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Jun 11 2017
D.C. Capital Pride Parade Rerouted Over No Justice No Pride Protest Comments (0)

A day ahead of the National Equality March in D.C., the D.C. Capital Pride Parade was disrupted by a group of protesters representating No Justice No Pride, who sought to call attention to the parade's “deeply problematic” sponsors.

 Joe.My.God. reports the protesters successfully blocked the parade, which had to be rerouted in order to proceed. 

Among the sponsors the protesters find inconsistent with LGBTQ rights and equality: the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

I must say, I do find some of those to be gross, er, partners, and it surprises me some would even want to sponsor Gay Pride, let alone be welcomed to do so. However, an argument could be made that we're taking back some of their money and using it to promote our equality and visibility; the money isn't going in the opposite direction.

And this year, with our rights on the line, it feels counterproductive to attempt to rob tens of thousands of people of their annual chance to march and show LGBTQ pride and have fun.

I can only surmise it will pit most of the community against this group and have the opposite effect.

Jun 10 2017
The Latest UNTUCKED: Who Moves Forward To The Finale? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 9.45.28 AM(Video still via YouTube @WOWPresents)

Last night's RuPaul's Drag Race was a shocker.

Check out the glam postmortem known as Untucked after the jump ...

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Jun 09 2017
Chelsea Manning Speaks: Didn't Think Leaks Would Threaten National Security, Felt Responsibility To Public Comments (0)

Chelsea-ManningChelsea Manning up (Video still via ABC)

Chelsea Manning is speaking for the first time since her release from prison following receiving clemency from departing President Barack Obama. (Obama did not grant her a pardon.)

In a new interview with Good Morning America, she says she felt compelled to go to WikiLeaks after witnessing the messy decisions being made by the U.S. in its war against insurgents, and is adamant that she never felt the documents she leaked would harm her country.

Keep watching, and wait till the end, where she says what she would like to communicate to President Obama ...

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Jun 08 2017
6-PACK — Babadook: Gay Icon + Putin Won't Shower With Gays + Charlotte Pride Bans Gays 4 Trump + Messing & Hayes Team Up For GLAAD Video + Jersey City Cops Kick Man Who Is ON FIRE + MUMMY Star's Madonna Past! Comments (0)

BadabookWay better'n that damn frog! (Image via  IFC)

WIDGETVulture: Is the Babadook really gay?!

WIDGETHuff Post: Putin makes grotesquely juvenile comments about not wanting to provoke gay men by showering near us. You're safe, butterface.

WIDGETFox 46 Charlotte: Gay Trump supporters nixed from Charlotte Pride Parade.

WIDGETYouTube @GLAAD: Debra Messing & Sean Hayes dip into intersectionality in LGBTQ Pride videos. Fun fact: Sean shaves his body bald. 

WIDGETCrime Watch Daily: Jersey City police brutally kick innocent bystander engulfed in flames following high-speed chase. Union prez excuses it!

WIDGETTHR: The Mummy star Sofia Boutella's Madonna & Rihanna connection.

THRShootSofiaBoutella6PhotographedbyMarthaGalvanH2017Sofia Boutella (Image via THR)

6-PACK — Nico Tortorella's SEXPLORATION OF LOVE + Catholic Church Wins Suit + Gus Kenworthy Chats With Tyler Oakley + AT&T Hearts LGBTQs + Remembering Gilbert Baker + Fire Island Book! Comments (0)

NICO-TORTORELLANico will go nude-o. (Image via Instagram @nicotortorella)

WIDGETPrideSource: Luscious Nico Tortorella promises the TV version of his The Love Bomb podcast will feature nudity & be “a sexploration of love.”

WIDGETChicago Tribune: Man who sued Catholic Church for firing him after 17 years just because he married a man loses the suit.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Watch Gus Kenworthy open up to Tyler Oakley on sex, love and coming out.

