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Aug 06 2016
Hillary Clinton's Endurance Tested By 40 Years Of Sexism Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.02.17 AM(Video still via The National Memo)

Hillary Clinton puts up with a lot of bull, video after the jump ...

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Jul 29 2016
HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY!: Clinton's Full, Sincere, Sunny DNC Acceptance Speech Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.27.09 AM(Video still via PBS)

Please do yourself a favor and watch all of Hillary Clinton's DNC speech 

It's a very intelligent and compassionate and bigger-than-herself speech, and it's history made ...

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6-PACK/dnc — Hillary Baits Trump + GIRL POWER + Chelsea's Mommy + DNC > RNC (By A Lot) + Trump's Done Squat, Lady + YOU'RE NO RONALD REAGAN! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Hillary's best bludgeoning-of-Trump line.

*widget boy cultureAmerica finally puts a woman at the top of a major-party ticket—and it's the right woman, too.

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton warmly (re-)introduces her hero, her mom.

*widget boy cultureThe reviews are in(-credible): GOPers admit the DNC destroyed the RNC.

*widget boy cultureI freakin' love this woman. You know which woman: 

*widget boy cultureReagan official: “Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan”:

Jul 28 2016
Chelsea Clinton Comes For Ivanka Trump: ASK YOUR DAD ... Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.55.37 AM(Video still via Glamour)

Chelsea Clinton says Ivanka Trump should ask her dad about equal pay for equal work ...

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Jul 25 2016
How Donald Trump & Barack Obama Talk About Women Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.48.38 PM(Video still via Facebook @4wardUSA)

You have to watch this video compilation of how Trump and Obama tend to speak about women. Just the opener is eye-opener ...

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Jul 16 2016
Elizabeth Warren Makes Mincemeat Out Of Trump/Pence Comments (0)

This woman is gold. I am guessing Hillary won't tap her as her running mate, but (wo)man, I wish she would:


Jul 07 2016
HR IS ON THE PHONE: Video Compilation Of Gretchen Carlson's Co-Hosts Harassing Her Over & Over Comments (0)

A joke here and there may or may not be appropriate when it comes to male-female relations in the workplace; it's a gray area.

However, when you're making frat-boy cracks about your female co-host on a daily basis on live TV—and she is clearly reacting tersely to them, attempting to move things along—you're really just laying the groundwork for her sexual-harassment suit.

Gretchen Carlson is going to win big, if this video is taken into consideration ...

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Jul 06 2016
6-PACK — Hawk Tees-er + More Beer, Less Hate + Trump Okay With Banning Trans People From The John + Free College From Hillary + Gretchen Carlson Sues Roger Ailes For Sex Harassment + A Boy With A Lotta Culture! Comments (0)

UnnamedTastes great! Less filling! (Image via Michael Sanderson)

*widget boy cultureI love Michael Sanderson's new T-shirt collection. Rimming has never been more classily advertised.

*widget boy cultureMore Beer, Less Hate event planned to raise $$$ for Orlando mass shooting victims.

*widget boy cultureTrump, who was surprisingly against HB2, is now unsurprisingly for it—trans people in the john thrown under the clown car.

*widget boy cultureHillary adopts Bernie's debt-free college for all policy. You get free stuff with Hillary, too, guys!

*widget boy cultureHANDS OFF THIS ONE, SWEETIE: Gretchen Carlson secretly axed from FOX, sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

*widget boy cultureBoy Culture movie co-writer/director Q. Allan Brocka chats about LGBTQ stories in new Going Places Web series: 


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