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May 05 2016
Cagney & Lacey & Clinton: TV Shows That Would Probably Be With Her Comments (0)

Tumblr_mp043237wO1sxu0g2o1_400(TV still via CBS)

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless provided a Cagney & Lacey reunion at an event last night to raise cash for Hillary Clinton. Hillary needs more money so she can fend off Bernie Sanders for another month while simultaneously fighting the real enemy, Donald Trump.

Don't you think Cagney & Lacey just feels right for a Hillary event?

A baker's dozen other TV shows that feel Hillary-ish:


Fykaa-1“Who else ... Trump?” “I'M WITH HER!” (GIF via f*ckyeahkateandallietumblr/CBS)

Kate and Allie

The only household in TV-land headed by two women not to produce two votes for Hillary would probably be Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Nup_151090_0004This was just an example of Clintonian bridge-building. (TV still via NBC)

Parks and Recreation

C'mon, Leslie could never say “Knope” to her idol. The biggest hold-out would be Ron, who of course would have assembled a homemade fertilizer bomb to park in a truck outside the local polling station.


Tumblr_ma2x67xD391qcwrtdo3_500Karen might think she can buy access to Hillary, but that only works with a gay card. (GIF via NBC)

Will & Grace

Will exemplifies the thoughtful, conservative-slanted, socially liberal gay-for-Hillary crowd; Jack exemplifies the thoughtless, liberal-slanted, socially even-more-liberal gay-for-Hillary crowd; Grace would say she was phone-banking but sneak off to Burger King instead; Karen, fortunately, wouldn't vote. (Also, the show was the first sitcom ever to name-check Obama ... way back in 2004! (Starts at 4:00)!)


Cybill813They even had the hair. (TV still via CBS)


Though I think Shepherd in real life is a gun-lovin' political wild card, the characters—a feisty liberal and a rebellious oligarch—would probably overlap, Venn-style, for HRC.


Tumblr_mbb0219ARh1qbzvnio1_500(Meme via f*ckyeahmurphybrown/CBS)

Murphy Brown

Is there really any doubt that Murphy would be an “I'm with Her” gal? All that Quayle hunting worked out about as well for the Republicans as it did for Dick Cheney.


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Apr 11 2016
You'll Read GOLDEN GIRLS FOREVER Many, Many Times! Comments (0)

Y648(Image via Harper Design)

Picture it: Your living room, late at night, Grindr's buzzing but you're blissfully unaware. Why? Because you just got a book, a book so good they named it.

Tumblr_nul99krvsn1qlvwnco4_500(GIF via NBC)

If you love The Golden Girls—and let's face it, if you don't, maybe you're on the wrong site?—you will love Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai (Harper Design, $35) by Jim Colucci, and you will absolutely never regret devoting many quiet evenings to committing it to memory.

Tumblr_mi6dfbwaa01s56i94o1_400(GIF via NBC)

Colucci authored the already indispensable The Q Guide to the Golden Girls (Alyson, 2006)—which was specifically targeted at fancy men everywhere—but has taken a more encyclopedic approach this time around, offering 368 pages filled with internal memos; stills; on-set personal candids; interviews with “the show's creators, actors, guest stars, producers, writers, and crew members”; and even a section of tributes from famous fans like Zachary Quinto and Laverne Cox. 

As the expert on the series, Colucci was able to interview Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur in the years prior to their deaths, and also delivers a new Q&A with Betty White.

Tumblr_m3ik5icFi51r2o04io10_r1_250(GIF via NBC)

The book's greatest use is its inclusion of exhaustive summaries of every episode, which do a lot more than regurgitate IMDb factoids. Colucci offers original comments from the creatives on the making-of that serve as incredible oral histories, the likes of which few if any other TV series have ever received.

Golden Girls Forever also faithfully documents fan art and fan-appreciation events/plays, making it not just a memento of the series, but a breathlessly faithful chronicle of its impact on the greater culture.

Golden-girls-rose-betty-white(GIF via NBC)

On a more superficial level, the book is also beautifully designed, as pretty as Blanche's perky bosoms.

Take a lesson, Rose, Golden Girls Forever is how you tell a story.

Jan 23 2016
6-PACK — 30" Of Jonas? Okay! + Gay Marriage Italian Style + Singlet Laddies + That Man's As Gay As A Picnic Basket + 1 Word Of Kindness + Art Attack! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBURNING UP: Winter Storm Jonas Brothers is here. Images

*widget boy cultureItalians fight for same-sex civil unions.

*widget boy cultureWrestler GIFs are my gifts to you:

Tumblr_nzjex3x5fM1u00hfko1_250 Tumblr_nzjex3x5fM1u00hfko5_250








*widget boy cultureNYC politician comes out as gay Golden Girls fan on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureMadonna warmly acknowledges sweet fan missive.

*widget boy cultureJohn K.'s insanely erotic Polaroids. Images

56a100241f0000500021663aA walk to remember

Nov 24 2015
Granny & Grampy Panties Comments (0)


If you're independently wealthy, you may wanna invest in a $160 set of Golden Girls panties for every occasion, including crotchless Blanche Devereaux skivvies. Yep, $160—talk about getting your panties for a wad.

If your cooch leans to the left, you could also think about some bona fide Bernie Sanders undies. (Half of your investment fuels his campaign—in a totally unauthorized way.)

Of course, you may not want to feel the Bern down there. Keep reading for those ...

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Sep 19 2015
Shady Lines Comments (0)


Best T-shirt ever? No? Shady Pines, Ma.

Sep 11 2015
Ru McClanahan Comments (0)

These queens love The Golden Girls as much as you do!

Sep 05 2015
The Golden ... Girls Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 6.51.08 PM

Some of RuPaul's favorite queens will be sitting in as the Golden Girls characters in Logo's upcoming salute to the 30th anniversary of the series.

Not sure why they cut Estelle Getty out of their promo:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 6.49.58 PM

Looks like Shangela is playing her in the clips special, so ... what gives?

Aug 28 2015
A GOLDEN GIRLS Blow-Out Comments (0)


Gotta love these Golden Girls devotional candles.


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