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Oct 16 2015
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Oct 09 2015
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Oct 06 2015
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Oct 04 2015
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Oct 02 2015
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Boy Culture reader Alan sends in two snaps of a poolside stiffie taken at the Ritz-Carlton on Maui. Keep reading for the second shot ...

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Sep 16 2015
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Aug 26 2015
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My Maui getaway was memorable ... in many ways: Beauty's where you find it, but that means you have to look for it sometimes. Found plenty. Hope to share some of my thousands of photos in some way eventually, as they're not your standard vacation slides that your aunt pushes on you.

Idyllic weather minus one morning of rain.

Feeling somewhat recharged, and greedily eyeballing my return visit!

Aug 20 2015
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This is me as I made the decision to book a trip to Maui.

I fly out today. Even if my flight vanishes (I suggested it, so there's no way it will happen), I have posted lots of stuff on Boy Culture to keep your brains and at least one of your hands busy until I return.

Feel free to share the HELL out of anything you like, which will help my traffic avoid cratering.


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