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May 11 2018
Sexy Abramov Lex Goes Full Monty For Charity: 5-Volume Book Series Slowly Unveiled Comments (0)

Unnamed-8(All images by Dmitry Bocharov)

Abramov Lex is aka Alexander Abramov posing fully nude for the first time in a series of books ...

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Franco Noriega's Sexy Single + Grindr Terrorist + Mark Duplass & Thierry Pepin Strip + Trump Dotards Razzing Dying John McCain + Best Gay-Sex Guides + More Trans Playmates? + Stunner Oliver Cheshire + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Ex-O-Town boybander Ashley Parker Angel is now a total Instagam showoff!

Below: Franco Noriega's sexy video, the terrorist who used Grindr, Mark Duplass flashes, Trump dotards pile on dying John McCain, and more ...

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May 10 2018
You're Welcome: Tomás Marquez, Part 2 Comments (0)

ACM_9237(Images by Adrian C. Martin)

Tomás Marquez wants to Pump! you up, for the very second time ...

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May 09 2018
Making Matt Bomer Snicker + Zachary Quinto & Miles McMillan's Love Nest + Colton Haynes Files For Big D + Carmen Carrera Keeping Caitlyn In Check + Hot Guys Galore + Election News + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Getting ready for the thirsty days of summer.


Below: Keep reading for Matt Bomer's tormentor, he's the (gay, Asian) sheriff, Zachary Quinto's love nest, Colton Haynes files for divorce, and much more ...

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May 08 2018
Happy Birthday, Stephen Amell! Comments (0)

Happy birthday to Mr. Man's favorite Canadian heartthrob Stephen Amell — not bad for 37 years old ...

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You're Welcome: Tomás Marquez, Part 1 Comments (0)

ACM_9280(Images by Adrian C. Martin)

Tomás Marquez wants to Pump! you up ...

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May 07 2018
Front-Loaded: Conor McGregor Comments (0)

When you want to wish someone's kid a happy birthday, but you get distracted by the dad's manhood.

Too bad he uses the F word, but he is pro-gay marriage. This one may come down to the eggplant.

May 04 2018
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Junk, Trunk + Pence Swears In Revolting Homocon Grenell + Roseanne Barr Gets Owned By Stormy Daniels + Kenworthy & Rippon Team Up + Trump Says Giuliani Will GET HIS FACTS STRAIGHT + More! — 12 PACK Comments (0)

Above: Model Evan Harman matches a tank with a crank.

Below: Keep reading for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's greatest tits, Pence swearing in a (racist, sexist) gay man, Stormy Daniels trouncing Roseanne Barr, Kenworthy & Rippon to reunite, Danny Montero: Coverboy, Ada Vox speaks, Anderson Cooper gobsmacked, and more ...

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