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Jun 22 2017
6-PACK — It's Mueller Time + Trumpcare SLASHES Medicaid + Trans Woman Terrorized + How Cosby Got Off + Dragging The Right + Kilting Me Softly ! Comments (0)

DC68aelUQAIlvzG.jpg-largeMueller to the rescue! (Image via Time)

WIDGETCNN: Intel chiefs tell Mueller's investigators Trump suggested they publicly deny any collusion between his campaign and Russia.

WIDGETHuff Post: Senate's Trumpcare bill slashes Medicaid by more than the House version, totally defunds Planned Parenthood.

WIDGETCrime Watch Daily: Trans woman menaced by bat-wielding man in the Bronx feared for her life.

WIDGETDListed: Two Cosby jurors were immobile when it came to considering convicting him.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Ginger, Katya and Alaska give merciless drag names to Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and more.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.29.57 AM(Video still via YouTube)

WIDGETThe Kilted Coaches: Those adorable Kilted Coaches show more than ever for Pride. Watch, after the jump ...

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Jun 20 2017
Strands For Trans Gives People A Visible Way To Support Transgender Acceptance Comments (0)

Stand-for-trans(Image via Strands for Trans)

My haircutter Xavier Cruz is the best of the best — I just don't happen to have very exciting hair to show off his talents!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.51.58 PM

But you won't doubt his skills if you take part in his business Barba's Strands for Trans program.

Strands for Trans invites men and women, LGBTQ people and straight people, to receive a free, pro cut and color, using the colors of the transgender flag — pink, white and blue.


What a fun way to show your support for trans acceptance.

Marc Jacobs has taken the plunge:

Where else can you get a free, funky, colorful cut?! Go for it here.


Jun 18 2017
Caitlyn Jenner Is Officially Someone The LGBTQ Community Should SHUN After Latest Slam On Liberals Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.22.55 PMIMO, Jenner is now a net negative for the LGBTQ community. (Video still via College Republican Federation of Virginia)

Speaking to a group of Republicans in Virginia, Caitlyn Jenner — a self-appointed trans activist who has lived a most unique life of privilege and remains a Republican stalwart — joked that liberals aren't very good shots in reference to the shooting of Rep. Scalise by a Bernie Bro.

So instead of being happy the guy didn't die, she's using the shooting as an opportunity to make light of gun violence, and to suggest being against guns makes you weak.

No one should shoot Caitlyn Jenner — and that includes photographers. She should never be mocked for being trans, but she also should be a pariah among liberals. She is doing nothing but damage at this point, and is consorting with people who think of her as a dude in a dress — and, more importantly, who are voting to keep rights away from trans people who are not mega-rich.

Watch the gross video after the jump ...

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Jun 16 2017
6-PACK — Stop Flag-Bashing + GOLDEN Gays? + Patti Issues + Trump Confirms He Is Under Investigation + Trump Now Loves TERRORIST Qatar + Fake Betsy DeVos Meets Fake Mike Pence! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.18.35 PM If a huge % of the community would feel symbolically more welcomed, why not? (Image via Internet)

WIDGETKenneth In the (212): This is how I feel about the Pride Flag controversy — if it bothers you more to change it than why people want to, you're why people want to.

WIDGETDListed: A gay Golden Girls is coming! (And I bet the men will not be 50-60, but 70-80.)

WIDGETOMG Blog: I was remiss in not posting this yesterday, but here's why Patti LuPone wouldn't perform for Trump:

WIDGETHuff Post: Trump is now attacking Rod Rosenstein — and in the process, confirming he is now officially under investigation.

WIDGETCBS News: After savaging Qatar as a state sponsor of terror, enflaming regional tensions, Trump now sells the country $12B of U.S. weaponry.

WIDGETVia Instagram @mch463: She's Betsy DeVos, and guess what she's gonna do? He's Mike Pence and he just lawyered upKeep reading ...

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Jun 15 2017
Check Out EW's LGBTQ Issue — Starring RuPaul! Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via EW)

RuPaul is the covergirl of Entertainment Weekly's June 23, 2017, LGBTQ Issue.

Of the dark period where Ru spent eight years out of character, he says:

I thought, “Could it be that this is not meant for me?” It was this horrible existence. One day, my friend Larry Tee called me and said, “Ru, what the f—k are you doing? You are a star. Get your ass back to New York and get your s—t together.” And I did… “I’m going to go back to New York and give those bitches exactly what they want from me.”

