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Aug 21 2013
A Decline By Western Civilization: Wentworth Miller Comes Out, Turns Down Russian Invite Comments (0)

Above, a gallery of our latest (and hottest?) team member.

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has become the latest in a string of celebrities to come out as gay, and to do it in a non-traditional way.

Miller's coming-out came in the form of a letter sending his regrets to a Russian film festival to which he'd been invited. He wrote:

Good for him—he came out, and he did it in a natural and yet political way.


Jun 21 2013
Need To Know: Kim Kardashian Was North West's Passage, Underwear Pride, Madonna's Addiction + MORE Comments (3)

*widget boy cultureMILEY FACE: She's just being Molly. Mercy

*widget boy cultureAdorable Portuguese boyfriends.

*widget boy cultureKim & Kanye name their daughter North West. Srsly.

*widget boy cultureThe Andrew Christian boys take over L.A. Pride.

*widget boy cultureShould Alan Chambers be forgiven?

*widget boy cultureMadonna is addicted to sweat. (And to Instagram.)

*widget boy cultureDon't miss the launch of the new Web series He's With Me.

*widget boy cultureMercy's first Gay Pride can, with proceeds going to GLAAD.

*widget boy cultureHypnotic nude swimming video.

*widget boy cultureBranden's "Roc with You" video:

BrandenI wanna Roc with you...all night...

May 24 2013
Need To Know: Scout's Dishonor, Amanda Arrested, Ukraine To Gays: Nyet + MORE Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBoy Scouts vote to allow gay youth, continue ban on gay adults! Stuart_bellamy_from_premiere_london_for_gia_by_enokae_via_homotography_1

*widget boy cultureElliot Morales indicted for murdering Mark Carson in NYC.

*widget boy cultureAmanda Bynes gets arrested.

*widget boy cultureSee the wet-nipples scene cut from Star Trek.

*widget boy cultureHow hot is Stuart Bellamy?

*widget boy cultureNo Gay Pride Parade for Ukraine. Trayvon-Martin

*widget boy cultureTrayvon Martin's cellphone data leaked to paint him as expendable.

*widget boy cultureSteven Wenslawski & the men of NYC in their tightie brighties.

WENSLAWSKIBeach blanket himbo.

May 22 2013
Coming Scout Of The Closet Comments (0)
Dr. Phil is joining GLAAD to call on the Boy Scouts of America to get rid of all restrictions on gay scouts. Does this mean I need to like him now?
May 19 2013
Remember Mark Carson Comments (1)
GLAAD is hosting a march against LGBT violence in honor of Mark Carson, the 32-year-old gay man murdered in the West Village this week.
May 18 2013
Need To Know: Gay Leader Out, Dirty Harry Reid, Midler vs. Teabaggers, American Dads + MORE Comments (0)

Revistah_10Fancy a dip?

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Marco Antônio Arcoverde Cals for H Magazine. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureTHE NEW MARLENE: Preview Madonna's MDNA Tour on Epix.

*widget boy cultureFirst-ever film adaptation of a David Sedaris piece to open Outfest.

*widget boy cultureHerndon Graddick resigns as GLAAD director after a year. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureWill Harry Reid really go nuclear this time?

*widget boy culturePresident Obama is squeaky-clean, conservatives can't get over it

*widget boy cultureI'LL TAX YOU FIRST: Tagged as a hate group...by Bette Midler. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureColin Egglesfield is attractive.

*widget boy cultureSentences can end in prepositions.

*widget boy cultureBeating up on gays via court, and more literally.

*widget boy cultureNew gay dads (my pals) Matt & Josh meet their new twins:

May 15 2013
Too Gorgeous To Care If We're Fools Comments (1)
Jinkx Monsoon sings "The Drag Queens Who Lunch" at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco...

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Apr 24 2013
Air Disses @ The GLAAD Media Awards Comments (2)

Cloris-1I'm such a Phyllistine

Saturday was the GLAAD Media Awards in L.A. It's been four days, but keep in mind I had to travel and work in-between!

FreddieI like GLAAD. I support the work it does. I think all of the awareness it raises is invaluable, let alone the training it offers to newly-minted gay heroes and heroines and the hell it gives people and organizations who insist on defaming the LGBT community. There's nothing wrong with throwing a party to have fun and raise money and garner attention, even if the awards being handed out are certainly up for debate. I love Bill Clinton, but I'm not sure he truly deserves an award for his leadership on gay issues. I've never doubted he is pro-gay, but I'm not sure he's actually led with his gut. Not saying he should be tarred and feathered—he's done lots of good—but I am on the fence as to whether GLAAD should be awarding him anything.

RumerSimon Halls, Matt Bomer, Rumer Willis & Jayson Blair: Power quadruple

All that said, the event was held at the J.W. Marriott, which sounds like someone who would be starring in Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976) or some other pre-condom (as opposed to bareback) classique. The carpet was wide open and there really weren't that many media types on my side of it. Beth-ditto-1Considering the scores of stars I snagged last year in L.A., I thought this was a good omen.

I was next to Autostraddle (I always am; they're cool) and the adorbs (the word suits him) Matthew Rodrigues, an on-camera host for Pop Sugar. I said, "I'm Matthew." He said, "I'm Matthew." I said, "I was Matthew first." He agreed a little too quickly, which instantly gave rise to a boner of contention; I had a hard-on for teasing him about it.

ChazChaz gave one interview on our end of the carpet—to Ms. Damiana Garcia

No matter; it wasn't even a real faux pas as I am clearly old enough to be his dad, which he denied, guessing me at 34. His straight camera guy went lower. At this point I was selling all my shares in Botox since I've never touched the stuff.

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Mar 18 2013
Meriting A Response Comments (5)

Video courtesy of Yann Perrigault

A truly annoying piece on HuffPo takes it upon itself to apologize for Madonna and GLAAD's "flamboyant" statement against the Boy Scouts. As I wrote on the site and to the author on Twitter, I don't believe activists get anywhere by coddling, wringing our hands and expressing disappointment. I'm offended by the concept of approaching a sworn enemy (as the Scouts' decision-makers are) with an apology and I think the entire GLAAD appearance, while pointed, was really very funny. Madonna's ridiculous get-up tweaked the Scouts and was a great way to mock just how silly their policy really is.

Worse than silly, it's discriminatory, and it's a policy they've had ample opportunity to reconsider in recent decades. Their clear-eyed decision to keep going with it (for now) makes the Boy Scouts absolutely equal to a restricted country club, so they should be mocked and shamed, not the activist-minded Madonna and GLAAD, who are, after all, on the right side of history.

ANYway, I'm sure the author was well-intentioned, but I really think his piece gives aid and succor to an enemy. And until they change their policy, they are an enemy.

As an antidote, check out the cute backstage video above, in which the face of the battle vs. the Scouts—lesbian mom Jennifer Tyrrell—humbly thanks Madonna for "doing that," to which Madonna says, "My pleasure."

Here is Jennifer from the carpet that evening, before her emotional speech from the stage:

On The Red Carpet & On Stage @ The 24th GLAAD Media Awards Comments (0)



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