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Sep 27 2015
It Happened One Night: Roland Emmerich Accidentally Tosses A Brick At The Legacy Of Stonewall Comments (0)

UnnamedI didn't honor a boycott. There is a difference between getting something wrong and deliberately getting something wrong.

At one point during Roland Emmerich's embarrassingly misguided take on the Stonewall Riots, invented character Danny (plush blond Brit Jeremy Irvine, whose accent emerges even more often than homophobic violence in the film) exclaims that he's so angry he just wants to break something

So did I, not long after one the movie's earliest, most excruciating scenes, in which aw-shucks Indianan Danny, who we soon learn has been cast out of his idyllic Midwest home for being a damn dirty queer, is slobbered over by a drag queen who won't take no fucking way for an answer. The reason for my disgust was not that the character (overplayed to the hilt to Richard Jutras) was a cliché, so much as it was that the scene was constructed to make the audience cringe. Danny's excuse for being uncomfortable is that he's had zero exposure to any homosexuals other than the strapping fellow closet-case back home (played by a Marlon Brando-channeling Karl Glusman) with whom he is in love, but what is the filmmakers' excuse?

Why does a film so earnestly about LGBT rights that it ends with a mini history lesson on the subject spend so much time seeming to grimace at the LGBT characters who aren't pretty enough?

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Sep 26 2015
She's Outta There! Comments (0)

Meet Janae Marie Kroc, the trans bodybuilder who lost a lucrative endorsement deal not because she was about to come out as trans (she wasn't), but because the company knew she was trans and feared someone would find out.


With all of this controversy over MuscleTech dropping me because of being transgender let me clear up a few things that people are getting wrong. This happened several months ago and had nothing to do with me coming out. This happened prior to my triceps tear when I was still planning a powerlifting come back and had zero plans to come out or change anything. I only came out several weeks ago after being outed by that YouTube video. They dropped me simply because they were afraid that people might find out I was transgender.  Also I have been interviewed numerous times thus far and am only addressing this now because I was asked directly about it and because discrimination in all forms is wrong and I feel a responsibility to be honest about this.  I am not bitter toward MuscleTech, as I still count a lot of friends in that company and I do not hold it against them based on it being a business decision even if I feel it was a poor one.  And in the end this is turning out to be a positive thing for me as it is one less thing to hold me back from being open about who I truly am. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjrMKF-_SGc #transgender #genderfluid #nonbinary #bigender #m2f #mtf #lgbtq #lgtbpride #lgbt #bodybuilding #powerlifting #truth #beyou #beyourself

A photo posted by Janae Marie (@janaemariekroc) on Aug 21, 2015 at 5:07am PDT

Sep 25 2015
Need To Know: REBEL HEART-On + Pope Has 'em On The Ropes + Tears For Fears + The Spy Who Loved Cock + Caitlyn Marie's Crisis + New Hercules Is A Marvel + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-Matthew-RettenmundYes, it actually did taste a bit like holy water.

*widget boy cultureAmazing coverage of Madonna in Philly, her “Popey-Wopey” dedication.

*widget boy cultureBuy my book on Amazon or BN or anywhere you buy books.

*widget boy cultureAnother devastating Stonewall review.

*widget boy cultureThe Pope spanks Congress.

*widget boy cultureNO MORE TEARS: The Speaker has left the House ... or is about to.

*widget boy cultureSam Smith's Bond theme is here.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Dancer from the Dance to get film version 40 years on!

**See Dancer from the Dance's 1st 'n' last lines, plus those of many more gay classics.**

*widget boy cultureTim Tebow tries dating a woman.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker is rock-hard!

*widget boy cultureJUICY: On how to write someone else's memoir

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn Marie Jenner is now legally a woman.

*widget boy cultureStr8 boy who bottoms and swallows? Put a ring on THAT.

*widget boy cultureGHOULISH: Ghost Adventures couple dead in murder-suicide.

*widget boy cultureMarvel's new leather-daddy Hercules looks like Jaxton Wheeler!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.48.42 PMPhoto by Matthew Rettenmund. Bodies by God.

Sep 22 2015
Roland Emmerich Re-Whites History Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.42.56 PM

As I've said before, I think Stonewall looks abysmally made, not even taking into account its tone-deaf whitewashing in that infamous trailer. (Please, do not lazily cut-and-paste that widely circulated quote from that book that you may not have even read that states how Stonewall was kicked off exclusively by white people.)

