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Jun 07 2014
Need To Know: Katy Slays Gaga + New ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK + Pride On Parade + Armed And Dangerously Hot + MORE! Comments (0)

Katy perry*widget boy cultureKaty Perry responds to Lady Gaga a month later—and it burns.

*widget boy cultureFor Jay-Z, Beyoncé isn't enough.

*widget boy cultureInfamous Cat on a Hot Tin Roof production reskedded!

*widget boy cultureAmazing early-years Pride pix!

*widget boy cultureCheck out the dude at right in the raw.

*widget boy cultureHot Orange is the New Black photos from Out.

*widget boy cultureBiceps for days.

*widget boy cultureSultan of Brunei employee against the boycott.

*widget boy cultureTV's Long Island Medium is a big(-haired) phony.

*widget boy cultureJason Collins teams with Marriott on #LoveTravels.

*widget boy cultureAmazing supercut of '70s news about gay rights:

*widget boy cultureRando convict thinks of Madonna as his big sister because 1982.

*widget boy cultureFree rimjobs! (Well, they'll cost ya some pizza.)

*widget boy cultureDON'T GO AWAY MAD, JUST GO AWAY: GOProud implodes.

*widget boy cultureTARGET EXCLUSIVE: Sam Smith's “Reminds Me of You.”

Sam-Smith-Exclusive-Target.com-AlbumImportant reminder...

Nov 07 2012
Need To Know: Forward Comments (0)

Barack-Obama-hair-flag-ladyThe lady with the flag in her hair was a scene-stealer. Aretha wants one NOW.

Widget boy culturePresident Barack Obama's instant-classic 2 a.m. victory speech.

Widget boy cultureWhy his win is, in fact, a mandate.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney's brief but conciliatory concession. Tammy-Baldwin

Widget boy cultureTammy Baldwin's powerful victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTommy Thompson's deflated concession speech.

Widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren's exhilarated victory speech.

Widget boy cultureScott Brown's defensive concession speech.

Widget boy cultureClaire McCaskill's against-all-odds victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTodd Akin's must-see revolting cunt-cession speech. Barack-Obama-Michelle

Widget boy cultureHeidi Heitkamp (D) narrowly defeats Rick Berg (R) in ND.

Widget boy cultureJon Tester (D) looks set to beat Denny Rehberg (R) in MT.

Widget boy cultureGabby Giffords' aide slightly behind in race to succeed her in AZ.

Widget boy cultureOpenly gay Richard Tisei (R) loses to John Tierney (D) in MA.

Widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann (RX100) beats Jim Graves (D) in MN...barely.

Widget boy cultureAllen West (RX1,000) probably loses to Patrick Murphy (D) in FL...barely.

Widget boy cultureJeff Flake (R) defeats Richard Carmona (D) in AZ.

Widget boy cultureSenate will have highest % of females ever...at 18%.

Widget boy cultureGA won by Romney, but by less than 8%. Swing state '16.

Widget boy cultureAll four marriage-equality votes favored the good guys.

Widget boy cultureOH newswoman has zero integrity, sick of talking about it.

Widget boy cultureGOProud not only stupid, but also bitter.

Widget boy cultureBrian Williams on Trump: "Driven well past the last exit to relevance."

Drunk-Diane-Sawyer"Hey, guysh...if you wanna hear shum shtuff, I'll tell yas shum Nixshun shtuff...whee!"

Widget boy cultureProjection: Diane Sawyer is sleeping it off right now.

Widget boy cultureCO, WA & MA chillax on the pot issue.

Widget boy cultureL.A.: Porn performers must wear condoms. MADONNA STRIPS OBAMA

Widget boy cultureMadonna thrills at news of Obama's victory. Strips.

Widget boy cultureOther stars react to President Obama's big win.

Widget boy cultureKarl Rove refuses to accept reality. Worked in '00. Not this time.

