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Aug 31 2014
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WET_BOOK_005I found this mag at the used periodicals store next to Port Authority in the '90s...

Hard to believe Richard Gere is 65 today! He's in my all-time Top 10 sexy guys, thanks to American Gigolo (1980). That face! That ass! That hair! That ass!

GigoloProdHard time

And I've never seen, nor do I have any interest in seeing, Pretty Woman (1990).

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Hot-sexy-runners-bodyMore hot guys if you follow me on Instagram.

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Sexy Julian Gil in not very many clothes.

Aug 30 2014
Homo Superior: Steve Grand's Body Of Water Comments (0)


Steve Grand took the ice-bucket challenge to a whole other level, using all of Lake Superior and treating the body of water to his peak physique.

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Spent my Friday at the nude party (all-nude dancers, no dancing, no private rooms, no booze, but nude lap dances were okay, hello!) at Paddles, an SM bar in the 20s. It was an Adonis event, so I was shooting some of the guys, and will post funny video soon.

Hot-stripperI, like Bryce (pictured), wondered why this little figurine was at a hardcore SM club???

Here are a few random shots of the naked dudes...albeit from the waist up!

Need To Know: 6 Inches Of Summer + Bullet Points + No More Mustache Rides + Dat Gas + Resign Of The Times + MORE! Comments (0)

Calum 5 seconds of summer“At least now you know what it looks like.”

*widget boy culture5 Seconds of Summer teen flashes his boner on Snapchat. 5sos

*widget boy cultureAmerica officially jumps the shark.

*widget boy cultureCute as hell.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker shaves his man-fuzz.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Crist calls out Rick Scott on gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureThe “Fart Remix” of Nicki Minaj's “Anaconda” is also gross.

*widget boy culturePerfect beach body.

*widget boy cultureMitch McConnell's campaign manager resigns in bribery scandal.