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Feb 12 2016
Nevada #DemDebate: Hillary Seemed To Land Some Solid Blows Comments (0)

Obviously (to anyone who reads me), I am rooting for Hillary. That said, she certainly makes blunders now and again, and there is much to criticize.

However, credit where it's due—Hillary did some real damage to Bernie in tonight's debate in Milwaukee.

Bernie is not expanding his attacks on Hillary. Though he did come off as more sarcastic and pointed than I've heard him before, not to great effect, he is simply continuing to hit her (perfectly fairly) over Wall Street and the status quo.

By contrast, Hillary (who came off as less aggressive than usual overall) rattled Bernie by (perfectly fairly) quoting him in his repeated attacks on President Obama. Though he tried to turn it around by calling the line of attack a “low blow,” it was clear the crowd was with Hillary, and in my opinion, this is where she created a new wound for Bernie: It really is ridiculous that he suggested President Obama be primaried in 2012, and it really is offensive that he's questioned Obama's leadership and it really is pretty weird for him to happily contribute a positive blurb to a book whose premise is that Obama should inspire Democratic buyer's remorse. 

Bernie followers are tweeting approvingly of his line about how he isn't the one who ran against Obama, which presumably means Hillary is disingenuous to attack Bernie for strongly criticizing the president whose party he now wants to lead. However, it makes no fucking sense. She ran against candidate Obama, and then she supported him. Any disagreements she's had have been respectful, not calls for someone to run against him, not statements that his leadership is lacking. I see this as a problem for Sanders that will flower.

For anyone irked by Hillary's shouting, can we get a note to Bernie to stop the finger wagging?

As usual, Bernie landed blows over big money (allowing her closing on how she is not a one-issue candidate to be all the more compelling), but Hillary spoke knowledgable circles around her opponent on foreign policy. Criticize her motives and question where her heart is, but the woman has to be one of the most thoroughly prepared candidates for the office—she never sounds like she's bullshitting, she knows the ins and outs of just about any issue.

I actually think Bernie must've been a little sick or fatigued, and it showed, leading him to become snippy. He brought up Hillary's boneheaded decision to bring up Henry Kissinger in their last debate, but in so doing, he his delivery was cranky. I think Hillary did well in contextualizing her mention of Kissinger; it's clear to me that when she first brought him up (and I did groan at even his name!), she was bragging that someone so politically diametrically opposed to her had praised her. She never seemed to imply that Kissinger—who is alive!—would be part of her brain trust. She also scored by questioning who Sanders listens to on foreign policy; he did not answer that well.

His answers about inspirational leaders felt kinda expected, whereas Hillary's surprise inclusion of Obama was inspired, as well as coming off as genuine.

Most of their diehards must know she bested him tonight, but we all know debates are not the be-all, end-all (remember Kerry running circles around W?). Probably very few votes were changed, but I would think undecideds (in Nevada) will be thinking harder about Hillary after this.

Feb 11 2016
Having Your Back In The Day: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Are Both Pro-LGBT Comments (0)

FEAfnA5GIF from here

Um, no politicians fully had your lesbian back in 1992, Rachel Maddow. It was enough that they didn't have pitchforks aimed at your front.

I was 19 in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running on the Democratic side and at the 1992 Republican convention, Pat Buchanan got up there and gave this culture-war speech where he basically declared a crusade against minorities and particularly gay people. And as a gay person watching that in 1992, I didn't feel like Bill Clinton had my back. I didn't feel like the Democratic party had my back.—Rachel Maddow

I'm with Kenneth on this. I remember feeling great about the Clintons. I was bummed by Don't Ask, Don't Tell (and for whatever crazy reason was so young I didn't flinch over DOMA at the time), but it seemed a vast improvement over what came before, even if it's perfectly fair to use it as an example of Clintonian triangulation. I just feel like the time frame matters, and I suppose some people focus on bravery and others focus on political reality.

Certainly, most gay people I ever met in the '90s felt the Clintons were the first friendly first family when it came to gay people. In 1992, just having a first family willing to admit they didn't think gay people were deviants was a huge deal. I understand it's not good enough now, 20+ years later, but until we get to the point where prospective candidates were too all too young or not even born in before the rise of the marriage-equality movement, it seems counterproductive to argue over who was pro-gay first and hardest—that conversation should matter when it comes to handing out gay-icon medals, not the White House.

Speaking of ancient history, anti-Sanders folks are circulating a 1982, Evangelical-approved marriage-week proclamation that then-Mayor Sanders signed off on. Really? Bernie wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool LGBT crusader in 1982, so that means something? Yeah, it means about as much as the one about how Hillary was a Goldwater girl ... 50 years ago.

Elizabeth Warren was a Goldwater girl until 20 years ago, but I wouldn't doubt her progressive cred over it.

Hillary Clinton is not Harry Hay. Bernie Sanders is not Harvey Milk.

Now. Let's talk about who would probably be the better president.

