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Sep 15 2013
Fleshback: Jack Wrangler Comments (0)
A pretty slick ad for a porn movie featuring the late, great Jack Wrangler, from the late '70s. Isn't it great how it's got info on all his other films, like a Hollywood Reporter trade ad?
Sep 13 2013
Fleshback Comments (0)

The back cover of Tomorrow's Man from August 1964, featuring Billy Hill.

Sep 11 2013
Fleshback Comments (0)
As a "boy's guide to physical fitness," boy, I bet this shit sure came in handy back in the day.
Sep 09 2013
Fleshback Comments (0)
A hirsute coverman from Mars (March 1967).
Sep 06 2013
Fleshback: Bob Kolinsky Comments (0)

With photos by Kris Studio, this issue of Mars from May of 1965 is graced by model Bob Kolinsky. The feature, with photos of Kolinsky from inside his actual home, offers:

"Handsome and muscular Bob Kolinsky demonstrates a new decor idea that no home should ever be without... Wall-to-Wall Muscles!"

Sep 04 2013
Fleshback: Biff Comments (0)
The alluringly one-named "Biff" from Trim Studio Quarterly No. 11 (Fall 1964).
Sep 02 2013
Fleshback: San Francisco Muscle Comments (0)
A photo by Robert Chodak from the 1983 Celestial Lords Party at the Galleria in San Francisco.
Sep 01 2013
Fleshback: Sam Elliott Comments (0)
As my pal Greg points out, it's been a long time since teen magazines had pinups of hirsute, mustachioed men like Sam Elliott. This wouldn't fly today.

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