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Jan 19 2018
Hunky Birthday: Guy Madison Comments (0)

GiphyMadison in Since You Went Away (1944), his debut

Don't miss a gallery of great images of Hollywood heartthrob Guy Madison, who died in 1995; he would be turning 96 today ...

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Nov 10 2017
Fleshback Friday: Colt Dreams Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.23.02 AMLate '70s ad — looks new! (Image via Colt)

Nov 04 2017
Fleshback Friday Comments (0)

Mandate Apr 1979(Image via Target/Mandate)

Oct 20 2017
The Really Great Pumpkin Comments (0)

22548742_1818758161485863_6826366751234563683_o(Image by GT Photography)

Via Towleroad: What's not to love about this dudeoir photo shoot that combines a thick dude and some juicy pumpkins, and vice versa?

Keep reading for a vintage shot with another unusual prop ...

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Oct 17 2017
Fleshback: Tore Lind Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.35.21 AM(Images via Big)

He is Big, it's the beefcake mags that got small. More guys here, and one more blast from the past after the jump ...

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Apr 15 2017
Mantiques: Decisions, Decisions Comments (0)


In this page from a 50-something-year-old copy of Fizeek, a beefcake magazine, I just loved the image and also the corny caption, which would have us believe these two young jocks — stripping off for some cash — were trying to decide whether to catch a Marilyn Monroe movie or watch TV.

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Mar 27 2017
Fleshback: Michael's Thing Comments (0)


Ubiquitous in NYC in the '70s and '80s, Michael's Thing was always good for some kitch commentary, goings-on and beefcake. It survived into the '90s, but I never saw it around by then.

Apr 03 2015
Mantiques: Buster Crabbe Comments (0)


First, check out the sexy-as-hell pre-Code footage of Buster Crabbe in the locker room. Then, the priceless '70s commercial for air travel that shows you planes like you've likely never experienced (a buffet? a pub? free video games? old-time serials?), with latter-day Crabbe making a cameo...

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