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Feb 20 2014
Gold Medal In Discrimination Comments (0)


How else to protest Russia's anti-gay laws as they relate to the Olympics but with a Kylie song...

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Feb 10 2014
Gay Wrongs: Should Out Athletes At Sochi Cuddle Putin? Comments (0)

Ireen_WustHer gold is tarnished.

Here is good reason why those of us who are disgusted by the Olympics can't get behind the argument that these poor athletes have trained all their lives for this moment, so should be given a free pass when it comes to the very disturbing trend regarding gay rights in Sochi: They go over there, compete, win and then "cuddle Putin," thus willingly giving him positive PR. Anyone who would go over to Sochi and compete and then be friendly toward Putin in this way is a complete traitor to gay rights and should be heavily criticized for it. She can shove her medal up her careerist ass.

Meanwhile, here's the real deal about Russia, which another openly gay athlete says is nothing to care about.

Feb 05 2014
Gay Bashing As An Olympic Sport Comments (0)


A Russian LGBT rights group has released a disturbing collection of videos showing what is becoming all too common—calculated abuse of LGBT people under Putin's anti-gay regime ahead of the Olympics...

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Jan 27 2014
Randy Gener Assault Suspect: Please Read, New Yorkers Comments (0)

Randy-Gener-suspectI was absolutely shocked to read of gay journalist Randy Gener's assault, even more so that it took almost 10 days to make the news. I assumed the authorities would have no leads based on his fragile state and the early hour at which it took place, so I am heartened to see they have a lot of clues and a suspect. Please be on the look-out.


Jan 26 2014
Kill The Gays Comments (0)


When Goldie Hawn abjectly apologized for her ignorance in posting kind words for Nigeria's awful Goodluck Jonathan, it unleashed a barrage of racism-laced negativity from homophobes, many of them Nigerians. "Homophobe" isn't really a proper word for people who want gays executed (as the guy above, who could be from anywhere) wants. But it's amusing and scary that someone can be so unhinged on this topic, and then their very next post is...

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Jan 19 2014
Need To Know: Brutal Gay Murder, Ms. Parker Wants To Marry, Kylie's Blue Material, SAGgers, LOOKING Good + MORE! Comments (0)

Caique_santos_gay_teen_brazilWhat monster could kick this sweet face to death?

*widget boy culture16-year-old gay boy tortured, murdered in Brazil—they extracted his teeth.

*widget boy cultureHouston's Mayor Annise Parker gets married, pisses off the right.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to marry his mister, so killed his missus.

*widget boy cultureRUFF STUFF: Adorable Pekingese puppy gifs.

*widget boy cultureSean Cody barebacker "Noel" not allowed to graduate...high school...for doing porn.

*widget boy cultureLISTEN: Kylie Minogue's bubbly "Into the Blue."

*widget boy cultureGOP officially loathes gays, but gay Republicans keep trying.

*widget boy cultureMcConaughey & Leto win @ SAG + full list of winners here.

UnnamedA little too blue, Jasmine

*widget boy cultureIn advance of a Grammys perf, Madonna's Instagram Hall of Fame.

*widget boy cultureSundance celebrates gay couples married in Utah.

*widget boy cultureGay protester in Russia wrestled down by Olympics security, detained.

*widget boy cultureTonight's Looking on HBO gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureYou must see The #RichKids of Beverly Hills on bethenny.

*widget boy cultureGary Lee Boas on the horny Mayor of the Munchkins.

*widget boy cultureJuan Pablo Galavis is sorry, sinceremente.

*widget boy cultureNotorious Russian kidnapper/torturer of gays arrested in Cuba.

Maxim-MartsinkevichRussian psycho

Jan 10 2014
Need To Know: Chain Female, Bridge To Nowhere II, Madonna's Men + MORE! Comments (0)

Debbie-HarryJoan of Do the Dark

*widget boy cultureVia Blondie: A candid of Debbie Harry by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair (February 2014).

*widget boy cultureChristie crony pleads the Fifth in Bridgegate.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake hits Taco Bell.

*widget boy cultureCrackhead's thug brother told to shut his effing mouth, gets all offended.

*widget boy cultureFarrah Abraham's sex tape ruined her life.  Or did a tapeworm ruin her sex life?

*widget boy culture

Russia's biggest homophobe flees to Cuba.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's 3 latest boyfriends: See a pattern?

MADONNA-TIMORThey've got somethin' that she'll really like...

*widget boy cultureKevin DeCarli is one hot piece.

*widget boy cultureGay-sex bed-hopping circa 1986.

*widget boy cultureShakira and Rihanna do Eyes of Laura Mars lesbian-chic.

*widget boy cultureNinety-six-year-old '40s movie actress Marsha Hunt's pro-gay marriage anthem: 

Dec 11 2013
NYC Nightmare Comments (0)


Another alleged hate-crime attack in NYC, this time perpetrated in Williamsburg by Hasidic men who surrounded a lone black man leaving a party.