Karl-Rove-OhioThis turd has blossomed

Oct 31 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

2012 obama-romney720From not-so-bad to worse

Widget boy cultureAbove: Barack Obama and Mitt Romey are NOT. THE. SAME.

Widget boy cultureNate Silver not voting, but if he did, it would be between...Johnson and Romney???

Widget boy cultureAnother poll shows Obama ahead in...Florida??? Ricky Martin no pants underwear

Widget boy cultureRicky Martin drops his pants for charity.

Widget boy cultureNew Sicilian governor is gay! (But an asshole.)

Widget boy cultureFor Sharon Needles, "Everyday (sic) is Halloween."

Widget boy cultureJohnny Depp's drag routine for David Furnish.

Widget boy cultureBreezy Point among hardest hit by Sandy thanks to fire.

Widget boy cultureClimate-change deniers are "pigs." (Can pigs swim?)

Widget boy cultureMaryland marriage is on the brink.

Widget boy cultureGay Republican faked hate crime, is fired. GOProud still supports.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney's Ohio relief event was a total fraud.

Mitt Romney fraudCanned empathy

Oct 24 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Shirtless model
Widget boy cultureCreator Magazine's latest body beautiful (Work Unfriendly).

Widget boy cultureBon voyage, Bilbo Baggins.

Widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres gets Twained.

Ellen DeGeneres Twain

Widget boy cultureClint Eastwood, for some reason, is back.

Widget boy cultureKevin Rettinger strips for Mirko Fuhrherr.

Widget boy cultureLana Wachowski speech on her journey to womanhood.

Widget boy cultureGOProud refuses to believe Romney is against gay partners having hospital visitation rights.

Widget boy cultureAllred's surprise: Mitt lied under oath to help his friend screw his wife out of millions.

Widget boy cultureTrump's surprise is no surprise: He'll pay $5 million for Obama's college/passport records.

Widget boy cultureIndiana's Mourdock refuses to apologize for saying rape is "God's intent."

Gloria Allred Maureen StembergAllred hopes to first-wives club Mitt Romney over the head

Mar 01 2012
He Went Proud Comments (6)


WOW...bombastic, influential, former GOProud-supporting, lies-spewing, right-wing editor and publisher Andrew Breitbart has died—of natural causes—at only 43. This is apparently confirmed, too. Can't say I will miss him, but it's quite a shocker.


Click here to see him furiously debating with Michelangelo Signorile on the issue of outing conservatives; this was just last week.

Dead by 43—he must've been gay. Because, as conservatives argue, that's about our life expectancy.

Oct 12 2011
R.I.P. Matthew Shepard Comments (7)

Take some time out to remember Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old kid who was targeted for his sexual orientation, beaten and left for dead 13 years ago today.

Whenever I hear GOProud-type gays siding with anti-gays in saying that hate crimes legislation is unnecessary, I remember cases like Shepard's and I can't help but think that while everyone is entitled to a difference of opinion, some opinions amount to selling out your own people and yourself.

Oct 04 2011
The (Anti-G)A-(y) List Comments (8)

With thanks to Dave for the tip: It's gross enough that LOGO would feature Ann Coulter on their new Dallas A-List spin-off—ratings are nice, but (1) will they even happen over such a stunt? and (2) she's as vile as any public figure this country has produced in the past hundred years.

But what's with this—LOGO's blog NewNowNext writes that she's "always been somewhat supportive of the gay community" before saying "politics aside," blahblahblah.

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Aug 11 2011
Dan Choi: "I'm not a superman." Comments (0)

Dan Choi visits The Six Pack and discusses various topics, including his recently SafariScreenSnapz001 becoming ordained as a minister. (He's a born-again Christian but seems to refer to his ministry quite irreverently.)

On whether one of the first legal New York same-sex weddings might've been as emotional for the minister performing it as for the couple being joined in matrimony:

"I think so. I think for all of us who've been working so hard, we wanted that moment to say, 'We're finally equal in this aspect.'"

Lt-dan-choiThe six pack...before

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