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Mar 01 2014
Out Of Control: The New Gay Heartthrobs Comments (0)

Wpid-tumblr_n0rmqpDu8K1rx2g3fo1_500Baring his soul...

"Out of control" hot, anyway. Now that more and more public figures are on the record as gay, more and more of them are downright hot. In the past, we've had to drool over straights and closet cases, but we have a huge array of hugely hot guys who are actually gay to now lust over. (Of course, their being gay means we stand a chance in hell with them. Right? Right?)

Case in point: Adorable Michael Sam, who should be getting drafted into the NFL, is not only out, he's photographed himself with Not-So-Little Michael about half out. (Work Unfriendly)

Collins-with-shepard-familyImage from here

Michael-Sam-hotAnd it's not only Jason Collins's heart that's big (seen here meeting with the Shepards because he wears a jersey number in tribute to their late son), it's pretty much all of him.

The most important thing to have is as many people as possible out of the closet as gay, bi, curious, transgender, questioning, asexual or straight, because that information destigmatizes the categories that are less dominant in our culture. But having gay figures who are also sex objects performs the function of further normalizing what gay is—it's not just about sex, but it's also not just a political declaration. The big picture is what it's about, and no facet of that picture should be left...out.

Who are the openly gay public figures you think are also superhot? I'm curious about your taste.

Feb 17 2014
Daily Grind Comments (0)


This short, showing women reading actual Grindr conversations, is pretty hysterical until we get to the 30-year-old comic who seems to genuinely have no idea who Tim Curry is...

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Dec 09 2013
Need To Know: So Many Men, Porn Industry Pulls Out, Madonna Called Out, Once Daley Went Black He Never Went Back + MORE! Comments (0)

Sexy-gay-gynecologistI assume he isn't one of those queens who exclaims "ew! whenever pussy is mentioned.

*widget boy cultureA gay man who loves pussy: World's hottest gynecologist? Instagram-guy

*widget boy cultureCome see my cute Instagram guys.

*widget boy cultureBattle of the gay hookup apps.

*widget boy cultureAnother pornstar tests HIV-positive, another shutdown.

*widget boy cultureChris Garneau calls out Madonna over Elliott Smith.

*widget boy cultureJay-Z goes vegan (briefly), while Beyoncé has wears a cow.

*widget boy cultureElton John's speech to his fans in Russia falls on deaf ears.

*widget boy cultureFor Tom Daley, meeting Dustin Lance Black was "love at first sight."

*widget boy cultureTom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have been hiding in plain sight.


Oct 21 2013
Need To Know: F.U. Asked Me To, Gwyneth's Billion-Dollar F*ck Buddy, Pits Stop + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureReba McEntire, cover your ears. ABOVE: "Does he F.U.?"

*widget boy cultureToo many Christians are just assholes.

*widget boy cultureSocial butterfly Madonna's rape gets a rave review. Her face gets a pan.Underarm

*widget boy cultureVanity Fair dogging Gwyneth Paltrow. Did she cheat?

*widget boy cultureHairy underarm gallery. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureGrindr winner Eric Angelo loses his clothes.

*widget boy cultureGay couple's moves from the Big Apple to Motown.

*widget boy cultureRoom for transgender rights in the gay-rights battle?

*widget boy cultureOld Dogs & New Tricks comes to DVD.

*widget boy cultureNZ instructs diplomat to watch gay Olympians in Russia.

Gaga-Madonna-Twitter*widget boy cultureGaga decides to respond to Madonna...though not in a timely fashion.

*widget boy cultureIs Diddy a diddler?

*widget boy cultureSixty people injured during Montenegro Gay Pride march.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to look like Bieber, wound up looking like Bryan Singer.

*widget boy cultureTraffic court judge candidate hit with anti-gay swimsuit flyer.

Richard-perque-homophobic-mailer2He's got my vote...and I don't even live there!

Oct 18 2013
Seeks Same Comments (0)

So Grindr announced the two winners of its model contest...and damned if they're not the same, exact dude. No?

Eric (left) and Matthew (right).

Oct 01 2013
Need To Know: Parting Thoughts, The Only Aspect Of Christie That's Appealing, You Are 6 Feet Away From HIV + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureIf the part in your hair is this important to you, you deserve this comb.

*widget boy cultureGov. Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) files appeal to same-sex marriage ruling. Todd+finlay+covermale+3-thumb-500x332-14853

*widget boy cultureStocks drop on shutdown fears.

*widget boy cultureModel Todd Finlay is hot stuff. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culture10% of Grindr gays have never been HIV-tested.

*widget boy cultureThe Hollywood player too germophobic to screw nekkid.

*widget boy cultureFormer Aussie PM was anti-equality because she's just not that into marriage herself.

*widget boy cultureDisney preps a live-action film starring Cruella de Vil. Who should star?

Madonna-Cruella-de-VilI'm just saying!

Jul 31 2013
You Are 10 Feet Away From Madonna* Comments (1)

Lady Gaga is not taking the gays for granted!

*I could not resist the title. I'm sorry, Monsters. As you know, I like Gaga and think the Madonna-invented-clowns meme is silly. You need to develop a thick skin and more of a sense of humor as Madonna fans have had to do over the years. No AIDSphobic and agephobic nonsense can replace a sense of humor.

Jul 12 2013
Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted To Airquotes Love Comments (0)
How to tell if you're addicted to Grindr...

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Jun 22 2013
No Black Hats Comments (3)
If only.
Jun 03 2013
Don't Even Think About It Comments (16)

Grindr-jerkWhat's the point if you're probably not interested, period?

I'm continually fascinated by how guys choose to express their desires on Grindr. No judgments if you're not into fat, skinny, old, young, swishy, etc., but how you say it speaks volumes of how deserving you are of any nookie at all.

Grindr-assholeThere are not only rules, but rules within the rules, to "ride this ride."

I know that Grindr is for love about as much as Virginia is for lovers, but it's endlessly distracting to read through the blunt demands emblazoned across taut torsos.

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