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Feb 26 2015
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National Enquirer (March 9, 2015) soft-outs George Clooney with this leading cover line. Inside, the ex-lover who talks is female and the reference to the all-male parties is:

“George's boozy get-togethers with pals like Brad Pitt are legendary. Actor Danny DeVito seemed tipsy on The View in 2006, and blamed downing the Italian liqueur limoncello with George. And after polishing off a bottle of their tequila, Casamigos, with his pal and business partner Rande Gerber, George was so blasted that he slept in Rande's guest bedroom.”

Still, it's clear what NE was getting at.

Jan 14 2015
Black Lives DO Matter, But Je Suis Appalled Comments (0)


Prof. Brittney Cooper, writing for Salon.com, derides the Je Suis Charlie movement as a whites-only, disingenuous display, pointing out that because white people in America aren't on board with #blacklivesmatter, their embrace of #jesuischarlie just underscores our racism.

She goes on to imply that while white women may have a right to call out their black rapists, she isn't exactly on board with supporting them unless there is racial quid pro quo—again, because in her view, white America does not accept that #blacklivesmatter.

I found her essay revolting because it came off the same way so many comments from white racists do on the Internet, like there is a score being kept. I recall arguments that Trayvon Martin and other victms' stories were being blown out of proportion, with examples used of white people who had been brutalized by black people—completely ignoring that the cases at hand shared nothing in common (obvious criminal activity that was punished and that everyone agreed should be punished vs. legally fraught situations where public opinion seemed to hinge on race).

Not all of white America thinks #blacklivesdontmatter—I don't think that, and I know I'm not alone. But I can not imagine not being moved by the Charlie Hebdo massacre, by Bill Cosby's obviously true history of sexual abuse, by Trayvon Martin's senseless killing, by the #icantbreathe movement...I think these things should be looked at by what's wrong and what's right, not whether some white women historically helped imprison black men on phony rape charges, not whether slavery used to be legal in America.

It struck me as a deeply negative piece, one that luxuriates in divisiveness. It even denigrates Common for being too inclusive. It's wrong-headed thinking, even if race is still very much an issue.

May 01 2014
Need To Know: Lindsay Needed Franco Fix, Amy Schumer vs. The Plastics, College Cocksman, FOX's Big White Hole + MORE! Comments (0)

Lindsay-Lohan-James-FrancoSleeping beauties

*widget boy cultureJames Franco did not have sex with that Lindsay Lohan woman.

*widget boy cultureClick HERE if you think you sound gay.

*widget boy cultureAmy Schumer on body (and face, don't forget face!) dysmorphia.

*widget boy cultureYOU BETTER CLERK: Judge Scalia's epic dissent hobbled by glaring factual error. Rob-Ford-Judge-Judy-Rock-Hudson-Phyllis-Gates-gay

*widget boy cultureIs Prince Harry bicurious? Or just dick-lomatic?

*widget boy cultureCollege stud services women, pops balloons, for cash.

*widget boy cultureRapper, athlete and Shaquille O'Neal mock disabled man.

*widget boy cultureBrunei slips steadily backward toward the Stone Age.

*widget boy culturePeople gets perfect pic of Clooney enGAYgement ring.

*widget boy cultureJudge Judy to kick asses, take names in prime time.

*widget boy cultureMayor Rob Ford decides he has a problem.

*widget boy culturePeaches Geldof had one—death attributed to O.D.

*widget boy cultureJane Lynch iffy on reports Naya Rivera fired from Glee.

*widget boy cultureVincent Paterson preferred the old, young Madonna.

*widget boy cultureThe UN's pro-gay Bollywood-style campaign.

*widget boy cultureRush Limbaugh calls gay Don Lemon “big black hole.”

*widget boy cultureSo what you're saying is that Shep Smith is gay, regardless?

*widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres tells Ellen Page she's proud of her for coming out:

Apr 27 2014
George Clooney Is Engaged! Comments (0)


Congrats to George Clooney and the lady he has been dating for six months on their surprise engagement.

Jan 22 2014
Need To Know: The Jury Is Out, They Better Work, Bareback To School + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureABOVE: Alex Cubis couldn't look cuter.

