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Jul 10 2017
Another Officer Proposes At London Pride! Comments (0)

A British Transport officer was on the receiving end of a surprise marriage proposal at London Pride, one year after a cop proposed to his partner — and later regretted it.

Kudos for not caring about online haters, who are a pathetic breed, and huge congrats to the women!

Jul 07 2017
6-PACK — A Nipple Effect + G-Men On The D-List + Trump Meets His Creator + Obamacare Repeal Failing? + Taylor Lautner's A Single Lady! + Delhi Bike Pride By Scruff! Comments (0)


WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Jeez, his nipples. And there's video?!

WIDGETDListed: Kathy Griffin confirms she is under investigation by the Secret Service.

WIDGETHuff Post: Trump glad-hands Putin, the guy who wanted him to beat Hillary so badly he may have colluded with Trump's campaign. P.S. Trump still a Russian shill.

GiphyHaven't we met?

WIDGETJoe.My.God.: Mitch McConnell admits Obamacare repeal may be faltering.

WIDGETExtraTV: Hey, ladies! Taylor Lautner is single — and he's apparently vers!

WIDGETScruff: India's LGBTQ community celebrates July 2 as Pride. This year, Scruff was behind the first Delhi Bike Pride. Keep reading for video of the ride ...

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Jul 02 2017
Troye Sivan's First Pride Comments (0)

Troye-Sivan-gay-pride(Video still via Troye Sivan)

Troye Sivan shared his first experience at Gay Pride in an adorable and infectiously excited video this week.

Check it out after the jump ...

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Jun 30 2017
Portraits In Pride: Insta-Studs! Comments (0)

IMG_7341_newLocky Brownlie (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I ran into several recognizable Insta-studs in CK and Hilfiger at the NYC LGBT Pride Parade, and couldn't resist some quick portraits.


These are the last of my Pride pics.

IMG_7357_newJoshua Michael Brickman

Enjoy them, and let me know the names of the boys I unfortunately do not have handy ...

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Jun 28 2017
Signs Of The Times: NYC LGBT Pride March Comments (0)

IMG_7043_newThe Lorax for president! (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My final post from the NYC LGBT Pride March is a collection of signs and T-shirt slogans that caught my eye.

Main Pride Post Here!

Tons of Hot Guys from Pride Here!

In truth, there were too many to ever hope to capture, but it's always fun trying ...

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Flaming-Hot: The Sexy Guys Of NYC's LGBT Pride March Comments (0)

IMG_7343_newJust got Locky — Locky Brownlie at the march for PVH (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Listen, this post's title is self-explanatory — this is a photo essay of sexy dudes from Sunday's LGBT Pride March.

IMG_8101_newA case of pubic intoxication on Eighth Avenue

It's a matter of taste, so no offense is intended if you were at the march and didn't get hit on by my camera.

See My Main Pride March Post Here!

IMG_8086_newEveryone was staring. He was surprised I asked to shoot him ... then asked for 1 with his sunnies!

I actually asked most everyone if I could take his picture first (with a very few exceptions) and only had one guy say no. I told his willing friends to inform him he was a shirtless muscle hunk in a public parade.

IMG_7927_newSickest body ever!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.03.45 PMWhen he went for the popsicle pose undirected, I knew he was a star.

There's no accounting for people's vanity.

IMG_8012_newOne of the best pics — so cute, so natural. Chelsea never looked so good.

Please share this post if you like it! Tons more pics here.

IMG_7358_newJuanFer De La Torre should be the next Calvin Klein guy.

Countless hot guys below ...

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Jun 26 2017
Is Seth Fornea Married? Comments (0)

IMG_7441_new(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I have a massive NYC LGBT Pride March pictorial post coming, but in the meantime — I'm wondering if hot model/dancer Seth Fornea, one of gaydom's most famous ginger sides of beef, is now a married man.

I ran into Seth and dancer Hugo — both of whom worked the biggest all-nude party in Adonis history Saturday night (35 naked dancers) — at the March, and Hugo made sure I took a picture of his sign because he said Seth had proposed. The sign says they're already married.

IMG_7249_newI didn't have to ask them to kiss. Hugo looked at the pic and commented on Seth's big booty in it.

Not sure what to think, and wasn't aware Seth and dancer Jared Bradford LeBlanc, who were longtime boyfriends, had broken up.

#PrideIs ... Not Over! Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via the Hetrick-Martin Institute)

Proving that Pride is more than just a boozy month of fun and underwear — 6a00d8341c2ca253ef01b7c904b23b970b-800winot that that isn't enough at times — the Hetrick-Martin Institute (the recognized leader in advocacy for LGBTQ youth) is encouraging us to stop and think about what Pride means to us as individuals, via its #PrideIs campaign.

HMI CEO Thomas Krever says:

As our community faces a new wave of challenges to the progress we have made, we are all painfully aware that rights are not to be taken for granted and Pride Is something we must continue to stand up for. This work cannot happen by any one group of individuals — it only happens when we work together as a community. Pride Is is an emphatic statement about what we demand of our nation and each other, and a way for our community of allies to stand beside us and show their support.

Show your support for this great org on social media with the #PrideIs hashtag, following in the hash-steps of supporters like Whoopi Goldberg, Zachary Quinto and more.


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