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Nov 17 2017
Guydar: Suits Me! Comments (0)

IMG_0789(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Have a taste for businessmen? More here and more after the jump ...

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Nov 16 2017
Guydar: Tanks A Lot! Comments (0)

IMG_8713(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Hot guys in tanktops after the jump ...

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Nov 15 2017
Guydar Comments (0)

IMG_00462(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

More guys here — follows and likes appreciated.

Nov 14 2017
Guydar Comments (0)

IMG_00679(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Another doubletakes after the jump, and more hot guys here ...

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Nov 13 2017
Guydar X 4 Comments (0)

IMG_9763(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Hot guys here, and more after the jump ...

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Nov 12 2017
Guydar: Sexy Cyclists Comments (0)

IMG_9936(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Follow and like here, and keep reading for another coupla sexy cyclists ...

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Nov 11 2017
Guydar: Blonds Are More Fun Comments (0)

IMG_8328(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Hot blonds after the jump (and more here) ...

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Nov 10 2017
Guydar: Duos Comments (0)

IMG_9174(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

More woosome twosomes after the jump (and follow/like me here) ...

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