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Jul 25 2013
Need To Know: Batman-Meat, Cuomo Pays The Homos, Russian To Judgment, Britney To Knock 'em Dead As Lesbian + MORE Comments (2)

Tyler-HoechlinGo (Adam) West, young man!

*widget boy cultureWill Tyler Hoechlin be the next Batman?

*widget boy cultureRussian activists arrested for "promoting non-traditional sex relations."

*widget boy cultureBruce Willis acts like a douche for five minutes. Britney-Spears

*widget boy cultureCuomo: Big refunds to surviving partners who paid "gay tax."

*widget boy cultureHouse sides with Obama on NSA.

*widget boy cultureYemeni girl's amazing monologue against forced marriage.

*widget boy cultureNot the right time for marriage equality in Florida?

*widget boy cultureLittle girl dances up a storm behind local reporter.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears to play a lesbian killer. Watch out, Charice!!!

*widget boy cultureBeth Ditto ties the knot!

*widget boy cultureMUSIC TO MY EARS: The Dotcom Remix of "Youth" by Daughter.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's son Rocco tweets: "Who would take a bullet for the queen".

*widget boy cultureYoung guy lips to "Papa Don't Preach," insists, "I will meet Madonna":

Jul 22 2013
They Can't STAND Your Stand Your Ground Comments (3)


UPDATE: FAKE LIST. But Stevie is still boycotting Florida.

Madonna is on a (long!) list of artists rumored to be joining Stevie Wonder in his boycott of Florida and any other U.S. state with a "Stand Your Ground" law on the books.


Jul 16 2013
Martin Madness Continues Comments (10)

Trayvon_Martin_on_the_backseat_of_a_carAn ass on Twitter demanded I use only "current" photos of Trayvon Martin. Think about that.

First, a pre-emptive fuck-you to anyone tempted to comment "get over it, the jury's decided," etc. President Obama was quite right to urge calm and to point out that the jury has spoken. Our flawed system has had its say, true, but that doesn't mean the issues swirling around the Trayvon Martin case stop on a dime and need to be swept under the rug. This case is going to reverberate for years to come—as well it should.

Even as gay rights makes strides forward, black issues have been dealt serious blows, first from the Supreme Court, and now from the not-so-Supreme Florida courts.


Juror B37—coward, reveal yourself—says she'd be comfortable having George Zimmerman on her neighborhood watch, reveals that "all but probably one" of the jurors believed the screams on the tape were that of Zimmerman and not Martin and, surprise!, has signed a book deal. (Oops, someone musta told her it would be unforgivably tasteless to profit from her hand in sending Zimmerman out to kill again.)

Most disgustingly, she says of Zimmerman:

"He just didn't stop at the limitations he should have stopped at."

So, uh, why not manslaughter then? Those six white ladies were never going to convict a white guy of shooting a black teenager.


Zimmerman will get his murder weapon back as a keepsake. He should probably auction it off to a right-winger with lots of $$$ to help pay the forthcoming civil verdict in favor of Trayvon's parents. (P.S. I'm against our system allowing for a criminal and civil trial for the same crime, but I won't shed any tears if Zimmerman loses a civil suit.)


Zimmerman's idiotic brother, Robert, who really should not be talking to the media under any circumstances anyway, has seen fit to do a victory lap, during which he made this humdinger of an assertion: Trayvon Martin wasn't helpless and unarmed after all, because:

"He used the sidewalk against my brother's head."

So basically everyone is armed because we have hands, which can be deadly weapons, and a sidewalk or wall or other hard surface.


Rachel Jeantel, the key prosecution witness, attacked Zimmerman for not testifying, tweeting:

"If you were a real man, you would have stood on the stage and said what happened."

I wonder if Florida has a law on the books that says non-blacks can shoot blacks who question their manhood?


The "Zimmerman mindset" has to be found guilty:

"It is the Zimmerman mindset that must be found guilty—far more than the man himself. It is a mindset that views black men and boys as nothing but a threat, good for nothing, up to no good no matter who they are or what they are doing. It is the Zimmerman mindset that has birthed a penal system unprecedented in world history, and relegated millions to a permanent undercaste."

The Zimmerman mindset is everywhere in the excuses made by those supporting Zimmerman, especially those claiming that Trayvon Martin was a thug, wasn't as "innocent" as the media made him out to be and forwarding fake photos of what he "really" looked like at the time of his killing.

Jul 05 2013
Signs Of The Times Comments (1)
Goddamned interns.
Need To Know: Matthew Camp Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Putin Hates Gays More Than Anyone You Know, Britney's Boys + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureAbove: An Underwear Expert chat with Matthew Camp.

*widget boy cultureCher's comeback: "Camp is in the eye of the beholder."

*widget boy cultureRussian babies are too good for gays. Orphanages are better.

Tumblr_mp6zofUJqn1qzznnqo1_250Wasn't this her real-life cousin? They made out (at least) in real life. True story.

*widget boy cultureThe boys of Britney's videos. Pretty cool.

*widget boy cultureJustice Ginsburg won't retire to help keep her spot liberal. Rcgs

*widget boy cultureTRISEXUALITY: These sexxxy triathletes.

*widget boy cultureWhere in the world is Charles Pugh? Seattle.

*widget boy cultureFrance is spying on calls, emails and social media.

*widget boy cultureHOT: Warwick Rowing Club studs.

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin hates Twitter. And acting.

*widget boy cultureEx-anti-gay Tim Hardaway 1st signer of Florida Marriage Equality petition.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake's "Tunnel Vision" video: Naked ladies + pot smoke.

Justin-Timberlake-Tunnel-VisionThe little wimp hires chicks to strip but doesn't show us any of his skin.

