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Jan 14 2015
Need To Know: TransJenner + CHARLIE's Murderer Self-IDs + Hollow Romney Boast + Belli Dancer + Mommie Fearest + MORE! Comments (0)

In TouchThis is a real cover that Bauer Publishing authorized. It's in print. It exists!

*widget boy cultureIn Touch Photoshops Bruce Jenner into being female to fit their story.

*widget boy cultureMeet the new Osama bin Laden.

*widget boy cultureIF ONLY WE'D KNOWN: With President Romney, there'd be “no ISIS.”

*widget boy cultureRomney will run in '16 (as I said). Will anyone care?

*widget boy cultureNon-naked female musician allowed on Rolling Stone cover.

*widget boy cultureCharges against Eagle bartender's assailant DROPPED.

*widget boy cultureWillam's “Boy Is a Bottom” is now in Spanish!

Willam-Belli-Boy-Is-a-BottomBaby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top!

*widget boy cultureThe Bachelor's Tim Robards flashes major dick cleav. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureMadonna confirmed for Grammys performance.

*widget boy cultureCarla Alcorn, the late Leelah's mom, continues to be a total asshole.

*widget boy cultureMiley goes full-frontal. Well, some soap suds are in the way.

*widget boy cultureNaya Rivera's hygiene tips really stink.

*widget boy cultureThe GOP is gunning for Social Security. Again. Fuck their old voters.

*widget boy cultureTowleroad has Chris Hemsworth's see-through shirt dance in animated form.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb07d9f8e3970d-800wiDance, boy!

Dec 21 2014
Leak Mystique: Madonna On REBEL HEART Comments (0)


Madonna did a phoner with Billboard's Keith Caulfield this morning, and it's already up! See, she's learning how to combat leaks—do shit, then release it the same day.

Great information, including about her songwriting process, Diplo's involvement and where MNEK fits in. Great Grammy hint, too!

Jan 30 2014
Need To Know: Ball Or Nothing At All, Straight Fitness Models = Oxymorons, Oscar Shade + MORE! Comments (0)

Ass-jockHavin' a ball, wishin' you were here.

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Guy with one ball.

*widget boy cultureFitness models Jamie Dominic & Alistair Swodeck sex tape. (Work VERY Unfriendly.) Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.58.06 PM

*widget boy cultureCrappy (but improving) Sean Saves the World gets axed.

*widget boy cultureWonder if this necklace comes w/a matching roach clip?

*widget boy cultureGay anthem "Oh Father" by Anthony Starble.

*widget boy cultureNick & Aaron Carter call out the Biebs.

*widget boy cultureAndy Roddick gives you Jay-Z realness.

*widget boy cultureMore fist-shaking at gay assholes who spewed Grammys vitriol.

*widget boy cultureIf Madonna looks bad & silly @ 55 to you here, I want to look bad and silly @ 55.

*widget boy cultureGossip maven claims Macklemore was gay escort. Based on nothing. At all.

*widget boy cultureHe crashes into a chicken place, strips and JOs.

*widget boy cultureChristian movie's surprise Oscar nomination surprisingly rescindedShade.

*widget boy cultureIt's not right, but it's cats vs. kids and it will make you pee, litterbox or no.

*widget boy cultureOMG ON-J!: Olivia Newton-John's Vegas residency confirmed.


Jan 29 2014
Need To Know: Is Kirk Cameron On Drugs?, His Rape, Vin Diesel's Playlist, Don't Ever Tell Them To: Madonna & Miley Can't/Won't Stop + MORE! Comments (0)

358771019-Kirk_Cameron_drugsMaybe he should try some after all?

*widget boy cultureTo Kirk Cameron, the Grammys were "an all-out assault on traditional family."

*widget boy culturePEOPLE HAVE THE POWER: Pete Seeger's House Un-American Activities testimony.

*widget boy cultureMan claims he was raped at a gay resort. Makes a video. Doesn't tell police. Thoughts?

*widget boy cultureNEW WAY TO COME OUT: Vin Diesel jams to Beyoncé & Katy Perry.


