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Jul 28 2016
Pulse Victim's Mom Speaks At The DNC Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.11.29 AM(Video still via ABC15 Arizona)

The speech by Christine Leinonen—mother of Pulse victim Drew Leinonen—at the DNC tonight was the picture of grace under incredible pressure.

Ms. Leinonen told her personal story and argued that common-sense gun policies save lives while remembering her “perfect” son, “a big Hillary fan.”

Watch Leinonen decry the lack of sensible gun laws while being supported by a Pulse survivor and Drew's ex ...

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Jul 27 2016
Mother Of Pulse Gay Nightclub Shooting Victim Speaks Tonight At DNC Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.59.29 AMJuan Guerrero & Drew Leinonen, killed at Pulse (Image via Christine Leinonen)

Christine Leinonen, the mother of gay activist Drew Leinonen—slain with boyfriend Juan Guerrero at Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando—will speak tonight at the DNC.

Leinonen will be joined onstage by her son's ex-boyfriend, Jose Arriagada, and by Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf.

Leinonen's story became familiar as she waited longer than any other victim's kin to receive confirmation that her loved one had been killed.

Drew was an award-winning activist in the LGBT community.

Take You HIGH-er Comments (0)

UnnamedZhana Roiya, Tony Moran & Nicki Richards (Image via Tony Moran)

Dancefloor divas and divos Tony Moran, Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya have covered Lighthouse Family's “High” in honor of the victims of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting. Great toe-tapper, with all money going where it should.

Via press release:

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Where Everybody Knows You're Gay Comments (0)

You'll never hear the Cheers theme song quite the same way after hearing this version!

The artist, k anderson, wisely left out the largely unknown original lyric about your husband wanting to be a girl.

Jul 26 2016
Everybody's Favorite Seer, Miss Cleo, Dies @ 53 Comments (0)

Youree Dell Harris—that's Miss Cleo to you—has died at 53. The psychic who urged you to “call me now!” before her employer, the Psychic Friends Network, was shut down for fraud, had battled cancer.

Things she wasn't: Actually psychic, Jamaican.

Things she was: An out lesbian, wildly entertaining.


Orlando Survivors Participate In Reality Series; ATTITUDE Covers Pulse Victims Comments (0)

ORLANDO-COVER-1-1(Image via Attitude)

Attitude Magazine offers this stirring cover in honor of the 49 people killed in Orlando, using each and every one of their faces as a backdrop for a never-going-away rainbow.

With its release comes word that four survivors of the Pulse shooting, all gay, are taking part in MTV's True Life: We Are Orlando, a reality series documenting their painful road to recovery:

One of the survivors, Tony, opens up on the episode about the difficulties he’s faced both physically and mentally since the attack, during which he was shot in the back and arm, before losing consciousness on the floor of Pulse and waking up in hospital.

“People think that because I got released from the hospital, and I’m in rehab right now, that I’m OK,” he says. “I’m not OK. I’m still connected to a machine because of my back. I have a hole in my back. My arm is still shattered. It’s healing, but I don’t have movement in my two fingers.”

True Life: We Are Orlando, premiering on Monday, August 15 in America.

The LGBT community has to thank Attitude for its years of popular-yet-incisive coverage of all things relevant to the gay perspective.

Jul 25 2016
THE ADVOCATE Endorses #WINNER Hillary Clinton Comments (0)

13765923_10154038794068855_8629942936594601785_o(Image via The Advocate)

The Advocate has wholeheartedly endorsed Hillary Clinton. Read here.

Gay Cancer Patient Told Fertility Treatment Only For Straight People Comments (0)

BuzzFeed reports on the disturbing message given to a gay man with cancer—hew as told fertility treatments are only for heterosexuals:

After diagnosing Eastmond with a rare bone cancer – Ewing’s sarcoma – doctors at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital told Grid-cell-24089-1469218270-2 the 20-year-old student that the treatment is likely to cause infertility, and that therefore it would be wise for him to store a sample of his sperm.

But when Eastmond went to the sperm bank, the staff told him something else: If he died – and there is around a 50% likelihood of that – his partner, Adam Packer, would not be allowed to access the sample, to use with a surrogate mother. They would never be able to have children. However, if Eastmond’s partner had been a woman, he explains, she would have been able to use the sample, and give birth to his child.

This legal loophole – the “discrimination” – was like an assault, a “slap in the face” at the worst point of his life, says Eastmond. But it sparked in him a determination to uncover the legal justification for this disparity: How could it be, with a raft of equality laws in place for years, that this area could have been left behind?

Read more here. Just maddening. (Image via Dean Eastmond)


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