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Apr 20 2014
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Via Under Armour Guys.

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Hot-man-leather-jacketIf you like photos like these, follow me on Instagram.

Hot guys of NYC come in pairs! Two really stunning men today, one above and one below...

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Apr 19 2014
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Butt-guy-ass-endMore ends of this caliber are here.

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Art history's 10 best alternative male nudes.

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Above, from the "Urban Ballet" series by Richard Rothstein. Below, one of his "Greek Gods"...

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KENNY-BRAINBump & Grindr

*widget boy cultureBig Brother Canada's Kenny Brain has a BIG one. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureDerek Jarman's Blue and Davi Pretto's Castanha screening at Lincoln Center.

*widget boy cultureSinger likes to "skinny dip in a pool of tweaked out barely legal twinks..." but is "no rapist." Shirtless

*widget boy cultureSia "the socially phobic pop star."

*widget boy culturePink and red and Duncan Black all over.

*widget boy cultureSinger says he wasn't even in Hawaii at the time of the alleged assault.

*widget boy cultureWhen gay marriage was just a union of "two faggots."

*widget boy culturePresident Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe sincerely hates homos.

*widget boy cultureLesbian police chief sacked, likely just because she's gay.

*widget boy cultureThis Andrew Christian model wears, and deserves to be, a Trophy Boy.

*widget boy cultureMrs. Doubtfire sequel?

*widget boy cultureOrange Is the New Black returns:

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Hot-boy-NYCIf you like street photos like these, hit me up on Instagram.

Beautiful boy and beautiful man from the streets of NYC...

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Apr 18 2014
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You may not have known who he was before now, but don't you want to follow his Instagram forever now that you've seen this?