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Sep 10 2013
Need To Know: de Lovely, Magic Johnson, Quinn Out, Crissy-Face, Iggy's Pop + MORE Comments (0)

Corey_johnsonJohnson replaces Christine Quinn on New York's City Council.

*widget boy cultureOut candidate Corey Johnson GRINDs his way to victory in NYC.

*widget boy cultureOut mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, once the presumptive nominee, crushed.

*widget boy cultureBill de Blasio kicking ass in Democratic primary...but will he get 40%?

*widget boy culture"Same Love" gets fleshed out.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama addresses the U.S. on Syria.

*widget boy cultureAndrew Goodwin, one of the first to study music videos, dies in apartment blaze.

*widget boy cultureMan coming out from anesthesia is blown away by his hot wife.

*widget boy cultureFACE MAN: Licking Darren Criss.

*widget boy cultureLawsuit against Lady Gaga by ex-assistant going to trial.

*widget boy culture"Thriller" in LEGOs.

*widget boy cultureInternational study on rape.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman destroyed evidence of his threats.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea, with assistance from T.I., offers to "Change Your Life":

Need To Know: Undressing On The Side, Lei Marriage, Russian Judgment + MORE Comments (0)

Anigif_original-grid-image-17163-1378754870-31The need for Speedo.

*widget boy cultureThe tragedy of Tom Daley's alleged heterosexuality.

*widget boy cultureElection Day NYC is tomorrow: Vote Corey Johnson.

*widget boy cultureSyrian solution on the horizon?

Zesty-guy-bethenny-570x408-250x180-1Je vinagrette rien!

*widget boy culture"Would You Ever...?" with shirtless Zesty Guy Anderson Davis.

*widget boy cultureHawai'i cruising to marriage equality within two months? Giovanni-Bonamy

*widget boy cultureObama's LGBT meeting in Russia a success.

*widget boy cultureThey're just being anti-Molly.

*widget boy cultureThe "New Look" seems familiar: Young, thin & hot.

*widget boy cultureGiovanni Bonamy is hotter than hell.

*widget boy cultureOuting Russia's anti-gay gay politicos.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman threatens to shoot up family.

*widget boy cultureFOX fires (shouldn't that read "hires?") anti-gay reporter.

*widget boy cultureThe Butler is set to top Precious with $100M+ at the B.O.

*widget boy cultureAlexander Skarsgard is (not) naked.

*widget boy cultureGaga channels Judy Garland for her GMA rendition of "Applause":

Sep 09 2013
Need To Know: Eminem Loses Himself, Porn Pioneer, Happy Together + MORE Comments (0)

Steve-GrandGlory, glory hole-elujah!

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand's relationship with the Catholic Church.

*widget boy cultureChristians are Not All Like That on gay rights.

*widget boy cultureEminem blasted out of his mind.

*widget boy cultureMadonna: Queen of Pop? Or Queen of Superfluidity?

*widget boy cultureShould blind people be allowed to carry guns?

*widget boy cultureSaudi Arabia supports a Syria strike.

*widget boy cultureI guess we're too gay to strike Syria.

*widget boy cultureA chat with porn kingpin Tim Valenti.

*widget boy cultureCelebrating the life of gay-rights icon Jose Sarria.

*widget boy cultureLife sentence for HIV-positive man with 300 partners?

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson serenades Christine Quinn on primary eve.

*widget boy cultureA gay couple together 58 years represents NYC's gay past and future.

08COUPLE1-articleLargeAlways, forever.

Aug 28 2013
Need To Know: Bored To Death, Miley The Minstrel, Photographic War-haul + MORE Comments (0)

710108-chris-lane-and-sarah-harperChristopher Lane with his girlfriend.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama addresses shock Christopher Lane thrill kill.

*widget boy cultureBLOOD LIBEL: Pat Robertson says gays deliberately infect people with AIDS rings. Nick-Gruber

*widget boy cultureJustin likes Miley, loves Madonna. (And Janet???)

*widget boy cultureMiley, racist & misappropriatin' little slut female.

*widget boy cultureSPANK THAT PUSSY!

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin...needs help.

*widget boy cultureRobbing a bank to get free health care in jail.

*widget boy cultureEminem's new #1 hit "Berzerk" samples "The Stroke."

*widget boy cultureDiarist releases rare Warhol pics, including of Madge.

*widget boy cultureNick Gruber says Calvin Klein was enamored with seducing a straight dude.

*widget boy cultureGay assholes mad at Macklemore for doing equality better.

*widget boy cultureJackie Collins does a dramatic reading of Cher's "Woman's World":

Aug 23 2013
Need To Know: Beach Boy Toy, The 411 On That 911, The First Cut Is The Deepest, Weiner Trouble + MORE Comments (0)

Garrett-ClaytonTeen Beach Movie star.

