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Oct 25 2010
Cumming At Ya: This Gay Isn't Sitting Out ANYTHING Comments (5)

The Associated Press—which has become remarkably, consistently pro-Republican in recent years—is behind a much-talked-out story positing that gays might be sitting out this election or even voting against the Democrats.

Hilariously, HuffingtonPost decided that the opinion of Alan Cumming was worthy of front-page, top-headline treatment. No offense intended to Cumming, a fine actor and intelligent person, but I don't think his opinion holds that much weight with the gay community let alone with a broad cross-section of Democrats. I suppose the importance of his words was weighted by his obscenely hyperbolic statement that Obama has done "diddly squat" for gay rights.

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Jun 29 2010
Now Do The Time Comments (0)
6a00d8341c730253ef013480b6d56e970c-800wiThat mistrial in May had me worried, but it appears that Keith Phoenix will get exactly what he deserves—he's been convicted of second-degree murder as a hate crime and attempted assault as a hate crime.


May 13 2010
Bittersweet Justice Comments (0)

Via Joe.My.God.: Justice for murdered gay teen Jorge Mercado, whose killer has pled guilty and was given 99 years in prison. The video is in Spanish, but is easily to understand—activist Pedro Julio Serrano and Jorge's bereaved parents speak from the heart about their trauma.

May 12 2010
Jury Verdicts As Hate Crimes Comments (0)

Jose_SucuzhanayThe beating death of José Sucuzhanay (pictured), who was bludgeoned with a baseball bat while walking arm in arm with his brother Romel in Brooklyn at the end of 2008, is a textbook hate crime—the Sucuzhanays are Ecuadorean immigrants who would probably be asked to produce their papers on sight had they been walking arm in arm in Arizona, and they were subjected to anti-Hispanic and anti-gay slurs by perps Keith Phoenix and Hakim Scott during the attack, which began with Phoenix driving past the brothers and yelling "faggots" at them.

But now, after Scott was convicted of only manslaughter charges (fuck you, jurors, he'll still get 40 years), the trial of Phoenix—the more aggressive of the pair and the one who ended José Sucuzhanay's life—has ended in a mistrial because one juror refused to deliberate more. Apparently, the jurors were stuck on murder vs. manslaughter, with no hate crimes.

Phoenix's delusional mother declared justice had been done. What do you expect from a woman who raised an animal?

Is this because the jury in Brooklyn was anti-gay? I doubt it. How about anti-immigrant? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they all shrugged off the anti-gay comments as men being men, but that at least one didn't like the idea of holding Americans completely accountable for killing an immigrant.

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Mar 21 2010
Here's To Your Health!!! Comments (0)

Bart_stupak_official_109th_congress_photo Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) got his executive order from the prez reaffirming what did not need to be reaffirmed, that the government won't pay for abortions—ever. In the end, he caved...just like a Democrat! (Ouch, self-wounding.) Thank you for voting for HCR, Rep. Stupak, Now let's primary him (via Connie Saltonstall) out of existence. The fewer quasi-Democrats we have, the better.

I've certainly been disappointed with President Obama's approach to the health care battle, but give him this—Obama is going to win it, and he has shown remarkable stamina in so doing. I hope he's learned not to be so timid going forward—Don't Ask, Don't Tell might be a good tell as to whether or not that is the case. (Winning becomes him—his Gallup daily approval rating shot up three points today to 50%.)


She speaks...not so softly. But still carries a big gavel. 

Slide_5497_74998_large Speaking of Democrats, there is no braver Democrat that Speaker of the House Pelosi. Having been around for the Milk/Moscone assassinations, she certainly hasn't shied away from public life. When she says "we don't have the votes," that's all it means—it never means "I'm too scared to try." And when she says "we have the votes," get out of the way, motherfuckers. P.S. She's going to use a gigantic gavel when the HCR vote occurs today, the same gavel used by the father of Rep. John Dingell (D-Michigan) to gavel in Medicare.


Free speech or death threats?

You remember Medicare, right, Teabaggers? It's that government program you're only too happy to use for what ails you in-between disrupting Congress, hurling slurs and making death threats over a bill meant to save lives.

May 01 2009
Yes, Virginia, It Was A Hate Crime Comments (1)

Judy Shepard answers Virginia Foxx's charge that Matthew Shepard's murder was not a hate crime but an "unfortunate" robbery.

Foxx be damned, the Hate Crimes Bill passed the House and will likely pass the Senate.

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