The issue also has a reunion of The L Word and talks with Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick about the show's upcoming revival.

Check it out here.

Trans Author Janet Mock: WE'RE NOT OUT THERE DECEIVING PEOPLE Comments (0)

Janet-Mock(Image via Atria Books)

Trans advocate Janet Mock gives a lengthy, revealing interview to People Magazine to promote her new memoir Surpassing Certainty: What My Twenties Taught Me ().

Key quote:

The number one thing is to ensure that they feel safe enough to tell someone their story … It shouldn’t be the responsibility of trans women to disclose to every person that they meet, [that they’re transgender] whether it’s a romantic partner, friend, roommate or coworker… There’s a misconception that trans women are out there deceiving people. We’re not out there deceiving people. We’re not even trying to pass. We’re just trying to be ourselves in a society that has put us into boxes, and has told us that if we don’t fit in those boxes then we don’t belong and we’re not deserving of happiness, of fulfillment, of contentment. [We need to have] agency over who we tell our stories to and whether we want to tell our stories to someone at all.

More here! Book here!

6-PACK — Pulling A Bomer + Trump Under Investigation, Under Pressure + UPS Shooter's Past + 2 Famous Men Arrested For Underage Proclivities + The WORLD Of Bryan Hawn! Comments (0)

GiphyIt's not that deep. (GIF via YouTube @ Deadline Hollywood)

WIDGETOMG Blog: This trailer for Anything, showing Matt Bomer as a trans prostitute, is PAINFULLY awkward.

WIDGETCNN: Special prosecutor Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. Trump tweets outrage over “witch hunt.”

WIDGETABC News: UPS shooter had reportedly fired a grievance over excessive overtime, had mental illness history.

WIDGETExtraTV: YouTube star Austin Jones arrested on two counts of child-porn production for soliciting sexual videos from minors.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.29.06 AMSligh (L) & Jones (R) (Images via mugshot & Instagram) 

WIDGETCrime Watch Daily: Actor Corey Sligh indicted on federal child-molestation charges stemming from incidents in two states.

Wonderful world 2The Hawn-ting (Image via Bryan Hawn)

WIDGETYouTube @ Bryan Hawn: Bryan Hawn unveils a dramatic Wonderful World that could play during a Hunger Games procession, after the jump ...

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Jun 11 2017
Pride Month: Door-Opener Jobriath Comments (0)

Jobriath-bus-sign-photoThe image used as Jobriath's first album cover (Image via Elektra)

My good friend John Cox was a friend of Bruce Wayne Campbell aka Jobriath, 220px-Jobriath_Elektraand his fandom and support for Jobriath's legacy is what drew my attention to this one-of-a-kind rocker.

Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Texas, Bruce was a pianist and musician whose approach to the world did not mix with the army — he went AWOL in the '60s, renaming himself Jobriath Salisbury and moving to L.A.

Shortly after his arrival, he played Woof in the West Coast production of the musical Hair in 1968, leaving to form the band Pidgeon. Pidgeon landed a record deal with Decca, but had limited success. Around this time, Jobriath did jail time for desertion, a miserable period in his life that nonetheless inspired him to write songs. He was supporting himself via hustling while he worked on a demo.

Carly Simon's ex-manager heard Jobriath's demo in Clive Davis's office in 1972 and got him signed as Jobriath Boone to Elektra for a $500,000 advance, making Jobriath the first openly gay person signed to a major record label. David Geffen, Elektra's head at the time, poured money into a marketing campaign for Jobriath that included ads in national magazines and even a Times Square billboard, but an early Euro tour was axed when the costs piled up.

Jobriath's self-titled album debuted to good reviews, although he was often referred to as a Bowie knock-off, but his TV debut on The Midnight Special and gigs in NYC didn't move records — it wasn't selling, a huge problem when so much cash has been (not so judiciously) spilled on your behalf. A quickie follow-up album, Creatures of the Street, tanked harder.

Though Elektra and his management pulled the plug on Jobriath during what would be his final tour, his last show drew raves.

In 1975, Jobriath said he was retired from music and focused on acting, to no avail. Instead, he reinvented himself once more, as Cole Berlin, working as a cabaret singer in NYC, and continuing to turn tricks.

Jobriath died of AIDS on August 4, 1983.

In spite of Jobriath's fearlessness, he is little remembered today; so let's remember him a little this day.


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