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Jan 21 2015
No Ifs Or Ands, Plenty Of Butts Comments (0)


If you're gay and an ass-man, you're...okay, we're...allegedy in the minority. A study says only 7% of gay men identified butts as the body parts they find most attractive in a guy. (Chest and then abs, in that order, won.)

But click here to check out the explanation for why you go weak at the knees looking at intense stuff like the image above.

Need To Know: Dad About You + The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game + Do Youse Do? + For Ryan Out Loud + MORE! Comments (0)

Whos-Your-DadThe art of fatherhood

*widget boy cultureCheck out Patrick McGuinn's colorful Who's Your Dad? film.

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper's stalker thinks he's being stalked.

*widget boy cultureWould you let Snooki gay-marry you?

*widget boy cultureSophia Loren is the lady in (and on) red.

*widget boy cultureSame-sex married couple at SOTU address.

*widget boy cultureMaybe I was wrong; Billy Crystal's comments really were pretty 'phobic.

*widget boy cultureBoy Next Door's Ryan Guzman shows butt 'n' bulge. (Work Unfriendly)

Ryan-GuzmanYou go, Boy Next Door.

Jan 20 2015
Rapid Descent Comments (0)

Johnny rapid prison


I guess I'm still shockable at 46, because I had no idea that superfamous gay pornstar Johnny Rapid was gay for pay; he takes two penises without batting an eye, but apparently has spoken out about his preference for being a rather nasty, controlling pile-driver when with women.

Well, now he's being charged for roughing up his girlfriend when she wouldn't set up a three-way with a 14-year-old.

Rapid's prison scenes are legendary, but the jokes are too easy and prison rape isn't really all that funny.

Crystal Clear Comments (0)


Billy Crystal has clarified controversial remarks he made about too much gay sex on TV. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this; I feel like he misspoke.

Jan 19 2015
Caught LOOKING: Raul Castillo On Season 2 Comments (0)


Raul Castillo speaks to Too Fab about upcoming Looking developments, saying of his sexy scenes with Jonathan Groff:

“There's nothing you can really do to prepare. It's just about showing up and being present with your scene partner. I have a great scene partner with Jonathan Groff and we just have a lot of fun. It's silly when you're sitting around half-naked, there are all these cameras around you, people and technicians and lights. We keep a good sense of humor about it.”

Need To Know: If Cheyenne Were A Tree... + Black Monday + Gayish + An Obama 'FIRST!' + Such A Dick + MORE! Comments (0)

Cheyenne-Jackson“How's that marriage going?” she asked, awkwardly.

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson goes along with a nonsensical review for Get Out!

*widget boy cultureRaven-Symoné didn't look black enough to get roles, so she tanned herself.

*widget boy cultureIf you're gay but don't feel like you fit in with other LGBT people, here ya go.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama will field questions from YouTube stars.

*widget boy cultureListen to Kurt Cobain's never-heard, long-lost mix tape.

*widget boy cultureGreg Plitt's death likely was the result of a slip-up while filming.

*widget boy culturePlitt's incredible body and bulge in gallery form.

*widget boy culturePodesta, Clinton I & Obama official, on board with Clinton II?

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber and his big weiner are lampooned on SNL:


Keep reading after the jump for three SNL spoofs of Bieber...

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Jan 18 2015
Full Out: Being Openly Gay In The Military Comments (0)


A member of British Armed Forces recounts what it's been like for him being completely out as a gay man. It's so fascinating to read, recalling that not long ago, one couldn't be gay in the U.S. military and that it was such a polarizing and politically fraught struggle.

OUTMusic Awards Are Off; No Refunds Comments (0)


The notoriously disorganized OUTMusic Awards have been called off at the very last second, and according to a notice on the main Web site, no refunds will be issues. That means artists and fans who had paid to go and had set up travel arrangements are now stuck.

I can't imagine I would continue supporting an event after something like this. They say it was beyond their control, but I'd need to have more specifics than that to have sympathy.