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May 26 2018
BLOND AMBITION Dancer Salim Gauwloos On Being Gay & Living With HIV For 30 Years Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 7.52.54 PMIn thanking the Instagram and Facebook account @theaidsmemorial, dancer Salim Gauwloos, famous for being one of Madonna's Blond Ambition backup dancers (and many other high-level gigs in the '90s) writes a long, deeply personal story on Facebook about how he first discovered he had HIV, almost dying as a drug user in 1995, and his experience being in the U.S. illegally.

It is a simultaneously timely and historical narrative, one with so much heart — and probably a lot of relatability for many, many gay men ...

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Hawaii Bans Conversion Therapy Comments (0)

On Friday, Hawaii's Gov. David Ige, a Democrat, signed SB270, a bill to protect LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy, a widely discredited practice known to do all harm and no good.

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What About Us Gays? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 10.55.01 PM(Video still via BBC/Bryan Hawn)

Bryan Hawn continues to branch out with a non-booty video, and it's all about remembering what's important ...

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May 25 2018
Hunks In Trunks + Weinstein's Perv Walk + Kim Jong-un Continues To Play Trump + Assange On The Move? + Sedaris's Twisted Advice + Madonna-Fan Dust-Up + Britney: The Musical + MORE! — 12 -PACK Comments (0)

Above: This interesting side-by-side of Madonna then and now is the subject of a hot, fancentric debate about credit for ideas and/or for the original work in question. (Details after the jump.)

Below: Swimsuit-clad studs, Weinstein arrested, Madonna mayhem, Britney musical, and more ...

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May 24 2018
IS THAT REALLY AN EXPRESSION YOUNGER PEOPLE USE?: Older (White) Gay Men Try New Gay Slang Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 5.19.42 PM(Video still via Into More)

Older men fret over their gay cards as they try their hand at new gay slang ...

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Bryce Hall's Package Deal + Sarah Paulson's Love Knows No Age + Trump Cancels His Own Nobel Peace Prize + New Gay Threads + Gay Man Won't Be Up Against Kim Davis + Shawn Mendes's Pronoun-Free Album + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Flight-suit heaven.

Below: Keep reading for Bryce Hall's package, Sarah Paulson defending her May/December love,  Trump's diplomatic blunder, new gay lines from H&M and American Apparel, gay candidate loses in Kentucky, Shawn Mendes's new album has no pronouns, and more ...

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May 23 2018
NYC Dunkin' Donuts Employee Goes Off On Customer: MONKEY GAY Comments (0)

33045720_2147623308588465_1219063696022568960_nRobyn Banks, an NYC drag personality, just wanted a little Dunkin' Donuts — not a whole lot of attitude. But alas, it was not to be.

When Robyn, who is black, entered and ordered, a woman behind the counter was already in a mood after fighting with another black customer. She messed up the very specific order, then decreed that it would not be corrected and no refunds would be issued, calling Robyn a “monkey gay.”

This kind of bullshit happens all the time, and while it happens to people of all types, it would be willfully ignorant to think it doesn't happen more often to POC and gay people.

Incredibly, the woman who went on the tirade bragged that she has “job security.”

Dunkin' Donuts should see to it that she eats those words with sprinkles on top.

Keep reading for Robyn's account ...

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Matt Bomer On Being Totally Nude Onstage Comments (0)

Matt BomerHow did this not happen on the night I was there?! (Video still via NBC)

Matt Bomer confessed to Jimmy Fallon that he forgot a towel he needed in a shower scene, leaving him 100% nude onstage in The Boys in the Band ...

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