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Jan 06 2017
The Trans Blue Line Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.34.46 PM 1(Video still via VICE News)

VICE News speaks with Seattle's first openly trans cop, Tori Newburn, in this clip released in advance of VICE News Tonight's “Trans Law Enforcement” special, currently available on HBO ...

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Jan 05 2017
Hard To Resist: New Feminist/Queer/Minority Performance Series In NYC vs. Trump Comments (0)

This sounds like a great idea for combatting the wave of anti-LGBTQ (for starters) policies and attitudes about to be unleashed by the — gulp — Trump Administration:

SANCTUARY, a home for feminist/queer/minority voices will take up residence at HERE beginning on Inauguration Day, Jan 20th as part of the Sublet Series. SANCTUARY is a pop-up venue for artists and activists to come together as a community and respond to current events, in particular the fears and anxieties felt in anticipation of the coming administration.

SANCTUARY opens on January 20th with an Inaugural Ball and continues with a full month of work by more than 50 different artists from a wide range of backgrounds. The schedule includes new theatre works; panel discussions with major arts leaders; and a variety of dance, concert, and other non-traditional works.

SANCTUARY will transform the mainstage at HERE into an immersive venue that draws on the history of activist/counter culture spaces. Audiences and artists alike will commiserate, process, grieve, organize, learn, and ultimately unite in celebration of the values we refuse to let America turn its back on.

Among the most interesting offerings:

January 26 at 8:30pm:

The Persecution and Assassination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the  MaxresdefaultDirection of the Marquis de Sade by S.P. Monahan

The lunatics are running the asylum. After two hundred years in confinement, the Marquis de Sade revolts against the doctors and attendants at the asylum of Charenton. Having successfully overthrown the established order of the world, de Sade stages a “victory performance” inspired by the rise and fall of Hillary Rodham Clinton for his captive audience.


In Theory: Notes on Home, Love, Diaspora, and Failing Adulthood by Cristin Gordon 6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a511908172970c-800wi

A spoken word/dance fusion about converting the pain of our past into the resistance of our future. The piece seeks to provide relief for trauma, incite empathy, and center the marginalized within our own narratives of navigating a sociopolitical climate that was not built for us.


January 27- 29 at 8:30pm:

Next Fagg*t Nation by Scott Davis and Spencer Armstrong

Utilizes the groundbreaking novel Fagg*ts, a variety of gay literature, and investigative interviews with gay men, artists, educators, and influential drag queens as a catalyst for examining the current gay landscape. It holds a mirror up to the younger generation of gay men to bring a call to action; the fight to acquire knowledge of the past in order to make future change is not over.

Get your tickets for these and the many other performances here.

LGBTQ Nation Allows Poll To Be Hacked In Favor Of Milo Yiannopoulos, Gets Exclusive Q&A In Exchange Comments (0)

I'm shocked to report that LGBTQ Nation, a large gay Web site with a huge Facebook following (over 1 million likes) ran 13419039_10153591710816717_7090025163508871618_n a reader poll for its LGBTQ Person of 2016, and its editors put forth horrible right-wing douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos as one of the choices, equating him with pro-LGBTQ individuals and even the victims of the Pulse massacre.

When Yiannopoulous used his online followers — who are largely not gay and not down with gay rights except for enjoying the existence of a gay man who speaks out against liberals and hates on trans people — LGBTQ Nation refused to disqualify him. They also allowed Breitbart to campaign for Milo.

Now that he has received the most votes, presumably from very few of its actual readers, you know, the people they serve, they not only are honoring the win, they're giving him a platform from which to spew his hate speech — they have announced they will do an exclusive Q&A with him.

There is no difference between him and someone like Roy Cohn — he is not a hero, and he is not someone to take lightly. It's appalling that LGBTQ Nation, clearly lapping up the influx of traffic, did not exercise better judgment. Liberals should not shoot themselves in the foot by accommodating their foes under the guise of being open-minded; the other side does not do this and is currently in power.

