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Jul 22 2014
Guydar: Painfully Handsome Comments (0)


Hot-manVia my sexy-dude Instagram

How much more handsome can guys get? Two more to go...

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Jul 20 2014
Guydar: Tube Steak Comments (0)

Subway-beauty-IMG_6725Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Supercute subway dudes! One more after the jump...

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Jul 19 2014
Guydar: Tattoo You Comments (0)

Hot-man-Times-Square-NYC-IMG_5885Via my sexy-dude Instagram

One more inked-up dude after the jump...

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Jul 18 2014
Guydar: The Dressers Comments (0)

Hot-guyVia my sexy-dude Instagram

Three super-snazzy, suited studs...

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Jul 17 2014
Guydar: Gym & I Comments (0)

Muscle-boy-IMG_7238Via my sexy-dude Instagram

It's summer, and the gym studs are out...

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Jul 16 2014
Guydar: Hair Apparent Comments (0)

Sexy-hairVia my sexy-dude Instagram

I could rule the world with that hair! One more example after the jump...

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Jul 15 2014
Guydar: Summer Show-Offs Comments (0)

Shirtless-IMG_6169Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Summer's here! One more skintastic hottie after the jump...

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Jul 14 2014
Guydar: Not-So-Surprise Package Comments (0)

Visible-cock-sweats-gay-IMG_6112Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Jul 13 2014
Guydar: Tees Me Comments (0)

Hot-heavenly-man-IMG_6508Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Supersexy men in their tight T-shirts. One more to follow...

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Jul 12 2014
Guydar: A Shade Shady Comments (0)

Sexy-shades-man-NYC-hotIMG_6065Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Two sexy dudes in their sexy shades...

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