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Jun 26 2016
This Is My Trainer, And He Could Be Yours Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 4.46.19 PMBrian Patrick Murphy (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

A few years back, I tried Snatched at Mark Fisher Fitness, having been impressed by actor Christopher Sieber's body transformation. While I didn't go from fat to fabulous, I did lose weight and my body changed a lot. Today, I'm heavier than I like to see reflected on the scale, and yet I know at least some of it is from muscle built at Mark Fisher Fitness and with my private trainer Dom.

Check them out, seriously, if you are (1) in NYC; (2) in need of a regular, inexpensive, intelligent fitness program; (3) not offended by graphic sex talk and trainers who dress like Brian, seen above.

Brian is one of the honchos, so he isn't teaching every class. But when you get him, he will be in underwear. As for the current debate over queer-baiting, I must say that MFF does it best—all their male trainers have beautiful, supple bods, era-appropriate booties and talk incessantly about kinds of sex you may not have even actually had, and then a girlfriend gets mentioned like four classes in, when you're hooked. (Brian's so deep in he's married!)

All kidding aside, the trainers—guys and girls—are excellent, the classes do work you over and the atmosphere is cheerful and encouraging. Just don't go in hoping Brian will do anal, because he doesn't. Anymore.

P.S. I am not getting paid, but if you do try them out, feel free to drop my name.

Jun 15 2016
HEAT INDEX — Ryan Gosling + Brandon Lee + TRUMP SUCKS + Red-Hot Kiedis + Footballer Strips + Beach Baes + Gosselaar With A Side Of Beef + Bat Boy + Morning Meat & Greet + How To Get Fit! Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Amazon Studios/Broad Green Pictures)

ABOVE: Ryan Gosling moderates a Q&A for The Neon Demon, in theaters June 24.

Pamela_Anderson_son_brandon_lee_Paper_magazine_2(Image by Vijat Mohindra for Paper)

BAYWATCH CLOSELY: Brandon Lee channels James Dean for Paper.

THE SHIRTLESS ONE: Best way to say Trump Sucks: With beefcake.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Is Anthony Kiedis still red-hot?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.12.22 PM(Video still via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

YOU HAD ME AT ARGENTINE FOOTBALLER: Plus, he's naked. (Work Unfriendly)


MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR YOU IN THERE?: Saved by the Bell stud now a hairy catcher:


MORNING SO-WOULD: Countless hot guys to make your days fuller.


Jun 12 2016
Ban On Gay Blood Donations Becomes Instant Hot Topic In Wake Of Pulse Shooting Comments (0)

The fact that gay men—or rather, men who've had sex with another man within the past year—can not donate blood in the U.S. is troubling many on social media as the scores of mostly LGBT victims of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando truly need blood.

It's so urgent that OneBlood put out a call for donations that was re-tweeted by Florida's Sen. Marco Rubio, who may or may not technically be able to donate, depending on which rumors you believe.

Be that as it may:

I think it's high time this rule be abolished. You can't tell me we don't have the technology in place, with instant testing, to ensure that any blood donated by any person isn't infected with HIV (or any other blood-borne diseases).

6-PACK — Laverne Cox Teaser + Euthanasia For Homosexuality? + Yes Way, Jose + Insidious Instagram + American Apparel Can Kiss Their A + Azealia Banks Apologizes! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: FOX's Rocky Horror Picture show, starring Laverne Cox, gets a lipsticky teaser.

*widget boy cultureBelgian man wants assisted suicide because he can't handle being gay: “It is a permanent suffering, like being a prisoner in my own body.”

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Blond Ambition dancer Jose Gutierez strikes a pose in FU Underwear:

Unnamed-1(Image via FU Underwear)

*widget boy cultureGay dude: “I'm gay, and Instagram is ruining my life.” I dunno. I like to look at beautiful things and know I won't ever be David Gandy. Shrugs.

*widget boy cultureSupposedly, the LGBTQ community is pissed off at American Apparel's new pro-gay line. Why? The letter A used for “ally” instead of ... “asexual,” “aromatic,” “a gender.”

*widget boy cultureAzealia Banks has vowed to never again use the word “faggot.” And she seemingly means it:

Jun 11 2016
Congressional Candidate: I HAVE HIV Comments (0)

Bob Poe, U.S. congressional candidate out of Florida, announces in a campaign video that he is HIV positive.

Stressing that he is “perfectly healthy” and likely to die of something “normal” in old age, Poe says he is coming out to remove the stigma from having HIV so that people won't avoid being tested and treated.

Strong stuff.

Jun 09 2016
Living With HIV As Opposed To Dying Of It Comments (0)

14321_david-russell.jpg_9a09097c-01bb-4ee4-be4f-b052ac300ae9(Image via David Russell)

Sia's manager David Russell, a friend of mine thanks to my blog, speaks about living with HIV for POZ in a piece published the week HIV turned 35 years old.

Russell, who tested positive in 2002, says:

I had come out of the closet [as gay] at 15, in 1991 and had grown up in “the Age of AIDS.” So I was more than aware of the treatment options in 2002. My immediate fears weren’t for my health and safety—a huge blessing, I know—but, instead, for my social life and personal well-being. I was terrified of dating at that time, and it really had a major effect on me for the next 10 years. I suppose in some ways it always will.

But PrEP has changed the conversation quite a bit and in ways I never thought possible. It has played an enormous part in my starting to see myself as a sexually viable human being, even with HIV. For that I’m hugely thankful and feel very lucky. But there is still a lot of reticence from within the gay community about exactly what PrEP is and if it “works”—and the stigma attached to those of us living with HIV The idea that we are somehow unclean or dirty.

Read the whole interview to find out the special roles Prince and Belinda Carlisle have played in David's life.

Jun 06 2016
Bob The Drag Queen: PrEP First! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.05.49 AM(Video still via

While Bob the Drag Queen's “Purse First” may be more entertaining, her all-in PSA for PrEP is more educational; the most recent winner of RuPaul's Drag Race is reminding everyone that PrEP helps to drastically reduce the chances of contracting HIV ...

 Read More

Jun 05 2016
6-PACK — Nick Bate-material + Russian Thugs On Gay Dating Apps + Hillary To Call For Unity, Bernie To Call For Disunity + Bernie Draws Line At Violence + Richard Simmons Wasn't Okay On Friday + Selena Gomez Will Play Sun City, But Read Why! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.47.54 PMNick Bateman's front is nice, too. (Image via Instagram @Nick_Bateman)

*widget boy cultureNick Bateman just flashed his bare booty on Instagram over which his 4.9 million followers may now drool.

*widget boy cultureGangs in Russia are targeting gay men for blackmail after rooting them out on dating sites.

*widget boy cultureHillary expects Bernie to call for unity after Tuesday, when she will become the presumptive nominee; Bernie attacks the Clinton Foundation.

*widget boy culturePerhaps sensing the mob mentality his own rhetoric has enabled, Sanders directly calls on followers to halt violence at rallies.

*widget boy cultureRichard Simmons was taken to Cedars-Sinai after exhibiting “unusually bizarre behavior.” (Note the unusually.) He was released the next day. No word on cause.

*widget boy cultureSelena Gomez will go ahead with her NC gig, but made sure venue has gender-neutral bathrooms and will donate a portion of proceeds to LGBT causes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.54.50 PMSelena Gomez (Video still via Instagram @selenagomez)


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