's More! + Madonna's New Fashion Director + How To Be 1 Of The SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiHow twins Aaron & Austin Rhodes came out to each other in high school. Spoiler alert: This video is not directed by William Higgins.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiRuPaul's Drag Race star Katya relives Brazilian hooker experience on Hey Qween!

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiCould Cruz really be beating Trump? Also, Hillary speaks out on that whole #womancard thing.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiBosguy wants you to caption this ass-tastic pic, but only if you can type one-handed

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiMadonna names Material Girl fashion line's first-ever fashion director: 19-year-old social-media sensation Pia Mia.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiAnother ha-larious episode of Successful People:

Apr 19 2016
Hillary Clinton Slays In NY (But So Does Trump) Comments (0)

Hillary Clinton has scored a decisive victory in the state she represented in the Senate, the state she has called home for many years, New York—she's poised to win by about 13-16%, the kind of solid win that makes it even less likely that Bernie Sanders could ever catch up to her. (I couldn't quite believe that my city would go that strongly for her, but I was wrong—she almost hit 60% in Brooklyn.)

In her glowing victory speech, Clinton joyously thanked New York, pointedly made reference to her campaign winning everywhere—not just the South, as Sanders had recently incorrectly noted—but also took care to state:

To all the people who supported Sen. Sanders, I believe that there is much more that unites us than divides us.

That said, she doubled down on her best line of attack from her most recent (and final?) debate with Sanders:

Under the bright lights of New York, we have seen that it's not enough to diagnose problems, you have to explain how you'd actually solve the problems.

She name checked Roosevelt and Obama, declared that “victory is in sight” and declared that her campaign is now the only one, “Democrat or Republican,” to win more than 10 million votes.

It was a bold, persuasive and—as usual—intelligently crafted speech. She is never phoning it in with a stump speech on special occasions.

Meanwhile, this is the kind of crap still streaming in from some of Sanders's supporters: 

Sanders has gone home to Vermont, apparently to recharge before next week's sure-to-be-tough contests: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Clinton is ahead in the polls of most of them.

On the Republican side, Trump dominated, but is losing Manhattan to Kasich. Hey, in NYC, even our conservatives aren't that conservative. (Oh, and Ted Cruz learned that “New York values” will deny him any delegates.)

Click here to see how every block, practically, of New York voted.

Apr 08 2016
6-PACK — #BernieSoOffensive & #BillSoUnhelpful + Bernie Will CERTAINLY Support QUOTE UNQUOTE Not Qualified Hillary + AMERICAN PSYCHO Stud + Football Jock Is Sheer Perfection + MOTHER, MAY I SLEEP WITH JAMES FRANCO? + New CK Ads Will Make You Moist! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMany women pissed at Bernie's characterization of Hillary as “not qualified.” Except for Jane Sanders, a much better wife than Bill Clinton!

*widget boy cultureBernie now says he will “certainly” support Hillary when—I mean if—she becomes the Democratic nominee.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Psycho's Benjamin Walker in his skivvies. Bloody good-looking!

*widget boy cultureFootball player's sheer pants will make you wanna touch down there.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco remaking Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?

*widget boy cultureMitchell Slaggert looks good in his Calvin Klein Performance ads. The camera wants his babies.

Calvin-Klein-Performance-SS16-Campaign_fy4(Image by Boo George for Calvin Klein)

Mar 28 2016
She Went From Hillary To Bernie Back To Hillary Comments (0)

Hillary_clinton_2016_Madam_President_or_Mrs._President_-_the_world_of_hillary_clinton(Meme via Daily Kos)

Here's why a progressive forsook Hillary for Bernie ... then took it back. P.S. It has nothing derogatory toward Bernie, so lower the pitchfork.

Mar 27 2016
Bernie Catches Flak For Waving Wife Away: DON'T STAND THERE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.45.35 PMSanders did not want his wife literally beside him. (Video still via CNN)

If only Hillary, open primaries and racially diverse populations could be dealt with in this way, Bernie would be home free!

P.S. I wouldn't withhold my vote from the guy over bad optics like this, but it's definitely not as inspiring as the Birdie Sanders moment.

P.P.S. You better believe I will support Sanders wholeheartedly if he somehow magically clinches the nomination, and/or if Hillary discovers a spot on her lung or gets indicted for succeeding while being a woman. (Seriously, though, my reasons for liking her better are not substantial enough that I'd withhold my vote or enthusiasm for the guy. They vote the same something like 93% of the time. It's more about how I imagine their presidencies playing out.)

6-PACK: Last One In's A Rocco Egg! + Madonna, Madonna, Madonna! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.34.00 PM(Image via Instagram @madonna)

*widget boy cultureBAD EGG: Madonna's bittersweet Easter message to Rocco.

*widget boy cultureMadonna shuts down false media reports.

*widget boy cultureMadonna “toxic” to authenticity-craving (ha!) millennials.

*widget boy cultureRAY OF LIGHT: How Madonna gave this woman her freedom.

*widget boy culture

Is Madonna's new boyfriend an Ivory Coaster named (sic) Brooklin?

*widget boy cultureMadonna's “meltdown” is sexist and made up

Mar 25 2016
Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains Hillary Clinton — And It's Genius Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.28.19 PM(Video still via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Jimmy Kimmel's mansplaining sketch with Hillary Clinton is hilarious and true. Actually, even Hillary's detractors—on policy—should agree that the trends they're lampooning are 100% real ...

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Mar 18 2016
On Madonna Mania—Not The Good Kind Comments (0)

Madonna3Madonna will bury her critics—hopefully, literally. (GIF by Matthew Rettenmund)

The media needs to get off Madonna's click.

Tabloid journalists have been going the extra mile to try to paint Madonna in the most negative possible light during her Rebel Heart Tour. For a woman they've been calling “irrelevant” for years, it's remarkable that every time Madonna took the stage late, it spawned major international headlines and served as reliable clickbait.

On top of her tardiness, Madonna has been called out for being drunk or even on pills (or both), totally new fronts in the decades-long assault on her integrity as an artist and on her character. Already slurring her as a problem drinker, it wasn't a very big leap for the press to begin using the coded descriptor “bizarre” for Madonna's onstage behavior. Calling her bizarre, coupled with impugning her sobriety, is just a new way to make Madonna seem unworthy of her fame and success and of the support she receives from admirers—and becomes another argument for why the only woman to ever earn a billion dollars touring (helped along by $100+ on her latest tour) needs to retire already.

At age 57.

The latest scandal, hyped up to seem as vile as possible for outraged consumption by people planted in front of their computers: Madonna “humiliatingly” exposed an underage girl live onstage during her final concert in Brisbane, Australia. Except it turns out all that happened was an unintentional wardrobe malfunction (the fan was in a corset with nipple rings attached) that the 17-year-old fan described as “the best moment of my life.” The fan went on to state:

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