*widget boy cultureTHAT'S ALL SHE WROTE: Murder She Wrote reboot murdered.

*widget boy culture Jurors can't be rejected solely on the basis of their sexual orientation. Covergurlz_album2

*widget boy cultureRuPaul cover album on iTunes!

*widget boy cultureDjokovic loses, big-time.

*widget boy cultureHomophobic ex-VA Gov. Bob McDonnell + wife indicted.

*widget boy cultureSuicide bombers on the loose in Sochi?

*widget boy cultureKaty Perry prayed for titties.

*widget boy cultureBlack Republican candidate in Florida wants Obama lynched to "hang high."

*widget boy cultureWHAT THE HELL YOU WANT FROM HIM: New George Michael album.

*widget boy cultureWin a movie date with George Clooney!

*widget boy cultureNew Adele album and tour...in 2015.

*widget boy culture18yo bareback gang-bang porn actor "was never suspended" from high school???

Robert-MarucciMarucci had begged for no media, then granted a TV interview.

Jul 09 2013
Need To Know: Jett Black Swan, The Scream, Mariah's Joint Statement + MORE Comments (5)

Anton+agatCruisin' Anton.

*widget boy cultureRussian supermodel Anton Agat has flex appeal. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culture9 reasons why Rick Perry is a complete asshole.

*widget boy culturePat Robertson wants a "vomit" button for Facebook photos of gays.

*widget boy cultureTrayvon Martin trial heads into he screamed/he screamed phase.

*widget boy cultureON DISLOCATION: Mariah Carey breaks her shoulder on a video set.

*widget boy cultureThe women in Arizona's 1st-ever civil union.

*widget boy cultureStacy Keibler's contract must've been up: Clooney single.

*widget boy cultureRising ballet star Jeppe Hansen gets canned due to Cockyboys porn.

Screen-Shot-2013-05-30-at-12.51.51-AM-2Because why would anyone think doing porn would affect your ballet career?

Mar 28 2013
Your Wish Is My Command Comments (3)
George-Clooney-Channing Tatum-sex
Channing Tatum says he would totally have sex with George Clooney. George Clooney doesn't say it, but he would totally let him.
Jan 16 2013
Fanboying @ The Golden Globes Comments (11)

DSC04162 Golden-GlobesOscar who?

DSC04180 Bryan-Cooper-Matthew-RettenmundWhile in L.A., I was contacted by my friend Bryan (that's us pictured) and invited to share space with him in a special VIP area near the arrivals. It put me right up front and within 10 to 30 feet of all the stars, so that I was able to spot them while they were still in the backseats of their limos, watch them emerge and wave to fans and then enter.

It was pretty fun in spite of the arctic weather (by L.A.'s standards) and long amount of time on my feet (we arrived at 11:30AM, the first stars appeared around 2:30 PM, the show started at 5PM).

DSC04496 Jessica-ChastainThe fans there were hilarious. Mostly young, they would shriek out each star's name as if he or she were their ultimate idol. (At one point, someone yelled out to Amanda Seyfriend, "Amanda! You're my #1!") One young, straight boy next to me kept shouting the oddest, most specific things, like, "Oh, my gosh! Steve Buscemi! I'm on season three of your show!" or "Jessica Chastain! You're my second favorite actress this year!" Much too close to a conversation in order to be yelled, but highly amusing.

Most of the stars gave the fans some notice, but it ranged from having to be told to do it (as Eddie Redmayne was, by his PR) to a brief wave (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence), to repeated smiles and other silent means of communication (Nicole Kidman), to the few who came right over to us and strutted their stuff with the everyday folk (only Connie Britton, Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Chastain and George Clooney went that far).

DSC04556 Hugh-JackmanHugh do something to me...something that simply mystifies me...

I was most dazzled by the first star to arrive—Debra Messing. I love her, and it was exciting to see her pop out so early. The last star to arrive was Orlando Bloom, who was promptly goosed in the privates by Miranda Kerr, who used her handbag to semi-discreetly make that point.

Enjoy the belated photos...

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