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Jul 19 2013
Pulp Friction Comments (0)
Shots of John Travolta cavorting with cabana boys as part of a TV commercial shoot have been everywhere, but I especially liked Globe (July 29, 2013)'s take, which ended with: "Bottoms up!"
Jun 28 2013
Armie Knife Comments (0)

In Globe (July 8, 2013), Armie Hammer discusses a time when he was banging a girlfriend who piped up with this chilling bit of dirty talk:

"True love leaves scars—you don't have any."

She then promptly tried to stab him with a butcher knife.

I don't think I'd want to leave any scars on lovely Armie. Maybe just an anal fissure or three.

Jun 23 2013
C'mon...Shirley Jones Got Happy, Too Comments (0)

In a piece about Shirley Jones's upcoming book Shirley Jones: A Memoir, Globe (July 1, 2013) underscores the fact that Jones did drugs, boozed, turned down a four-way with her hubby and the Joan Collinses and used to shag bipolar "love of my life" Jack Cassidy in a  garage near her house.

Shirley-JonesThe jacket's as red as Shirley is—she is a conservative Republican.

I guess if we'd known all of the above, all of the below wouldn't have been so funny and surprising a few years ago...

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Jun 01 2013
Jonesing For Catherine Zeta's Hubby Comments (0)
Globe (June 10, 2013) breaks news that Michael Douglas was hit on by a male fan. Emphasis theirs. OMG. Probably the first time, like, ever, hence the dearie-in-the-headlights look. How queer.
May 25 2013
Back To The Drawing Board Comments (3)

I had such a thing for poor Bert Convy, who died young from brain cancer. He was the host of, among other things, Win, Lose or Draw, a series I loved...and it's coming back! Globe (June 3, 2013) says Disney Channel is hosting a new version of the game show.

May 24 2013
Hard To Stomach Comments (1)

Via Globe (June 3, 2013): Chris Christie's gastric bypass was performed by a doctor (Dr. George Fielding) accused of killing four patients. The man's rep is so bad he was smacked by a coroner's report for "his entrepreneurial approach" to medicine. Christie sure can pick 'em.

May 16 2013
Circle Jerk Of Life Comments (0)
Elton John and David Furnish go cheek to cheek with Neil Patrick Harris and David Furnish, as seen in Globe (May 27, 2013).
Apr 14 2013
Clinton Globe-al Initiative Comments (2)
Globe (April 22, 2013) claims that Bill Clinton had an affair with an African woman who later died of AIDS. I guess that would bolster the magazine's not infrequent claims that Bill is all but dead if they could cook up a story that he's been battling HIV without even know it, even though I have no doubt he's been tested at every physical for the past 30 years.
Apr 05 2013
Word Is Out Comments (0)

Via Globe (April 15, 2013): There are rumors that NBC tried to quash any publicity surrounding lesbian on-air personality Jenna Wolfe's relationship with NBC reporter Stepahnie Gosk with whom she is having a baby

NBC really can't buy good PR these days.

This Is The Way That I Feel Comments (1)
Via Globe (April 15, 2013): Marie Osmond, who recently came out for marriage equality (she has a lesbian daughter) is allegedly at odds with the rest of her clan. Brother Alan recently threw a fundraiser against equality, and brother Donny is on the record against it as well.