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Jun 22 2016
6-PACK — Son Breaks Down At Mom/Pulse Victim's Funeral + Frank Ocean Questions Religion + Michael Jackson's Daughter Has His Back + Trump Accused Of Rape, Not Just Metaphorically + Tortilla-Loving Racist + I'm A Ruther: 2nd Amendment Called OUTDATED! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBrenda Lee Marquez-McCool died protecting her son in Pulse. Now, he breaks down at her funeral over her final, selfless act.

*widget boy cultureFrank Ocean's beautiful response to the mass shooting in Orlando: “I’m scared to know but I wanna know what everyone hears when they talk to God.”

*widget boy cultureMichael Jackson daughter defends him as forever innocent in spite of 88 pages' worth of material showing he had stockpiles of sexy kiddie images.

*widget boy cultureBill Clinton can now say to Trump: “I know you are, but what am I???” as renewed federal lawsuit accuses Trump of rape.

*widget boy culturePortrait of a Trump voter: “Go f*cking make my tortilla!”

*widget boy cultureJustice Ginsburg says 2nd Amendment “is outdated in the sense that its function has become obsolete.”

May 02 2014
Need To Know: Gay-Comic Relief, Vast Ocean, Chips Dip, The School Of Hoard Knocks + MORE! Comments (0)

Poseidon-TA reviewer takes a crack at this.

*widget boy cultureA Gay Comic Geek review of Poseidon-T graphic novel.

*widget boy cultureFrank Ocean's shirtless selfie!

*widget boy cultureJason Priestley's tell-some autobio.

*widget boy cultureHow about just taking a bath in Doritos?

*widget boy cultureDigitial TV series...where the money's at!

*widget boy cultureThrills has a new album, Thrills of Constantly Collapsing.

*widget boy cultureCarol Kane as a hoarder—that's enough to make Clutter a must-see: 


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