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Apr 10 2014
Not-So-Average Joe: Out Author Joe Putignano On Conquering Addiction Comments (0)

OldschoolboxerImage by Matt Barnes

With Acrobaddict (Central Recovery Press, $17.95), Joe Putignano has written the kind of memoir you can't put down, but the kind of memoir that you hope no one else will ever have to write. Now an accomplished Cirque du Soleil performer and model and a hard-working student, he Acrobaddictspent a decade as a heroin addict, enduring all of the things that go along with that sorry state—familial rejection, expulsion from school, forced and unsuccessful rehab, inevitable relapse. His life was a mess, and was in danger of ending badly—and early.

Reading about his struggle is ultimately uplifting—he celebrated seven years of sobriety on March 25—and provides valuable insight into how to pull yourself up from the depths, even when you're sure there is no way out.

Check out my interview with this sweet and uniquely connected (he cares about others, believe me, he cares) individual after the jump...

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Need To Know: Horsing Around, Bigots Against Bigotry, Ru-Cap, Andy Hardy Dies A Pauper + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-BatemanLike, a horse!

*widget boy cultureModel Nick Bateman, of course, of course.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's homeless brother sings one of her hits.

*widget boy cultureTo get Rolling Stone's cover, women must flash. Even Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Kenneth-Walsh

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*widget boy cultureJohnny's Drag Race recaps are a Ru-velation!

*widget boy cultureI'll (very dirty) Tumblr for ya!

*widget boy cultureProposed cover for Kenneth's book was HOTT.

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*widget boy cultureRight-wingers scoff at equal pay for equal work.

*widget boy cultureBecause homos are racist.

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*widget boy cultureMale strippers for octogenarians...so what? Hank-Aaron

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*widget boy cultureHank Aaron hits it out of the park with this observation.

*widget boy cultureMICKEY—not ANDY—Rooney died with only $18K in assets.

*widget boy cultureGay-as-hell Laura Branigan remake with video filmed in a sex club? Yes. 

Apr 09 2014
Drama King Comments (0)


Sebastian La Cause's Hustling Web series has taken the top prize at The 5th Annual Indie Series Awards in L.A. Congrats to all involved on some well-deserved honors!

Apr 08 2014
This Kiss Comments (0)


The longest gay kiss you've seen in forever, this clip plugs the Florida/France Festival. Yes, that is a thing...

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Need To Know: Wet Hot Spring With Paul Rudd, LiLo Gets Candid, Otterly Cute, Ricky Rebel's BLUE Period + MORE! Comments (0)

Paul-RuddGay for pay.

Boy-CultureWould you have sex with Paul Rudd for $1?

Boy-CultureLindsay Lohan fell off the wagon.

Boy-CultureLBJ's daughters say he would've supported gay marriage.

Boy-CultureBaby otter wins the Internet.

Boy-CultureDo you adore Ricky Rebel's Blue EP?

Boy-CultureDoes Olivia Newton-John owe it to us to come out as gay...even if she isn't???

Boy-CultureBeyoncé covers Out, offers free remixes.

Out-PowerShe's not out (or in), but she has power.

Apr 07 2014
Two Of A Kind Comments (0)


Loving this Tumblr, Boyfriend Twin. Yes, it's nothing but pictures of gay men who are together and who you can't tell apart.

Net Gain Comments (0)


Via The Advocate: Notre Dame senior Matt Dooley, a tennis star, was struggling with secretly being gay, unsure of whether he should come out. He started with his best friend, then his coach, then told his teammates. The school shot this fairly incredible video documenting the process...

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Shut Up And Take The Picture Comments (0)


The Supreme Court has swatted away an appeal by Elane Photography, a New Mexico business that refused to shoot a same-sex wedding album in defiance of the state's laws. It's a big loss for "religious freedom" backers, whose dangerous belief that people and businesses should be able to refuse service on religious grounds would take the U.S. toward theocracy.

ANGELS In North Carolina Comments (0)

AngelsThere are angels on the streets of Charlotte.

People of a certain age will remember how controversial it could be to stage certain plays in certain parts of the country. Actually, Terence McNally's widely misunderstood Corpus Christi ("Gay Jesus?! Gay Jesus?!") was protested in New York City in 1998, so it shouldn't be too surprising to hear that Tony Kushner's Angels in America was a major issue when it was presented in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1996.

Cover02-1_17When that play debuted in that city, local politicians voted to withdraw all public funding from works of art that offered "exposure to perverted forms of sexuality."

Over the next several years, the people who voted out that financial support were themselves voted out of office, but it's taken 18 years for the play to return, this time in a proposed production by CAST (Carolina Actors Studio).

Angels-in-AmericaThe production could use your $upport in any amount!

Now that it's back, it needs your dollars. Check out its fundraising page and donate generously if you so desire.

Apr 05 2014
Blood Letter Comments (0)


From today's Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, check out this take-down of homophobia and all of its flimsy excuses. The fight for gay rights is not over; we are nowhere near "post-gay." This happened in a state where gay marriage has been legal for five years.

Thanks to Alan for sending.