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Mar 15 2016
Republican Slugfest Tonight Ends With Trump Victorious—But Not In Ohio; Little Marco Gets Microscopic Comments (0)

Bye, bye, Little Marco.

Marco Rubio, the #1 Republican the Hillary Clinton campaign feared, never gelled with the people. Tonight, after a dismal finish in his home state, the senator called it quits, leaving the race between just Donald Trump (who won tonight's states save for Ohio), Sen. Ted Cruz (who seems to be on the verge of taking Missouri) and Gov. John Kasich (who provided a speed bump for Trump by taking the state he's currently running into the ground, Ohio).

In his speech tonight, Sen. Cruz grotesquely noted that Hillary Clinton tosses and turns “in her jail cell” over the threat she feels from, of all people, Carly Fiorina. (Why are they even compared in the same breath? They have exactly one thing in common—gender.)

Trump is going to have a hard time getting to the nomination in a clean way having been denied Ohio. Perhaps a contested convention is a reality for the Republicans.

Will the establishment suck it up and get behind Trump, who's earned the nomination in spirit if not in the delegate count, or will it deny him, knowing they'd be alienating his voters and potentially handing the White House to the Democrats?

Mar 09 2016
6-PACK — Bernie Sanders Declares A PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION + You Liked Nancy Reagan? What Are You Smoking? + Wachowski Comes Out + BAD GIRL Digs + Missouri Dems Talk The Talk + Kim K's Butt ... Because Feminism! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSanders holds very impromptu presser just before big MI win.

*widget boy cultureLosing patience with liberals waxing nostalgic over Nancy Reagan: She sucked.

*widget boy cultureBoth of the Wachowski Brothers are sisters—welcome out, Lilly!

Giphy(“Bad Girl” GIF via Warner Bros.)

*widget boy cultureMadonna's “Bad Girl” music video apartment location re-discovered in NYC!

*widget boy cultureMissouri Dems filibuster anti-gay bill for 24+hours. (Southern Dems count, y'all.)

*widget boy cultureThe state of feminism in 2016: Stars brawl over Kim Kardashian's T&A

Feb 22 2016
The YOUNGER Games: A Q&A With The Actress Behind The Show's Pansexual Publicist Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.28.25 PMMolly Bernard (L) in a still from Younger (Ali Paige/Goldstein/TV Land)

Actress Molly Bernard is currently spicing things up on TV Land's Younger, playing the pansexual publicist having a steamy relationship with Debi Mazar's character. The star, starring Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, and Nico Tortorella, provides many a water-cooler moment ... or would, if offices still had those.

FE5CFC43-E69A-6698-F3AF5CE9B5E33137(Image courtesy of TV Land)

Next up, she'll be seen in Sully, the biopic about pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) directed by Clint Eastwood.

Check out my interview with the multi-talented actress after the jump ...

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Feb 14 2016
Big Deal: Ashley Graham For SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Ryan Reynolds In DEADPOOL Comments (0)

Sports-IllustratedParody cover/poster created by me from Sports Illustrated cover & Deadpool promo poster.

Strangely, a big deal is being made about Sports Illustrated featuring plus-size model Ashley Graham on its fabled annual Swimsuit Issue. (They hedged their bets, also giving covers to famous athlete Ronda Rousey and to minus-size—but not where it counts—model Hailey Clauson.)

I don't get it—she is a total bombshell. She may not be petite, but I have a hard time believing many man would take a look at her and decide she was too big for anything but maybe a size 2.

It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but it's odd what passes for feminism and progress these days. Gloria Steinem makes one unfortunate joke and people want to sweep her into the dustbin of history, while putting a curvy girl on the cover of SI is a major breakthrough. Good to know.

Ryan-Reynolds-with-a-disfigured-face-in-Deadpool-327693Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool (Image via Fox)

Speaking of progress and the perception of beauty, I saw and liked Deadpool—I hate superhero movies, but it was fresh and funny. I get the appeal. Lots of nudity, including the already famous scene in which Ryan Reynolds fights nude.

But the entire point of the movie is that he has been made to look hideous and is on a bloody rampage to find a way to look like less of a “freak.” AH007The whole movie is un-PC; it's not that I'm complaining about it on a PC level. I just think that part of it feels dated. It reminded me of that old Alfred Hitchcock Hour in which Lee Majors (inset) plays a young guy who is killed in a car crash, and whose parents realize they have several wishes. Their first wish proveS that the wishing is horrifyingly, ironically literal, and yet his mom wishes her son alive, not realizing this would mean he would rise from the grave, horrific injuries and all. The father quickly wishes his son dead again, presumably to spare Mom from seeing her son so horribly disfigured. 

I guess having seen plenty of disfigured vets, it just seems like ... isn't being alive worth looking kinda rough? And to be honest, Ryan Reynolds looks fucking hot even with the movie-magic makeup.

But a good movie anyway.

Feb 13 2016
6-PACK — Miles McMillan: The Boyfriend + Skip ZOOLANDER 2 + Madeleine Albright Amends Membership Rules For Hell + Jeb So Desperate He's Using W + Madame No + Russell Tovey's Tight End! Comments (0)

PURPLE SEX by Jack Pierson for Purple Magazine @jackpierson9 @purplefashionmagazine @ozpurple

A photo posted by Miles McMillan (@milesmcmillan) on

(Work Unfriendly) extras here and here

*widget boy cultureZachary Quinto's BF Miles McMillan goes naked for Jack Pierson in Purple.

*widget boy cultureLeonard Maltin—paid to see movies—had to walk out of “stupid” Zoolander 2.

*widget boy cultureFormer SOS Madeleine Albright sorry she implied Bernie-sisses are hell-bound.

*widget boy cultureRELEASE THE CRACKHEAD: W campaigning for Jeb.

*widget boy cultureHillary paying the price for being the adult in the room?

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey goes back into the closet.

1234207_PassRussell Tovey and Arinze Kene in a still from The Pass, produced by Duncan Kenworthy.

Feb 11 2016
Abort! Abort!: Planned Parenthood Bids Adieu To Carly Fiorina Comments (0)

Planned Parenthood says so long to Carly Fiorina, one of its fiercest foes, as she drops her prez bid.

Feb 07 2016
Bernie To Berniebros: We Don't Want You Comments (0)

Bernie Sanders is forcefully telling the so-called “Berniebros” to stop their sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton and her supporters, saying that anyone engaging in sexist language is a voter he doesn't want. You know, like Susan Sarandon. (Her comment was as stupid as Gloria Steinem's on the other side, ugh, and I love them both!)

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Feb 06 2016
6-PACK — 99 Candles + They Came, They Arkansas, They Conquered + Feminist Shade + Jeb: Marco's A Bush-Leaguer + Gaga For Football + Queen Of Red Lobster Comments (0)

ZsazsaLaugh, but she's made it to almost 100 sitting on her ass. (GIF via It's Simple Darling)

*widget boy cultureZsa Zsa Gabor just turned 99 years old. She's lasted due to her workout video.

*widget boy culture86 “Arkansas helpers” are in New Hampshire, pushing for a Clinton win.

*widget boy cultureAlbright: Women against Hillary heading to hell. Steinem: They just want boys.

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush on Marco Rubio: “He's never been challenged in his life.”

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga loooves the national anthem, the Super Bowl, America, Whitney Houston.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé drops surprise single & video, “Formation” (Dirty), plugs Red Lobster:


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