*widget boy cultureGarrett Clayton of Teen Beach Movie is fucking hot.

*widget boy cultureThe Georgia school shooting 911 call is absolutely amazing.

*widget boy cultureNew York Times unsure how to handle Bradley aka Chelsea Manning.

*widget boy cultureAlabama congressional candidate demands that rivals be as anti-gay as he is.

*widget boy cultureA Kickstarter about circumcision: Pigs Without Blankets.

*widget boy cultureSen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) thinks Obama is "perilously close" to impeachment.

*widget boy cultureHow not to react to Chelsea Manning's transgender announcement.

*widget boy cultureSan Diego Mayor Bob Filner to pull out.

*widget boy cultureAnthony Weiner's sexting girl may have been exposed to HIV filming porn.

Leathers23n-1-webIs porn a "poor people job?"

Aug 20 2013
Need To Know: We$tboro Fail, Gold Medal In Bullshit, Out In Africa + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Ke$ha's backup dancers pwn Westboro.

*widget boy cultureGov. Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) will "reluctantly" sign bill banning ex-gay therapy. SarriaWW2uniform_1

*widget boy cultureDavid Beckham strips down again.

*widget boy cultureDavid Arquette admits he's fallen off the wagon.

*widget boy cultureGay-rights legend José Julio Sarra passes away at 91.

*widget boy cultureGay bashings in NYC may double this year.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Horror Story: Coven details.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Milk oratorio to debut in 2014.

*widget boy cultureBlack gay Republican running (for office) in Texas.

*widget boy cultureRussian sports minister says anti-gay laws won't "infringe on" Olympics.

*widget boy cultureGay Somali refugees can't go back: "It will be a massacre."

 *widget boy cultureCher's about to drop a video for "Woman's World." It looks like it was a fun set:

CherBreaking news: Cher's back.

Aug 01 2013
Need To Know: Cher Likes That C*nt Madonna, Lewinsky Love Letters, Zimmerman Stops Traffic + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureCher unleashes pro-Madonna Twitter love, Monsters attack.

*widget boy cultureWill newly released Monica Lewinsky letters sink Hillary '16? (Uh, no.) Rodrigo-Braga

*widget boy cultureRodrigo Braga washes up on shore.

*widget boy cultureExplain to me why soldiers SHOULDN'T get to hook up?

*widget boy cultureMeet the 3 douchey Democratic senators still "undecided" on ENDA.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman in armed TX traffic stop.

*widget boy cultureSharon Stone has never seen porn. For real.

*widget boy cultureON THE BED WITH MADONNA: 1990's "In the Mix" by Mix Masters feat. MC Action.

Madonna-dance-truth-dare-1-largeHouse warming: Madonna dances to the song in Truth or Dare.

Jul 22 2013
They Can't STAND Your Stand Your Ground Comments (3)


UPDATE: FAKE LIST. But Stevie is still boycotting Florida.

Madonna is on a (long!) list of artists rumored to be joining Stevie Wonder in his boycott of Florida and any other U.S. state with a "Stand Your Ground" law on the books.


Jul 21 2013
Need To Know: Sims-ly Sensational, McCain Cedes His Ground, Steve Grand Hat-Tips Drake Jensen, Wild About Harry + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureIs Brian Sims the sexiest politician ever? (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureEven John McCain isn't in love with "Stand Your Ground" laws.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand: "I don't consider myself country, I'm not a star, I wasn't first."

*widget boy cultureBethenny Frankel and a bevy of beefcake.

*widget boy cultureHarry Styles tweets support of gay rights.

*widget boy cultureAustralian underwear models are often photogenic.

*widget boy culturePioneering journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92.

*widget boy cultureBarbie's Dream Dumpster!

*widget boy cultureLET'S SLEEP TOGETHER: Sweet '40s soldiers photo.

*widget boy cultureJesse Tyler Ferguson marries.

*widget boy cultureJanet Jackson's husband is a fucking monster. So is she if she doesn't act on this.

Janet-Jackson-Al-Mana-620x412Seriously, he marries a sexpot and then fires a woman for being raped???

Jun 21 2013
Madonna Shoots Her Mouth Off Comments (14)
Madonna looked stunning on GMA (GMDNA!) and I agree with her that the superviolence in her show is not literal and shouldnt be curtailed in light of gun tragedies. However, I'm not gonna lie—a little piece of me shriveled up and died when she blithely uttered the very ignorant NRA motto: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." I'm quite certain she is a fan of gun control, but hearing her say that while defending her work didn't help to make this a good morning, America...

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