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Oct 24 2012
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Shirtless model
Widget boy cultureCreator Magazine's latest body beautiful (Work Unfriendly).

Widget boy cultureBon voyage, Bilbo Baggins.

Widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres gets Twained.

Ellen DeGeneres Twain

Widget boy cultureClint Eastwood, for some reason, is back.

Widget boy cultureKevin Rettinger strips for Mirko Fuhrherr.

Widget boy cultureLana Wachowski speech on her journey to womanhood.

Widget boy cultureGOProud refuses to believe Romney is against gay partners having hospital visitation rights.

Widget boy cultureAllred's surprise: Mitt lied under oath to help his friend screw his wife out of millions.

Widget boy cultureTrump's surprise is no surprise: He'll pay $5 million for Obama's college/passport records.

Widget boy cultureIndiana's Mourdock refuses to apologize for saying rape is "God's intent."

Gloria Allred Maureen StembergAllred hopes to first-wives club Mitt Romney over the head

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Trump Allred October Surprise

Twin October Surprises (are they surprises if they're premeditated?):

In a case brought by the the Boston Globe, a judge will decide (at 9 a.m. EST) whether to lift gag orders on a case involving the nasty divorce of Mitt Romney booster and Staples kingpin Tom Stemberg and his ex-wife Maureen. Gloria Allred is apparently representing someone involved, probably Maureen.

Allred is brilliant and politically very canny—it's hard to believe she would bother unless what was in the papers, and what Maureen is dying to say, is more damaging than a garden-variety divorce or even an affair.

But we may never know, as there's a good chance the judge will deny this request.

The other surprise is one being perpetrated by Donald Trump. Less savvy politically, he's more focused on sensationalism, so it's not impossible to imagine he may really have something stupid, like the Obamas' divorce papers (which would not cause many waves unless they contained contradictory personal info or REALLY unsavory details of why they almost divorced).

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