Gus-KenworthyGet your hands off of my Matt Wilkas's man, Tyler! (Video still via Tyler Oakley)

WIDGETAT&T: AT&T partners with GLAAD to launch 5th Annual Live Proud campaign in support of LGBTQ rights.

WIDGETFacebook: Join fellow LGBTQ community members in remembering the late, great Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag.

Gilbert-Baker(Image via Photographer Susan Kravitz offers a bookful of images from Invasion of the Pines: Mascara, Mirth & Mayhem is here!

Mascara_Mirth_Mayhem_ Kravitz_soft_cover(Image via Susan Kravitz)

Jun 06 2017
6-PACK — You Gotta Be Joshin' Me! + Trump & Trump Jr. Attack ... The London Mayor?! + Ellen Surprises Gay Dads + WSJ Bashes Trump's Tweets + No, You Can't Use The N-Word + Trans-Bashing In The U.K. Comments (0)

Josh-Duggar-Lawsuit-Ashley-Madison-LongDo not talk about what Josh Duggar did, guys! (Image via Facebook)

WIDGETDListed: Josh Duggar wants to sue for emotional distress because the media reported the fact that he molested his sisters. WOW.

WIDGETPolitico: Trump & his dumb-ass son are still attacking London's mayor. Great timing. Great priorities.

WIDGETYouTube @ The EllenShow: Watch Ellen surprise two loving gay dads:

WIDGETHuff Post: The conservative WSJ says Trump's tweeting is a major issue.

WIDGETDailyKos: When white people say their use of the N-word is all about context, they're right — but their idea of context is too narrow.

WIDGETPink News: Two moms, kids present, viciously go after a trans man on the tube in London.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.31.09 PMThese skanks need their children removed from their custody. (Video still via Facebook @ Naith Payton)

Jun 03 2017
Pride Month: You Can Be Ivanka Trump ... Or You Can Be Candace Gingrich Comments (0)

For today's profile of a prominent LGBTQ person past or present, I'm focusing on Candace-gingrich Candace Gingrich, who is lesbian-identified and genderqueer. As the post's title implies, I am not impressed with anyone giving Ivanka Trump (or any adult Trump family member) a pass because they're “just related to the guy.”

In my opinion, when you find yourself related to someone who is doing dastardly things, you don't stand by them, let alone join in the fun. And if you are an LGBTQ person and those dastardly things are anti-gay, you have a special obligation to renounce the blood family member in favor of true family.

Candace, who turned 51 yesterday, did just that — and they did it in the '90s, when it was a hell of a lot harder than it is today.

In 1995, when Candace's half-brother Newt Gingrich was the rabidly anti-LGBTQ Speaker of the House, they came out as a lesbian, criticizing Newt's politics and embarrassing him by proving that anti-LGBTQ people are actually, literally, also anti-family.

Candace continued to use the unique position into which they'd been placed by publishing the well-received memoir Accidental Activist in 1996.

Candace was HRC's National Coming Out Spokesperson for 1995, attracting the admiration of both Esquire and Ms. Gingrich's affiliation with HRC continues to this day, as part of the Youth & Campus Outreach program.

Giphy“Nothing makes God happier than when two people — any two people — come together in love.” (GIF via NBC)

In pop culture, you couldn't miss Candace playing the reverend who married two lesbians on the iconic Friends episode, “The One with the Lesbian Wedding” (1996), a TV event that reached tens of millions of people at a time when a tiny fraction of the country supported the concept of gay marriage.

In short, if you find yourself related to someone working against you, don't let your shared DNA keep you from taking a stand for what's right. Candace has demonstrated that principle for over 20 years, and has never, ever reeked of Complicit. 

UNTUCKED: Another Queen Bites The Dust Comments (0)

Rupaul(Image via WOW)

Watch the latest postmortem after last night's RuPaul's Drag Race — are you happy with the girl who got gone?

Keep reading to view ...

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