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Aug 22 2013
Chelsea, Lately: Bradley Manning Comes Out As Transgender Comments (0)

Bradley Manning, off to prison for over 30 years (maybe only seven with good behavior), has announced she wants to be known as Chelsea Manning from now on. She wants hormones provided to her in Fort Leavenworth as well.

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Jul 07 2013
Need To Know: Disaster Movie, Bush On Marriage, Pratt Could Eat No Fat + MORE Comments (2)

San-Francisco-Asiana-plane-crash"You're filming it..."

*widget boy cultureDetails of yesterday's tragic—and nearly catastrophic—SF plane crash. Hot-Diego-Miguel

*widget boy cultureTeresa Heinz Kerry in critical condition.

*widget boy cultureGeorge W. Bush gets cryptic on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureDiego Miguel is delish.

*widget boy cultureChris Pratt looks SO HOT shirtless now.

*widget boy cultureRacist & homophobic skanks catch hell for Big Brother rants.

*widget boy cultureRebecca Black and Jon D cover Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop."

*widget boy cultureLiz Cheney to wage Republican Civil War for Senate seat.

*widget boy cultureSex makes you look much younger.

*widget boy cultureSen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a fucking idiot, proves it with this song:

Apr 26 2013
Facebook Oracle Comments (2)
Mar 20 2013
Need To Know: Declaring War On Bush/Cheney, Marriage Equality For NM?, He Said I'm Not The One + MORE Comments (2)

No Homophobes
*widget boy cultureThe Web site that tracks casual homophobia in social media.

*widget boy cultureDying Iraq War vet gunning for Bush/Cheney.

*widget boy cultureTopless Katie Holmes open to giving Suri a sib. Tumblr_mjwyithi7f1rf29u9o5_500

*widget boy cultureJames Franco for Bullett Magazine.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay douche Roland Martin out at CNN.

*widget boy cultureAre black male celebs really more anti-gay?

*widget boy cultureAdonis Mag returning.

*widget boy cultureDid marriage equality come to New Mexico in the 1800s?

*widget boy culture150 events in 50 states for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureWhat is gay culture in 2013?

*widget boy cultureAfter hinting he probably is, Dr. Arnold Klein says the kid is not his son.

0117-arnie-klein-facebook-5.pngMaury wouldn't even need a test for this one

Mar 10 2013
Bush League Comments (1)

Jeb Bush just went on TV and claimed that Barack Obama won re-election by dividing the country. Jeb BUSH said that. He wasn't being ironic. Also, he stated, when asked about any baggage the Bush name may have should he decide to run in 2016 (God help us if all we have to offer the world is Bush after Bush after Bush):

"I don't think there's any Bush baggage at all."

He also flip-flipped on immigration again, stating he would be okay with a law that would allow undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship:

"...if you can craft that in law where you can have a path to citizenship where there isn't an incentive for poeple to come illegally."

As Think Progress notes, this contradicts his own book...that he published hours ago.

Feb 08 2013
Bushhacked Comments (0)

A bold-as-hell hacker has gotten access to many Bush Family e-mails and personal photos, including a snap of George H.W. Bush on what was at one time being considered his deathbed. In the e-mails, Shrub talks a lot about planning a eulogy, saying at one point that his father did more to rehab Bill Clinton's "sordid reputation" than anything Clinton himself did. (Uh, no.)

A criminal investigation is under way.

Feb 01 2013
How'm I Dyin'?: Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Dies At 88 Comments (1)

NYC is abuzz with the news that former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch has died at 88. I was not a big EdKochfan of Mr. Koch, who is being remembered as bluntly honest but whose legacy regarding the AIDS epidemic (which was almost certainly clouded by his position in the closet) argues otherwise. On that tip, the eulogy I'd be most interested to read would be one written by Larry Kramer.

Still, a towering figure over the not-so-distant history of the city, Koch remained very visible and his endorsements (he broke ranks with his party to back George W. Bush in 2004—ugh!) made news right up until the end of his life.

He is also well remembered for paying off NYC's federal debt and for his unabashed love of the city.

One tidbit that's being widely reported is that Koch was at peace with death—he had purchased an engraved tombstone and planned his final services. But also poignant is the fact that a documentary on his life opens...today!

Nov 06 2012
Bush Votes For...Obama??? Comments (2)

George-W-Bush-votes-for-ObamaOur own little "cast"-off

Apparently, George W. Bush voted for Barack Obama today.


I still hate everyone who ever voted for him in spite of the humor of this (fake) story.

Oct 23 2012
Popular Bluff Comments (2)

Romney_sweating1"I will win by this much!"

Jonathan Chait has a compelling read at NYMag.com about how Romney's team is semi-successfully duping the media into going along with the idea that his election—considered nearly impossible before the first debate—is now a fait accompli. It's a bluff, but it's one that could work because when the media buys into something, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Obama humor Romney Battleship"You sank—I mean, my battleship is as ship-shape as ever!"

I was particularly struck by Chait's comparison to George W. Bush. He was slightly ahead in all the polls in 2000 and behaved very much like his election was a foregone conclusion. However, it was not. In fact, Al Gore bested him in the final popular vote and the only reason Bush won the electoral college was by Supreme Court intervention. He was projecting confidence, and it probably took him as far as he wound up going.

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Oct 22 2012
Debate #3: Obama Wins Easily Comments (1)

Mitt Romney horses bayonets Barack Obama debateFrom here...to eternity

The fourth debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, the third and final between the presidential candidates and—gulp!—the last debate of President Barack Obama's career came off beautifully for the president. I don't see how any of his first-debate critics could complain about his focus, his judicious doling out of zingers, his handling of the facts or his passion. Or, especially in his close, his warmth. He was fully engaged and engaging, and he certainly won on substance as well as on style.

2012 obama Romney

My other impressions:

I was beginning to see faint traces of sweat on Romney (flip-flop sweat? if only it were that severe!), was distracted by that single stray hair, was superdistracted by his show-offy Secret Service black star on his U.S. flag lapel pin and felt his red-faced grimacing cast him as the evening's Nixon. It was not a disaster for him—not by a mile—but he was clearly out of his element and reciting memorized points except when he began to speak about business (the Chinese pipe story). He struck me as babbly and nervous, especially at the outset. I think he pees a bit whenever Obama fixes his stare upon him.

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