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Apr 16 2014
Hey, You Girls!: Celebrating J.Lo & Laverne Cox @ The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Comments (0)

IMG_4819 Rita MorenoRita's company was electric!

J.Lo-GLAADI had fun at The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, even though it feels like covering the show is becoming more and more of a crapshoot as far as which stars I'll actually get. I remember the days when Cynthia Nixon and Sigourney Weaver were speaking with every single outlet at one of these things; increasingly, the A-listers bypass all but the broadest media (skipping even Logo, the biggest gay media there, in some cases).

IMG_4811 Laverne CoxQueen of the night, Laverne Cox

I arrived kinda late and was disappointed to discover my spot on the (indoor) carpet was in a hallway, so I'd be pressed against a wall as stars passed from photographers and TV media to large online and lesser online outlets. In all honesty, it worked out okay, in that no one was breathing down my neck, and any of the stars who didn't stop for me wouldn't have stopped for me no matter where I was.

IMG_4776 FostersThe Fosters children

Greg-Hernandez-Matthew-RettenmundStood next to Greg, who is a fabulous blogger, film writer and flirt. He'd just been injured at an event a few days earlier, so a number of the attendees were inquiring as to his health. Glad he seems to have survived with his sense of humor intact—he laughed at everything I said!

Here's his take on the same evening.

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Apr 15 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)


Via thatgaydude.

You're The Tops Comments (0)


Andy  Cohen is a hot trick, but I wonder if his ranking on Out's latest Power list makes him the world's top power bottom? Check out the full list here.

Snake Thighs Comments (0)


Annie Leibovitz is very one-trick pony to me, but you can't not look at a picture of Neil Patrick Harris's trouser snake(s). Seeing Hedwig tomorrow night. Will I love it? I saw the original when the person I'm going with was in middle school.

Dead Meet Comments (0)


In an '80s issue of 16, you might expect to be introduced to someone like Jon-Erik Hexum. Loving this vintage page from the past for several reasons:

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Meshing Well Comments (0)
  IA Street Style 84 IA Street Style 66 IA Street Style 54 IA Street Style 43 IA Street Style 47 IA Street Style 9 IA Street Style 15 IA Street Style 16

Troy Wise shoots lovely Marlon Courbin (AMCK Models London), styling by Rick Guzman, clothing to Topman Design, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, Open Ceremony x Timberland, Kenzo, Zara, H&M, COS & All Saints.

Pit Stop Comments (0)


Via Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

For Your Thighs Only Comments (0)


Via Monsieur Molotov.

FOREIGN Affairs Comments (0)
  300dpi_FOREIGNrelationsDANNYlopesADAMhussKEVINspencer 300dpi_FOREIGNrelationsKEVINgrantSPENCER3 300dpi_FOREIGNrelations_ANTHEMmossKEVINgrantSPENCER 300dpi_FOREIGNrelations_ANTHEMmoss2 300dpi_FOREIGNrelations_ANTHEMmoss1 copy 300dpi_ANTHEMmoss_ORELdeLAmota1 copy

In the gallery: Kevin Grant Spencer, Anthem Moss, Orel de la Mota, Adam Huss & Danny Lopes (but no shirts)

Foreign Relations, Reid Waterer's follow-up to Performance Anxiety, is hitting film fests shortly, and you can bet it's dripping with cute menz.

If you wanna ogle the menz, they're in the gallery above. If you actually care to find out what this movie's all about, Pauline Kael, keep reading...

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Guydar Comments (0)

Hot-subway-dudeGuys on, above, around and nowhere near the subway here.

Two hot subway (eat fresh) guys...

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