Jun 20 2013
Need To Know: Marry Ya Later, Alligator; Deen's Goose Cooked?; Hammer Time + MORE Comments (0)

Florida-gay-marriage-banMarried to it.

*widget boy cultureCan Florida's marriage-equality ban be reversed?

*widget boy cultureMadonna uses new makeup artist. How to get her Dietrich look. Madonna-Dietrich

*widget boy culturePaula Deen is racist, anti-Semitic along with phony.

*widget boy cultureArmie Hammer wants to be rough in bed, but won't.

*widget boy cultureAmazing furry stockings for girls.

*widget boy cultureGay couples discriminated against when renting.

*widget boy cultureS. Australian parliament get behind marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureD&G convicted of tax evasion, sentenced to jail.

*widget boy cultureParis Jackson's nanny was even creepier than her dad!

*widget boy cultureSerena Williams non-apologizes for Steubenville rape comments.

*widget boy cultureRoberto Cavalli inelegantly hosed down by young piece.

*widget boy cultureCher addresses her iconic tweet (are they iconic now?):

May 20 2013
Free Kaitlyn! Comments (0)


Eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt is facing charges for a romantic relationship she's having with a classmate who is 15, even though it's consensual and began when Hunt was a minor herself.

This is beyond ridiculous, and is only being pushed because the other girl's parents don't approve of the relationship, a disgusting waste of time and money within the legal system. Not to mention pure homophobia.

Help Kaitlyn here.

May 14 2013
Need To Know: We Made It After All, Hillary's Popularity Is Scandalous, Mariah Carey As Teacher + MORE Comments (2)

AFERAlmost 25% there...

*widget boy cultureGov. Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota) officially signs marriage equality into law. Tights

*widget boy culture"Americans angry about Benghazi can't find it on a map."

*widget boy cultureThis is final word on Benghazi: The definitive timeline.

*widget boy cultureEven the GOP knows Obama wasn't behind IRS scandal.

*widget boy cultureTranna Wintour: What I've learned from divas.

*widget boy cultureAngelina's kids were supportive during her surgeries.

*widget boy culture57 cans of whipped cream later....

*widget boy cultureGrooviest tights ever!

*widget boy cultureThe racist reality of celebrity porn scams.

*widget boy cultureIs Beyoncé sick and tired, or with child?

*widget boy cultureMeet Ryan Fogle, our worst spy ever.

*widget boy cultureJonathan Groff's gay-themed series picked up by HBO.

*widget boy cultureHoly roller claims to have Jesus Christ's endorsement.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for The Goldbergs (different ones from these):

Apr 15 2013
Need To Know: Daft Punk Rocks, Shake The Disease, Bieber Even More Annoying Than Mrs. Van Daan, Hung & The Restless + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove, Daft Punk + Giorgio Moroder + Nile Rodgers = heaven. Shimansky-Steve-Cochran-shirtless-models

*widget boy cultureWeHo realtor brain dead from bacterial meningitis. Get the shot.

*widget boy cultureKmart becomes cool with just one commercial.

*widget boy cultureMILKIN' IT: Mama cat adopts orphaned bunny.

*widget boy cultureFollow Boy Culture's (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr.

*widget boy cultureCyndi Lauper pleads veggie on Lady Gaga's meat dress.

*widget boy cultureMen's fall/winter '13 collections are here.

*widget boy culturePUBIC NUISANCE: Hugh Jackman gets pubic-bombed at gym.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber really is an idiot.

*widget boy cultureBut so is Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

*widget boy cultureA list of the BIGGEST male stars, like Steve "12.4-inch" Cochran.

*widget boy cultureBrian Shimansky works it on out.

*widget boy cultureIs La Toya the "most relevant living Jackson?"

*widget boy cultureIn the Deep Web series about friends with secrets.

*widget boy cultureIs Walt Disney World "an unconstitutional form of government?"

*widget boy cultureScott Brown to carpetbag New Hampshire?

*widget boy cultureYESTERGAY: San Francisco's forgotten gay bars.

*widget boy cultureBest Star Wars parody ever?

*widget boy cultureWhich has the Weitz stuff?

*widget boy cultureA (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr: Guys & Pits.

*widget boy cultureHot young models with crazy hair.

*widget boy culture1st look at Darius Goodworth's FU e=fu8 Underwear shoot:

Underwear-modelFive-card stud

Apr 07 2013
Need To Know: Hooked On ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Shop Girl, Beyoncé In Cuba, They Should Do It MOORE Often + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrailer for the new Carrie looks promising, though Moretz is too pretty, no? JESSICA-WALTER

*widget boy cultureSHUTTERED: R.I.P. Sears Portrait Studios.

*widget boy cultureVIDEO: Madonna thanks locals while in Malawi.

*widget boy culture"Queen of Versailles" denies shopping addiction.

*widget boy cultureSen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) still worthless.

*widget boy cultureAuthor Craig Laurance Gidney on YA fiction & more.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Irons kind of apologizes.

*widget boy cultureWhy some liberals love—or love to hate—Obama.

*widget boy cultureCase against "Egyptian Jon Stewart" dropped.

*widget boy cultureTrayvon Martin wrongful death civil case settled.

*widget boy cultureKid asked about marriage equality—fundies blow up.

*widget boy cultureAlan Cumming covers IN New York.

*widget boy cultureHOS BEFORE BROS: Looky-looky! It's the Hookies.

*widget boy cultureRick Warren's son commits suicide.

*widget boy cultureArrested Development dish from Jessica Walter.

*widget boy cultureHow does one prepare for a rape scene?

*widget boy cultureMr. & Mrs. Carter vacay in Cuba.

*widget boy cultureAdam Huber = hunk of the day.

*widget boy cultureThe 5 Mary Tyler Moore Show ladies speak of reuniting on Hot in Cleveland: