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Jul 22 2016
Hillary Visits Pulse Gay Nightclub To Pay Respects Comments (0)

Hillary Clinton, who is expected to announced her running mate while campaigning in Florida today, made an unannounced stop at Pulse gay nightclub, where she paid her respects and visited with surivors and first responders.

A generous move by someone running on a platform of actually helping gay people rather than telling them, “Hey, at least we don't throw you guys off roofs.”

Keep reading to watch the 49-minute video of Hillary's appearance ...

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6-PACK — Beefcake Catwalk + Clinton/Kaine? + Trump's Rosie Past + Stern Lampoons Caitlyn + Too Old For Bond? + Leslie Jones Addresses Twitter Mess! Comments (0)

Parke-ronen-backstage-spring-2017-male-models-9-colby-brittain_0(Image by Driely Vieira for W Magazine via Instinct)

*widget boy culturePark & Ronen's “beefcake bonanza” is here, with backstage (and backside) pics by Driely Vieira.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton poised to make “safest choice possible” for running mate: Tim Kaine.

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell is the perfect narrator of an anti-Donald Trump bio.

*widget boy culture“Caitlyn Jenner” interviewed by Howard Stern at the RNC: “Hold on, a coupla queers just walked in.

*widget boy cultureIdris Elba thinks he's too old to be James Bond, but this snap argues against that notion.

*widget boy cultureLeslie Jones on the race-bashing Twitter swarm she endured: “What scared me was the injustice of a gang of people jumping against you for such a sick cause.” 

6-PACK/rnc — Trump Drones On + Scary Times + Trump's Polling + Gay Escort Boom + Ivanka Thinks Her Dad Supports Women + You Are The Wind Machine Beneath My Wings! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrump's RNC speech: 72 minutes (a record!) of B.S., fascism and a phony LGBT promise. He'll protect our rights?! 

*widget boy cultureMelissa Harris-Perry left the RNC a bit early ... out of fear: 

*widget boy cultureI still believe HRC will beat Trump, but she's down to a 60% chance at FiveThirtyEight.

*widget boy cultureEvery gay Republican should have to pay for sex.

*widget boy cultureIvanka claims her dad will be a champion of women. Also, he tried to score some off of her.

*widget boy cultureRonan Farrow calls out Ivanka Trump's sexy-hair wind machine:


The real star of the RNC: Ivanka Trump's wind machine.

A video posted by ronanfarrow (@ronanfarrow) on

Jul 21 2016
Paypal Billionaire Peter Thiel Asks WHO CARES ABOUT WHO USES WHICH RESTROOMS? Uh, Your Party! Comments (0)

Peter Thiel told the RNC crowd he is proud to be gay (so proud he had to be outed and then spent millions years later to try to destroy the site that did it), then blithely blew off the most anti-LGBT platform in history by asking, Who cares about who uses which restrooms?

The answer is: Your own party, the one for which you're voting and asking us to vote.

I'm sorry, Peter, but you left something out of your speech, in which you said you were proud to be gay but even prouder to be an American—you're even prouder of being a billionaire, and that is where your priorities lie.

NC Loses NBA Over Bathroom Brouhaha (Ha, Ha!) Comments (0)

North Carolina's insistence on being anti-LGBT just cost them the NBA All-Star Game. See above.

We Are Orlando Comments (0)

From a series shot by an old acquaintance in Chicago, Dave Ouano.

6-PACK — Get Ready For Melania's CARPOOL KARAOKE At Tonight's RNC! + Hands Up, Shoot + Homo Rave + The Forneas Have It + Trump's Killer Sons + Montel Williams Destroys Bill O'Reilly! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: James Corden and Missy Elliott form modern-day Supremes with 1st Lady as Diana!

*widget boy cultureGuess it's anti-cop to point out that shooting an unarmed, arms-in-the-air therapist for zero reason is insane.

*widget boy cultureDesert Boys by Chris McCormick gets a Lamba Literary rave.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.21.09 PM(Image via

*widget boy cultureSeth Fornea perhaps can't act, but it perhaps doesn't matter.

*widget boy cultureReminder of how gross Donald Trump's sons are: 

*widget boy cultureMontel Williams bails on The O'Reilly Factor, is called a coward, gets personal with O'Reilly in steamed video. So good:

Video Nightmare: Footage From Pulse Aftermath Made Public Comments (0)

Screen-shot-2016-07-21-at-9-27-820x430(Video still via WKMG)

A deputy's body cam footage reveals a glimpse into the aftermath of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting in Orlando last month.

In the linked report, it is also confirmed that all but one person harmed in the shooting has left the hospital, but that the final hold-out is still in critical condition.

In all, Omar Mateen killed 49 mostly gay and Latino people at the club, and his motives (he was clearly a jihadist, but many still mistakenly believe there is evidence he was a closet case) have been debated ever since.


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