If they're looking for a real editor, I'm available.

Until then, I urge you all to unlike LGBTQ Nation on Facebook here after letting them know why their decision is a poor one. I won't be linking to them anymore.

Hey, MAC — Pass Me That Lipstick Comments (0)

Caitlyn-jenner_beauty_rgb_300-b62bfd17-513e-49ea-8328-146dbab5aa8c(Image via MAC)

Apparently, MAC thinks there are women who see Caitlyn Jenner as some kind of beauty icon.

She looks fine, but I don't think this line is going to do well.

Meanwhile, Maybelline is hiring an actual dude to rep their brand: 

6-PACK — Pharrell & Ellen Agree: No Room For Kim Burrell's Prejudice + Red-Hot Robein + 4-Alarm Aussie Firefighters + Lyle Menendez Speaks + Coachella's Anti-LGBTQ Secret Comments (0)

WIDGETABOVE: Pharrell says there is “no room for any kind of prejudice in 2017” in Kim Burrell-free The Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance.

WIDGETNasty anti-trans bathroom bill in Virginia, plus new anti-LGBTQ religious freedom proposals in Kentucky — from a Democrat.

WIDGETMeet hot, scruffy globe-trotter Alex Robein. Hot peace Grant Gustin. Austin Armacost flashes bare ass, very detailed bulge.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.09.04 AM(Image via Australian Firefighters Calendar)

WIDGETVia Definition of a Man: These Aussie firefighters have to duke it out for a slot in a racy, charity-helping calendar.

WIDGETParent killer Lyle Menendez speaks from prison, remembers his dad, says he killed but is “not a murderer.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.59.25 AM(Images via ABC)

WIDGETUGH: Coachella proceeds go to anti-LGBTQ climate-change denier Philip Anschutz.

Wanna see more of those Aussie firefighters? VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Dec 30 2016
6-PACK — Death By Exposed Buttocks + Trump Loves VERY SMART Putin, Putin Loves Very Dumb Trump + Milo Supports Planned Parenthood + Billie Lourd On Being Raised Without Gender + ROAD RULES Producer Dies + OUT-standing Music Of 2016! Comments (0)

Will_walters_2011_facebookWill X Walters, as seen in a Facebook image (Image via Will X Walters/Facebook)

WIDGETWill X. Walters, arrested on charges of public nudity in San Diego for wearing a racy kilt (over underwear), racked up $1M in legal bills fighting it, lost, committed suicide.

WIDGETRussian puppet Donald Trump praises Vladimir Putin as “very smart.”

IMG_5807Some of the orders that have rolled in since Rebecca Orchant was trolled by Milo (Image via Rebecca Orchant)

WIDGETHeavens to Etsy!: Milo Yiannopoulous bitched about one woman's T-shirt biz, which wound up greatly helping her ... and Planned Parenthood.

WIDGETBillie Lourd once described her mom, Carrie Fisher, as having raised her “without gender.”

WIDGETRoad Rules producer dies at just 55 years old.

WIDGETOut's list of the Top 50 songs of 2016 is potentially a litmus test of your age. 

Dec 22 2016
North Carolina Republicans Fail To Repeal Anti-LGBTQ H.B. 2 Comments (0)

The Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature has reneged on a promise to repeal the state's disgusting anti-LGBTQ law, H.B. 2, even after the city of Charlotte repealed it's LGBTQ rights measure in anticipation of the rollback.

You can tell a Republican is lying when their lips are moving, but that doesn't go far enough — I think they lie in their dreams, too. I wish more would lie in state. North Carolina's going to have a tough slog ridding itself of the lasting effects of the outgoing administration's last-second power grab, let alone the ill effects of enacting H.B. 2 in the first place.

Dec 21 2016
Transitional Figure Comments (0)

Aydian Dowling continues to be a high-profile ambassador for the trans experience. Follow him here!


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