*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus & Madonna duet on "We Can't Stop" & "Don't Tell Me" tonight on MTV. Madonna-Miley-Cyrus

*widget boy cultureWoman murdered over accidental photobomb.

*widget boy culturePrince suing fans for $1 million. Doves are bawling.

*widget boy cultureMy game of "Would You Ever?" with Big Ang.

*widget boy cultureTara Lipinski thinks skating trumps gay rights.

*widget boy cultureNew George Michael album.

*widget boy culturePatton Oswalt's mind wandered during the State of the Union:


Jan 28 2014
Need To Know: Buddy Buddy, Ramona Singin' The Blues, Madonna Is Queerer Than You Bitches + MORE! Comments (0)

Gay-kissThese boys are stopping traffic.

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Now that's a gay kiss! That's what I wanted the Bosom Buddies to do. Hot-guy

*widget boy cultureShocking RHONY divorce. Can Latifah do the divorce?

*widget boy cultureNot the world's least attractive dude, eh?

*widget boy cultureAmazing pre-fame Daft Punk footage sans masks.

*widget boy cultureEverything I've ever said RE "leave Madonna alone".

*widget boy cultureGreat way to help the cause of children with HIV.

*widget boy cultureWorld's tiniest underwear. Seriously.

*widget boy cultureAn extensive look at "flaming old queens" that goes on and on.

*widget boy cultureThe Queen Latifah Show offers a backstage glimpse of her Grammys wedding-fest.

Jan 27 2014
Evening Shade Comments (0)

"Christian" contemporary artist Natalie Grant just couldn't with the gay marriage at the Grammys. Note to Nat: Watching people do something you disagree with doesn't make you less of a Christian, and walking away so you can't see it doesn't make you more of one.


UPDATE: Even more pathetically, this poor, fragile flower apparently left because Katy Perry was too racy for her. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Jan 26 2014
Colonel Sanders Says It Best: That Was Finger-Lickin' Good Comments (0)

Madonna-Mary-Lambert-Macklemore-Ryan-Lewis-gay-marriage-weddings-GrammysQuit with the cane second-guessing—the bitch hurt herself...read a blog!

Before the telecast, a lot of gays who are better, smarter and more important gays than YOU, were kvetching that Madonna was replacing Mary Lambert, that she was usurping the song, and even that Madonna (and non-gay Macklemore) were using gays by marketing to us.

To all of that, I say: You're way too hooked on conspiracy-theory movies.

Without straight allies, gay people would have needed to enginer a coup. Even then, we've always been completely outnumbered, and most of our own ranks have always been too scaredy-cat to even stand up for themselves. To this day, we have famous gay people who are infamously closeted. Queen Latifah, admittedly in a glass closet, is not even on the record as gay. She has steadfastly refused to be so. So don't look down your elitist noses when true, sincere straight allies come your way. You need them way more than they need a small fraction of 10% of the population's dollars.

All that said, the fears were for naught—that performance of "Same Love," which seamlessly incorporated Madonna for impact, was probably deeply moving to a lot of people you may have already written off as unreachable. The song itself makes me tear up. To hear a straight man rap that he thought he was gay as a kid and to know he made that into a hit song moves me. It's meaningful in our culture. When I saw that the couples were not all gay couples but were straight and gay, that struck me as an obviously inclusive touch that I hadn't foreseen.

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Just In The Nicks Of Time: Madonna's Grammys Look? Comments (0)

Madonna-GrammysGive to me your leather, take from me my lace...

OMG, thanks to Amen Madonna, and amen...I love seeing Madonna not wearing all black. This garish, gaudy outfit is spectacular. It's like Dale Evans lezzed out with Stevie Nicks. Vive le différence! (And if she does do parts of "Music," as is rumored, this is a clever update of her all-white look from that rather unspecial video.)

And from here, a fuller shot, which reveals full-on country wedding:

Madonna-Macklemore-gay-weddingThat's entertainment, people!

Lookit, it's not fashion, it's a stage costume—and cowgirls must, by law, be tacky. That's their glory. God, I love the hair and face.

Or she just wore this for rehearsal and my pre-cum was wasted.

Another pic after the jump...

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