Feb 10 2016
May The Better Man Or Woman Win: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Comments (0)

Images.washingtonpost.comGIF via Washington Post

As this writer expresses, I'm glad Bernie Sanders is not only in the race but in it to win it—he has already pushed Hillary to the left, which is what one hopes will happen with frontrunners who are challenged by appealing contenders, that he or she will get the message and evolve—but I believe Hillary Clinton should win the nomination and the presidency.


So congrats to Bernie Sanders on winning New Hampshire, and I am hopeful Hillary will win the Nevada caucus (that would probably seal the deal, and if not ...) and South Carolina and eventually take the whole thing.

But I am embarrassed by the Hillary Clinton supporters who are skeeved out by the Socialism scare tactics, and repeat them, just as I think too many of Bernie's supporters are crowding the low road that he himself vowed not to use.

Speaking of Bernie: His breakfast with Al Sharpton in NYC definitely grabbed some attention! The sight of them together could be enough to induce heart failure amongst many right-wingers ... and far too many self-proclaimed liberals.


Anyway: Good luck to both, and may the better man or woman win.

6-PACK — Fan's Faint Praise For Russell Tovey + Gay Stuntman + Sh*t Ben Carson Does + Running Up That Hillary Clinton + Gaga's Reason For Being + Wicked Gay Blog's Return! Comments (0)

Russell-ToveyImage by Kurt Fleagle, via here

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey is sorry he's so freakin' hot. (Our meeting, his overpowering hotness.)

*widget boy cultureShawn Balentine: First pro stuntman to come out.

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Online Buddies buddies up with Wicked Gay Blog

Feb 09 2016
New Hampshire: It's Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump Comments (0)


Boy, does New Hampshire ever have a split personality tonight! On the Democratic side, voters have chosen Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders as the party's nominee, while the Republicans just handed Donald Trump his first primary win.

Hillary conceded NH with just a few % of the votes counted.

Next up, Nevada and South Carolina.

Hotel New Hampshire: Check Out Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton (No Vacancy For Republicans) Comments (0)

A special moment with a (new!) supporter and his mother in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Monday, February 8, 2016 

Truly touching moment between a genuinely thrilled new supporter of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and the lady herself. 

Below, Bernie Sanders underscores what he thinks his campaign is about: 

New Hampshire, Let's Transform America

What this campaign is about is ending a corrupt campaign finance system, a rigged economy and a broken criminal justice system. If there is a high turnout tomorrow in New Hampshire, I think we are going to win. Come out and vote and let's transform America. Thank you

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Monday, February 8, 2016

Today is the New Hampshire primary, and voting is underway! Why so much value and important is placed in Iowa and New Hampshire, two non-representative states, I'll never understand. But that's the game! Results will be in later tonight.

Before then, don't miss this great interview Hillary Clinton gave Rachel Maddow. Hillary really, really spells out why she thinks some people refuse to trust her. The best quote:

I emerged on the national scene in 1992, and I have been under relentless attack ever since. Now, just read behavioral science, read psychology: Even when all the attacks prove to be unfounded, untrue, it leaves a residue, right? People say, “Well, why is she being attacked so much? Must be something there.”

That is 100% true. I fought with a crazy dude on Mamie Van Doren's wall (I need new hobbies) who despises Hillary, will not vote Democrat if she is the nominee, and his argument boiled down to, “Well, why has she been in the middle of so many attacks and scandals since before I was born?”

First, he was older than I am, so he needs a calendar. But I also hope—hope!—people like him, who probably have many very valid criticisms of Hillary, will at least take a step back and consider that she is being attacked not because she deserves it, but because she represents a huge threat tot he status quo. Yes, she is more status quo than Bernie Sanders, but he is not a woman (sorry, it does make a difference) and he is not the front-runner anywhere except in New Hampshire. He will be just as unfairly tarred and feathered if he miraculously out-maneuvers Hillary—and he will not deserve the abuse either.

6-PACK — Marco Rubio's Expensive Gaffe + The Cases For/Against Hillary Clinton + Gay For Carly Fiorina + Ryan Reynolds's Hot Sex Scene + CHULO Underwear Show + More Power To Beyoncé! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureDue to the above, Marco Rubio's big-money backers put their bucks on pause.

*widget boy cultureLong reads: “The Case for Hillary.” Also, the case against.

*widget boy cultureNH gay man loves Carly Fiorina, who congratulated him on his wedding.

*widget boy cultureRyan Reynolds: “I may be sitting on this man's face at some point ...”

*widget boy cultureCHULO Underwear fashion event.

*widget boy cultureRudy Giuliani decries Beyoncé's black-power salute during the halftime show.
Feb 07 2016
Bernie To Berniebros: We Don't Want You Comments (0)

Bernie Sanders is forcefully telling the so-called “Berniebros” to stop their sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton and her supporters, saying that anyone engaging in sexist language is a voter he doesn't want. You know, like Susan Sarandon. (Her comment was as stupid as Gloria Steinem's on the other side, ugh, and I love them both!)

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