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Jul 30 2016
Thank You For Being A Comrade Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.59.50 AM(Video still via YouTube @LGBT-WORLD ONDEMAND)

This hilarious parody of Trump's ties to Russia can actually be seen from inside Sarah Palin's house, since it's a Golden Girls mash-up ...

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Jul 13 2016
Thank You For Being A Deceased Friend Comments (0)
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.06.35 PM(Image via NBC)

I actually like the theme from The Golden Girls as a majestic, sad-hearted—albeit unrecognizable—dirge ...

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Jul 07 2016
Stage & Screen Actor John McMartin Dies @ 86 Comments (0)

S-l1600John McMartin (August 21, 1929-July 2016) with Shirley MacLaine in 1969's Sweet Charity (Image via Universal)

RIP to John McMartin, the actor best known as the original Ben in Follies (1971)—he was that production's last surviving cast member—and for several other high-profile originating roles on Broadway. He died at age 86 of cancer this month.

McMartin appeared in innumerable important and well-remembered productions, including Sweet Charity (1966; he reprised his role in the film three years later), Don Juan (1972), The Visit (1973), Showboat (1994), Into the Woods (2002) and Grey Gardens (2006).

ImagesPresidential (Image via Warner Bros.)

His most prominent film appearances was probably in All the President's Men (1976). He worked on the stage and on TV in 2015, when he popped up on an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode.

From Playbill:

Offstage, Mr. McMartin was far from the archetypal actor. Quiet, self-effacing and retiring, he disliked publicity and seldom gave interviews. He was a regular at Sardi’s, and the staff knew to leave him to himself. When asked in 2002 by Playbill about the laudatory reviews and honors that greeted his performance 043_-_The_Golden_Girls_-_Forgive_Me_Fatherin High Society, he replied, “I'm rather shy anyway. I feel uncomfortable. You don't like to be confronted. You'd rather overhear good things.”

Of course, to me, he'll always be the priest who cock-teased Dorothy on The Golden Girls (1987) and Simon Worthington from Madonna's Who's That Girl (1987).

Jun 20 2016
6-PACK — Billy Eichner & Ross Mathews Are Fighting + GOLDEN GIRLS Café + Hairy Dude + #BernieOrBreakWind + Sheen Slams Trump + Will Uncle Thomas Retire? Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBilly Eichner comes hard for Ross Mathews, who kills brutally with kindness in response. Can't we like both?

*widget boy cultureRue La Rue Café—in honor of Golden Girls goddess Rue McClanahan—to open at 4396 Broadway in NYC. In other news: I don't go up that far.

*widget boy cultureProbably the hottest hairy stud you'll see today, and that includes if you're randomly surfing Tumblr at work.

*widget boy cultureTruly deranged #BernieOrBust crowd plans a fart-in to disrupt Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Involves cans of beans.

*widget boy cultureEven crazy Charlie Sheen knows Donald Trump is a fake-ass bitch. Trump fires campaign manager, campaign in free fall.

*widget boy cultureJustice Clarence Thomas's right-wing-activist wife says rumors of his retirement are greatly exaggerated. Thomas has spoken ONCE in last TEN YEARS on bench.

Jun 14 2016
6-PACK — Flush With GOLDEN GIRLS Merch + Jim Obergefell On Orlando + Mark Carson's Murderer Gets 40 Years + Hillary Rises In New Poll + Russian Hackers Have The Skinny On The Donald + Hot Fashion Tip! Comments (0)

Il_570xN.629124242_izwm(Image via Etsy)

*widget boy cultureLet's not pretend you have no interest in owning a Golden Girls toilet seat.

*widget boy cultureMarriage-equality court victor Jim Obergefell on Orlando: “There are always people who try to pull us back.”

*widget boy cultureElliot Morales sentenced to 40 years to life in hate-crime shooting death of Mark Carson. Bye!

Article-shot2-0518Mark Carson (Image via handout)

*widget boy cultureNOVEMBER, HURRY UP: Hillary bests Trump by 12% in latest poll.

*widget boy cultureRussian hackers broke into DNC server, have all the Democrats' opposition research on Donald Trump.

*widget boy cultureGarçon Model is where it's at when it comes to mouth-watering models and the look you want to know better. Shop here, dear.

Unnamed(Image via Garçon Model)

Bea Movie Comments (0)

200(GIF via #LNSM)

If you watched Deadpool (loved it, and not just for all the buns-baring Ryan Reynolds scenes), you probably caught the use of a Bea Arthur image. Find out how much it cost producers after the jump ...

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Jun 05 2016
I've Got Four Girlfriends In Canada Comments (0)

Header_image(Image via Thank You for Being a Friend)

For those of you contemplating a move to Canada in November, too bad this will be closed by then—a puppet show devoted to The Golden Girls!

May 05 2016
Cagney & Lacey & Clinton: TV Shows That Would Probably Be With Her Comments (0)

Tumblr_mp043237wO1sxu0g2o1_400(TV still via CBS)

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless provided a Cagney & Lacey reunion at an event last night to raise cash for Hillary Clinton. Hillary needs more money so she can fend off Bernie Sanders for another month while simultaneously fighting the real enemy, Donald Trump.

Don't you think Cagney & Lacey just feels right for a Hillary event?

A baker's dozen other TV shows that feel Hillary-ish:


Fykaa-1“Who else ... Trump?” “I'M WITH HER!” (GIF via f*ckyeahkateandallietumblr/CBS)

Kate and Allie

The only household in TV-land headed by two women not to produce two votes for Hillary would probably be Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Nup_151090_0004This was just an example of Clintonian bridge-building. (TV still via NBC)

Parks and Recreation

C'mon, Leslie could never say “Knope” to her idol. The biggest hold-out would be Ron, who of course would have assembled a homemade fertilizer bomb to park in a truck outside the local polling station.


Tumblr_ma2x67xD391qcwrtdo3_500Karen might think she can buy access to Hillary, but that only works with a gay card. (GIF via NBC)

Will & Grace

Will exemplifies the thoughtful, conservative-slanted, socially liberal gay-for-Hillary crowd; Jack exemplifies the thoughtless, liberal-slanted, socially even-more-liberal gay-for-Hillary crowd; Grace would say she was phone-banking but sneak off to Burger King instead; Karen, fortunately, wouldn't vote. (Also, the show was the first sitcom ever to name-check Obama ... way back in 2004! (Starts at 4:00)!)


Cybill813They even had the hair. (TV still via CBS)


Though I think Shepherd in real life is a gun-lovin' political wild card, the characters—a feisty liberal and a rebellious oligarch—would probably overlap, Venn-style, for HRC.


Tumblr_mbb0219ARh1qbzvnio1_500(Meme via f*ckyeahmurphybrown/CBS)

Murphy Brown

Is there really any doubt that Murphy would be an “I'm with Her” gal? All that Quayle hunting worked out about as well for the Republicans as it did for Dick Cheney.


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