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Sep 12 2012
I Love Lu-C-Cup: Is This Lucille Ball Topless? Comments (3)

I Love Lucy Lucille Ball topless nude
Via Globe (September 24, 2012): Lucille Ball fan Wanda Gaither scored a cover chip on Globe with what her Hollywood find—a photo that is alleged to show the late Lucille Ball topless. Gaither claims that the photo was taken in the "Pike amusement area in Long Beach when Lucy first came to California from New York in he early '30s."

LucyBlondeingreendresscopyConfirmed photo of a teenage Ball from the same period

Why would Ball go topless? Gaither says she probably just did it to impress a boyfriend, not for money. The original Vanessa Hudgens!

So is it really Lucy? Definitely looks like her, but I will have to defer to the world's #1 Lucy fan, Michael Stern. Once he gets back to me, I'll post his thoughts. This could be a case of finding an old photo that resembles someone famous and concoting a claim, which is what happened to Betty White with all those nude photos that people still think are actually her (but aren't).

Sep 09 2012
Public Benjamin: Eileen Brennan Gets The "Sad Last Days" Treatment Comments (5)

Eileen Brennan
Yay to Globe (September 17, 2012) for reminding everyone that Eileen Brennan, 78 80, is still alive, but boo to them for meeting up with her in order to write a story about her "sad last days."  Brennan, who is not well and is surviving on her SAG pension, says:

"I'm also at a point where leaving this place behind is just fine and dandy with me!" 

She also refers to a photo of the late Madeline Kahn, saying:

"I'll probably be seeing you sooner rather than later, sis! I'm ready any time, you know. Just let it be quick and painless!"

Aug 22 2012
Father Figure Comments (2)

Liberace Scott Thorson anal cancer
Globe (September 3, 2012) breaks the sad news that Liberace's infamous boy toy, 54-year-old Scott Thorson—whose memoir is the basis for the Michael Douglas/Matt Damon biopic—is dying of anal cancer. They speculate that he may not live to see the movie completed.

Thorson has said of his relationship with Liberace, during which he had a girlfriend:

"It was kind of like a father-son relationship, but we had sex."

Kind of.

I still remember reading about Liberace's "watermelon diet" in the breakroom of The Fair Store, where I worked as a teen in Flint, Michigan, and never suspecting it was a phony story to cover up his imminent death from AIDS.

Aug 15 2012
Dirty Dance Fever Comments (0)

Hillary Clinton dirty dancing Bill GlobeShe's dancing on Vince Foster's grave, right?

Remember those cute images of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dancing and having fun in South Africa? Yeah, Globe (August 27, 2012) thinks it was "dirty dancing. That humiliated Bill Clinton. And that Bill Clinton is dying. And President Obama was married before. This tabloid has really became the go-to rag for right-wingers in recent years.

Aug 03 2012
Bi George? Comments (1)

Sherman Hemsley gay
Globe (August 13, 2012) is the only 'bloid I noticed that talked about the gay rumors surrounding the late Sherman Hemsley. Their source says he "had a secret life but he was very discreet about it. He wasn't seen in gay clubs. He stayed away from that scene."

Gunning For Her Comments (15)

Madonna MDNA firearms guns poll Us Weekly gone too far
In case you thought Madonna might be in for a softer critical reception for her MDNA Tour in her home country, I'm not sure these clips from the week's tabloids will do anything to bolster your theory. Above, Us (August 13, 2012) says that 90% of its online readers think Madonna brandishing fake firearms in concert is "going too far." (What about all the fake firearms in every action movie ever made???) And below, Globe (August 13, 2012), a very conservative publication, groans that Madonna's use of guns is "simply revolting!"

Madonna MDNA Tour guns

Jul 12 2012
Goin' On A Manhunt Comments (0)

Florence Henderson Manhunt
I realize you can't believe everything—anything?—you read in Globe (July 23, 2012), but I really want to believe that Mrs. Brady has a profile on Manhunt. Perhaps she is seeking a raw bottom into ageplay.

Jun 10 2012
Fat Chance Comments (10)

There aren't many positive things that can be said about Globe (June 18, 2012), but one would be that it's the kind of magazine that would devote half a page to Norman Chaney, aka "Chubby", of Little Rascals fame 76 years after his death.

9274_1013411841He kinda reminds me of Mark Wahlberg

Norman-chaney-1Seems the stout star died at 21 after what sounds like some kind of antique weight-loss surgery and was buried in an unmarked grave. Today, fans want to raise $4,000 for a tombstone.

I understand affection for a star, but he's done fine for 76 years. Wouldn't that four grand do more good at an animal shelter or for starving kids?


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