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Sep 06 2013
Fleshback: Bob Kolinsky Comments (0)

With photos by Kris Studio, this issue of Mars from May of 1965 is graced by model Bob Kolinsky. The feature, with photos of Kolinsky from inside his actual home, offers:

"Handsome and muscular Bob Kolinsky demonstrates a new decor idea that no home should ever be without... Wall-to-Wall Muscles!"

Sep 04 2013
Fleshback: Biff Comments (0)
The alluringly one-named "Biff" from Trim Studio Quarterly No. 11 (Fall 1964).
Sep 02 2013
Fleshback: San Francisco Muscle Comments (0)
A photo by Robert Chodak from the 1983 Celestial Lords Party at the Galleria in San Francisco.
Sep 01 2013
Fleshback: Sam Elliott Comments (0)
As my pal Greg points out, it's been a long time since teen magazines had pinups of hirsute, mustachioed men like Sam Elliott. This wouldn't fly today.
Aug 30 2013
Fleshback: Leo Ford Comments (0)

Leo-Ford-gay-pornPhoto by Mick Hicks.

In 1983, writer Strange De Jim had coffee in bed with gay pornstar Leo Ford, an iconic XXX figure who died in a motorcycle crash in 1991. It was part of a loopy article for In Touch for Men (October 1983)  in which De Jim fantasized about what Ford would be like as a sex partner and gossip buddy. It included a passage about Bette Midler, then in a career slump, in which De Jim and Ford offer her the role of a virginal "Juliet" in a sequel to Romeo & Juliet.

Leo-Ford-gay-porn-ad-GamesLeo in his prime. It was $79.95 for a video then. Now, you can rent the STAR for that price.

The photo kinda makes the article.
Aug 25 2013
Fleshback: Kamuela C. Searle Comments (0)

Sam-SearleVia Arroyo Chamisa: As beautiful, and as contemporary-looking, as any male model you might find today, Kamuela C. Searle (born Samuel in Hawaii) was a sculptor and artist who in the teens and early '20s worked on a few silent films, most notably as the star of The Son of Tarzan.

He was injured during the making of that film, but apparently his early death (at age 33) was due to cancer, not due to a misadventure involving an elephant.

Sam-SearleSearle, far right, with Gloria Swanson, far left, and others in Male and Female (1919).

Aug 22 2013
Fleshback / Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)

This one is "Your Nightly Briefing," but also qualifies as a "Fleshback" since it's from 15+ years ago. You're appreciating the charms of (L-R): Guy Woodson, Alan Bennett (who is a Facebook friend today and has a luscious everything still), David Combs and Mark Cubell. The shot is from the NYC play Cute Boys in Their Underpants Make It Big In Show Business by Robert Coles.

A similar (but more Work Unfriendly) type of shot from a similar type of show is here.

Aug 16 2013
Fleshback: Ben Murphy In VIVA Comments (0)
One of TV's hottest studs ever, Ben Murphy, posed nude in Viva (November 1973). Since the 40th (!) anniversary of that appearance is upon us, check it out (Work Unfriendly) the way we used to in the olden days of magazines—with a box of Kleenex handy.
Jul 18 2013
One Gay At A Time: A Hollywood Show To Remember Comments (11)
  Kim-Richards Richard-Chamberlain Kristy-McNichol

Glenn-Scarpelli Pat-Harrington



The above gallery, in order: Kim Richards, Richard Chamberlain, Kristy McNichol, June Lockhart, Mackenzie Phillips, Glenn Scarpelli, Pat Harrington, Anne Jeffreys, Larry Wilcox, Susan Blacklinie, Tommy Kirk, Sharon Farrell, Don Murray, Drea de Matteo, Lawrence Monoson & Dick Gautier.

For the first time in years, I'd decided to skip The Hollywood Show in L.A., held at the painfully glamorous Westin LAX (a poignant backdrop for a room filled with celebs whose careers have had more take-offs and landings than Jet Blue)—I didn't want to spend the cash and didn't think I'd miss the guest list this time. At the last minute, I splurged and went, which meant I had only a couple of original photos for the stars to ooh and ahh over before signing.

When I first walked in, there was an immediate difference between this and previous shows...a huge crowd! A long line was queued up for the cast of Sons of Anarchy, including star attraction Katey Sagal. With that show, Married...With Children and Futurama, she had probably a third of the attendees drooling over her. I skipped her.

The room was hot as hell (flop sweat is a great look for picture day) and crowded, thanks in part to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards, who had a large crew documenting her every move.

But I survived, as all of the stars there had.

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Apr 25 2013
Fleshback: Den Harrow Comments (0)

In the '80s, Den Harrow was the epitome of Italo-disco, a blond with cheekbones so high they were snow-capped. Though a big smash in Europe, he was only a dance-floor fixture in the U.S.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered that "Den Harrow" was actually the name of not a man, but a project, one founded by a pair of Italian producers and fronted by one Stefano Zandri (now 50). Zandri has come to call himself "Den Harrow," even though he never sang any of the project's songs, merely fronted them. It was all very Blackbox.

Cute dude, though.