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Aug 18 2011
Did They Run Into Each Other In The Rambles? Comments (0)

First I talked to a gay socialite, now Dave Rubin talks to one—albeit a gay socialite who's running for president as a Republican: Fred Karger. The sound quality is worse than my head-to-head at Blue Fin, but it's totally hearable and Karger, while still being a Republican and therefore not anyone I would seriously look at, comes off pretty well.

Karger also talks about Marcus Bachmann and uses the dreaded phrase "Paul Lynde" in conjunction with Ladybird!

Jun 27 2011
The Time Of Our Lives: An Interview With David Mixner Comments (0)

Davidmixner Legendary gay-rights advocate David Mixner was Bill Clinton's most trusted gay advisor until the president waffled on his promise to end the ban on military service for gay people, gifting the country with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. For decades, he's been a prominent voice in the struggle for our equal rights, a tough critic of our enemies as well as our fair-weather friends and an inspiration for everyone following the trail he's blazed.

SafariScreenSnapz001 During Dixon Places's 20th Annual Hot Festival on July 11th and 18th, Mixner will appear on stage in From the Front Porch: An Evening with David Mixner, a unique musical show about his life—and about ours. With Josh Zuckerman playing and singing his original songs to highlight the "chapters" of Mixner's life story, it's a can't-miss opportunity.

The July 11 show, a benefit for The Ali Forney Center, is all but sold out. But there are still cheap ($15!), good seats available for July 18, a performance the venue and the star hope will be especially appealing to the next generation of LGBT activists.

Boy Culture: What inspired this show—why did you want to tell your life story in this way?

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