I'm still gonna see it, and if I love it, I will embrace my love of it.

However, reading this interview with Roland Emmerich is infuriating. How can someone be this Machiavellian, have so little integrity, and then not even have the self-awareness to realize he should try to conceal it?

Emmerich asserts:

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Need To Know: Reading STONEWALL The Riot Act + Peen For A Gay + Pat-Down Put-Down + The In-N-Out Crowd + Walker Walks + New Direction + Oh, Henry! + Swift Werk + MORE! Comments (0)

Fc385963-6bb3-4de8-8ac2-309e8dcc3da4-2060x1236Stonewallinsists ... that what actually happened isn't good enough.”

*widget boy cultureStonewall a stinker? This review agrees with me on the Sesame Street vibe. Rugbynu

*widget boy cultureCould this Dieux du Stade jock's peen really be this huge?

*widget boy cultureTrans TSA horror story—this is really so wrong.

*widget boy cultureThese biceps deserve their own zip code.

*widget boy cultureBURGER QUEEN: Meet In-N-Out royalty!

*widget boy cultureSome guy named “Scott Walker” is was running for prez.

*widget boy cultureIn the locker room with shirtless Danny Amendola.

*widget boy cultureDavid Sedaris on gay marriage. READ IT.

*widget boy cultureAnnoyingly sexy thief.

*widget boy cultureNew One Direction album, Made In the A.M.

UnnamedMorning wood

*widget boy cultureAzealia Banks makes scene on plane, calls attendant “fucking faggot.” Harry

*widget boy cultureHOTTEST Henry Cavill outtakes: Beard 'n' bulge.

*widget boy cultureGrace Jones is coming for Kanye!

*widget boy cultureHillary's lead over Bernie grows.

*widget boy culturePrince Harry's acting debut.

*widget boy cultureMutinous Sen. Chuck Schumer (D?-New York) takes ratings hit.

*widget boy cultureSean Penn, tired of being labeled a wifebeater, sues Lee Daniels.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift makes this kid's life:


Finally got to meet Dylan, the 7-year-old who passionately danced to Shake It Off on Ellen--- and this happened.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Sep 21, 2015 at 10:42pm PDT

*widget boy cultureKim Davis's alleged gay friends need to be IDed, denied dick.

Kim-Davis“I have been called things and names that I didn't even say when I was in the world.” (Um, you are in the world???)

Sep 21 2015
TRANS' Talk Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.14.51 PM

The stars of Transparent—one of the best shows on TV—chat with Raymond Braun on the Emmys red carpet ...

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Sep 19 2015
Ultimate Guy Talk Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 12.59.07 AM

Aydian Dowling, a Top 5 contender in the Ultimate Guy contest held by Men's Health, speaks with Raymond Braun about being a trans man whose profile is quickly exploding in the culture ...

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Sep 18 2015
Need To Know: The Joy Of Nursing + Pissed Inelegance + Jesshica Shimpshon + New Beyoncé + Penn's Pal + Gaga's Happening New Video + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.08.06 PMOh, Joy.

*widget boy cultureI like Joy Behar, but she needs a prescription for something sometimes. Images

*widget boy cultureEven Joy knows she fucks up occasionally.

*widget boy cultureTom Hardy's war on inelegance.

*widget boy cultureI'll have what Jessica Simpson's having.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Oliver Cheshire. Images

*widget boy cultureBuffoon Elton John derides prank.

*widget boy cultureTrump can see Alaska Thunderfuck from his house.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Fierstein punching up Funny Girl.

*widget boy cultureNew song feat. Beyoncé drops, softly.

*widget boy cultureScott Walker's campaign going off the rails?

*widget boy cultureSOUNDS GOOD: Chris Cornell's new album out.

*widget boy cultureMayoral candidate wants to “eradicate” the gays.

*widget boy culture2-bit right-wing carnival barker Phyllis Schlafly for the $10 bill?

*widget boy cultureSean Penn never misses a Madonna concert.Images


*widget boy culture

Happy 110th, Greta Garbo. Images

*widget boy cultureTip for Kasich: Don't like Latinos? Stop trying to pretend you do.

*widget boy cultureNew Stonewall featurette focuses on trans character.

*widget boy cultureWarren, Gaga & Hardwicke team up vs. sexual abuse ... Images

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