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Sep 04 2014
Need To Know: I'll Drink To That + Corruption Eruption + Zac Grabs For The Gold + Licking Kitty + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Benedict Cumberbatch accepts his GQ Award drunk (at the very least).

*widget boy cultureVA's former governor, virulently anti-gay, and his kooky wife found GUILTY.

*widget boy cultureGay groups finally allowed to march in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2015.

*widget boy cultureZac Efron crotch-grab gif. Some dude's giant bulge.

*widget boy cultureReally bad at pussy licking.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco goes bald.

*widget boy cultureWho knew “Dr. Madonna” was a gynecologist?

*widget boy cultureBecause teenagers should not wave dildos at motorists.

*widget boy cultureAn Indiegogo-level memorial for Arturo Galster.

*widget boy cultureCastro queens can not spell.

*widget boy cultureSexFit rings keep score of how good your penis is at sex.

*widget boy cultureBruno Knight, gay pornstar busted for meth at LAX, had ironic role. (Work Unfriendly)

Bruno-KnightAnother fine meth

Aug 16 2014
Need To Know: Over The Topless Reaction + Shazbottom + Half-Baked Alaskan + Beyoncé vs. Baby Mama + MO Batter Blues + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureIf you are “horrified” by the above cover, grow up.

*widget boy cultureRobin Williams + gay hustler = must-see movie.

*widget boy cultureIs Beyoncé really not Blue Ivy's mom after all?

*widget boy cultureInsane racist woman in death threat-laden viral video.

*widget boy cultureHOT guys, HARD at work.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco is playing insane ex-gay Michael Glatze, who really hates the gays.

 *widget boy culture'90s teen heartthrob Andrew Keegan invented a religion.

Andrew-KeeganBad religion

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga's lesbian fan letter.

*widget boy cultureChris Martin's got a type: Annoying blondes.

*widget boy cultureChristian singer Vicky Beeching comes out swinging in 1st post-coming out interview.

*widget boy cultureFerguson cops beat a suspect, charged him for bloodying their uniforms.

*widget boy culturePapal selfies are the latest thing.

*widget boy cultureGay blogger thinks gay men need to grow up and stay out of the bars.

*widget boy culturePioneering skateboarder Jay Adams dies @ 53.

Jay-AdamsHe was a sk8er boi, see ya later, boy...

Mar 31 2014
Make Mine A Double-Breasted Comments (0)
  Chris-Messina-3 Chris-Messina-1 Chris-Messina-2

QSupersexy Chris Messina is one of my favorite men of TV. Here, he models the double-breasted jacket trend for GQ (April 2014). I love this guy, and love The Mindy Project, which returns April 1.

Mar 29 2014
Get Your Kit Off Comments (0)
  Kit-Harington-GQ-2 Kit-Harington-GQ-3 Kit-Harington-GQ-4

Kit Harington of Game of Thrones fame gives a candid interview to GQ (April 2014), in which he's asked if he'd show his "manhood" if required by the script. He replies:

"I wouldn't say I'd be happy about it...I'm not saying. Because I don't know. It would have to be fucking well deserved."

I like that attitude.

Kit-Harington-GQ-1Kit is one of GQ's multi-cover cover stars this month, but who cares who the others are?

Mar 03 2014
Fine And Dandyish: Theo James In GQ Comments (0)
  Theo-James-2 Theo-James-1 Theo-James-3 Theo-James-4 Theo-James-5 Theo-James-6 Theo-James-7

Twenty-nine-year-old Theo James, the skinnier, more modelly, less freaky James Franco, is looking fine in a Carter Smith-shot spread for GQ (March 2014). His movie, Divergent, threatens to be the next Hunger Games.

Jan 26 2014
Bod For Business Attire Comments (0)
  James-Wolk-1 James-Wolk-2 James-Wolk-3 James-Wolk-4 James-Wolk-5 James-Wolk-6

So-sexy James Wolk poses in some slick suits for David Burton in the February 2014 issue of GQ. My fave is the fifth shot in the gallery above, showing him scarfing down a weiner while his own weiner takes center stage behind some thin fabric. Nice touch. "Bad touch," actually, if I'd been on set.

Dec 23 2013
Duck Coop Comments (0)
  Bradley-Cooper-1 Bradley-Cooper 1387211891214_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-02 1387211891216_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-03 1387211891217_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-04 1387211891220_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-05 1387211891221_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-06
1387220402480_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-08 1387220402481_bradley-cooper-gq-magazine-january-2014-cover-style-09

Bradley Cooper poses for Peggy Sirota on/in GQ (January 2014). This is that issue with the infamous Phil Robertson interview. I prefer to focus on Bradley Cooper.

Dec 19 2013
Need To Know: Duck Off; Super Cooper; Oh, Danny's Boys; Bieber Abdicates + MORE! Comments (0)

Phil-RobertsonHe had a right to talk trash, he talked trash, it had consequences. What's not to understand?

*widget boy culturePeople defending the Duck Dynasty douche's "free speech" don't get the concept. Adonis-dancer

*widget boy cultureDD dude is blissfully oblivious.

*widget boy cultureThe dancer at right will be here this weekend.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper is this fucking cute and can't help it.

*widget boy cultureDA CUBS: Bear Hill video.

*widget boy cultureInside a gay club in Sochi, Russia.

*widget boy cultureDanny Fitzgerald's first photo exhibit comes 13 years after his death. And it's amazing.

Hot-shirtless-boysBrooklyn bombshells

*widget boy cultureDJ Kidd Kraddick's fascinating life and shocking death. Hutcherson

*widget boy cultureOpenly gay swimmers and divers.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato leaving X Factor.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber leaving entertainment.

*widget boy cultureThe Voice's finale disappoints.

*widget boy cultureWhich popstar has hired Black Spark?

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson dies of cancer.

*widget boy cultureImagine making your body do this?

*widget boy cultureIf you're hesitating on Obamacare, watch this and get hard enrolled: