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May 29 2016
6-PACK/politics — Palin In Trump's Cabinet Would Be Icing On The Coke + Phony Racketeering Story Yanked Off HuffPo + DNC Nixes Sanders's Demands + Meet Your Libertarian Candidates + State Polls Boost Hillary's Chances + HATER Judge Trumps Trump! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin act like she has a substance-abuse issue, or at least, she says stuff like it: “Suck it up, cupcake!” (Maybe she meant snort?) Let's give McCain back to Vietnam.

*widget boy cultureThis is the kinda header every POTUS candidate dreams of: “No, Hillary Clinton Is NOT Going to Be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges.”

*widget boy cultureDNC blows off Bernie Sanders campaign's demand that Barney Frank & Dannel Malloy be ousted from key national committees.

*widget boy cultureGary Johnson & running mate William Weld are 2016's Libertarian ticket. If they win, their policy is probably, “You're on your own, idiots.”

*widget boy culturePolls pitting Trump vs. Hillary look a lot like the final results of 2012 electoral college, which is good news for not-Trump.

*widget boy cultureJudge unseals documents in Trump U case. Trump had called out the judge—a judge—as “a hater.”

May 28 2016
If The Bernie DMX Video Is Fake, It Certainly Wasn't Faked By His Opponent ... UPDATE: It Was Fake Comments (0)

UPDATE: I've received the following statement from Edwin Acuna, the artist who created the Bernie Sanders DMX video, which had many mainstream and gay blogs hopping today:

So long story short, this was a social experiment, and everyone seem to fall for it. Im a Bernie supporter but one of the main things that I set to prove is the medias ability to rewrite headlines and make everything seem twisted. The video was a joke at first, I imagined a 70 year old man walking out to a song that has a hard intro (subtract the homophobic lyrics, which is why it isn't in the video) but as i thought about it, i knew everyone would go nuts, i just want to give a major shout out to boy culture for keeping a level head about the situation. The video was faked, if you're going to support a candidate dont do it cause of a viral video, and if it sparks you're interest, let the flame burn a lot longer than just voting and walking away, we as american citizens have more power than we think, and to all those people thinking they got a 1up on Bernie….I say this…

Meme(Image provided by Edwin Acuna)


Now that the Sanders campaign has provided info showing that the infamous clip of Sanders allegedly entering a rally to the strains of a homophobic DMX song was faked, they and their diehards are pushing the theory that it was made to tilt California to Hillary.

The primary is over a week away. Would a savvy political saboteur really ham-handedly fake this video and seriously think no one there would speak up and disclaim the music? Be logical.

The person who posted the video originally seems to be Sanders supporter Edwin Acuna, a visual artist: 

His feed is pro-Bernie:

His release of the video seems very deliberate, so there are exactly two possibilities: The video is real or he made it up intentionally:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 4.11.23 PM

(Image via Twitter)

So if he made this up, and he is pro-Bernie, does it not seem that the most likely reason he made it up is that it's a playful Bernie's so bad-ass statement? I doubt it was intended to make any comment one way or the other on the anti-gay lyrics.

But even though a Sanders supporter probably made the video, you can bet Sanders supporters will continue pretending this must have been a vast left-wing conspiracy by the Clinton campaign.

Okay, Two Reasons A Gay Sanders Supporter Should Be Disillusioned Today—And Should Demand Apologies From Bernie Comments (0)

If you're a Sanders supporter, have you ever been disappointed by something—anything—he's done?

I'm curious because in the past week, the Sanders campaign has done THREE TWO egregiously stupid things that I frankly can't see anyone but the blindest of his followers supporting or excusing.

First, the Sanders campaign is threatening in a letter to disrupt the Democratic convention unless Barney Frank and Dannel Malloy are disqualified from serving as platform committee chairs. Why? They're the maaaan:

The letter calls Rep. Frank and Gov. Malloy “self-proclaimed partisans intent on marginalizing Sanders Campaign supporters.”

Two good, solid Democrats are too much a part of the system to be trusted to help run the Democratic party. So says the presumptive loser of the nominating process, who actually was  given—in a concession—power in choosing some of the major players at the convention, and chose Cornel Freakin' West, who thinks Barack Obama is a “counterfeit.”

Sanders, day by day, continues to show that his true goal is simply to gum up the works for the Democrats. He is like Nader on free steroids, and I don't think that is going to end when Hillary clinches, and I'm not at all confident it will end at or after the convention. Trump recently laughed that Bernie gives him some of his best lines.


UPDATE: The following section includes information about a video clip purporting to show Sanders enter a rally to a homophobic song. The campaign has provided info that shows the video is fake, and of course they are—Big Brother-style—insisting it was manufactured to tilt California to Hillary. More in the post following this.

Second, Sanders used an infamous “shoot the gays” DMX rap song at a rally. Seriously? Why would that song have ever been chosen, and the lyrics not vetted? These lyrics:

I show no love, to homo thugs. Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs. How you gonna explain f*ckin a man?

Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touchin ya hand
I don’t buck with chumps, for those to been to jail
That’s the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don’t f*ck with niggaz that think they broads

If Hillary did this, it would be a top-of-the-electronic-fold story on every single gay blog, gay groups would be addressing it and the mainstream press would be reporting on it.

More importantly, Hillary's gay supporters would be expressing disbelief and anger, and would add it to the list of things about her that we see as strikes. I'm sure an apology would wipe away any chance of longstanding resentment, but it would not be excused and blown off. Hillary's principled gay (and gay-positive) supporters hauled her to the carpet when she made her Nancy Reagan AIDS gaffe, for which she apologized and which led to a meeting with AIDS activists.

This song was an intentional choice; it's no coincidence that it was used but cut off before the homophobic and transphobic lyrics began:


Third Second, the Sanders campaign—apparently miffed that AIDS activist Peter Staley rightfully dressed it down for mischaracterizing Bernie's own meeting with AIDS activists—attacked Staley in a way that's really unforgivable:

Warren Gunnels—Bernie's policy director— tweeted that Staley, whose activism he put in quotes, was running a campaign of hate and had made a fortune from big drug companies.

This is libelous and malicious, not a dumb misunderstanding. It's also another reflection of the singleminded, addled world view of the Sanders Cult—everyone but they are on the take, a part of the establishment, ruled by cash.

13315465_10209789104023787_3204187200986729441_n(Image via Twitter)

The first misstep I wrote about above is proof that the Sanders campaign isn't going to be happy with any structural or procedural concessions, and looks ready to try to make the Democratic convention a huge mess. That means they're committed to harming Hillary Clinton as a nominee in any way possible. If you're still clinging to the argument that Sanders has made the Democratic Party stronger, or are still peddling the idea that he, like all past also-rans, intends to be helpful to Hillary post-convention, this should at the very least give you pause. (If you are a #NeverHillary person, this doesn't apply to you.)

The second misstep is dumb as hell and warrants an apology, though I wouldn't say it means Bernie chose the music (!) or knew about the lyrics. It does show callous disregard for the LGBT community by someone or someones on his staff.

The third second misstep is something I truly do not think should be excusable unless Sanders apologizes and fires Warren Gunnels. He went after Peter Staley personally. Peter Staley is a hero to the LGBT community, and just because he is a Hillary supporter; he does not deserve to be smeared in this very serious way.

Gunnels later deleted his tweet. That's not fucking enough.

I had a FB friend who went ape when Hillary made her Nancy Reagan gaffe, and he declared because of that, in spite of being a fan of hers for decades, he would never vote for her again. He also began posting highly inflammatory, negative Clinton memes. I wonder if he will be able to allow how much more serious this misstep by the Sanders campaign is, and how much more fairly it could be argued to reflect Sanders' own commitment to HIV/AIDS and LGBT issues?

May 27 2016
6-PACK/politics— Bernie's Scorched-Hillary Campaign + Why The #BernieTrumpDebate Flirtation Should Make You Doubt Bernie + Clinton/Warren? + Hillary Could Lose CA + Is Trump Sinking? + Obama's Hiroshima Embrace! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBernie's scorched-earth closer is weakening Hillary: “A wave of polling data established that Sanders really is undermining Clinton’s prospects in the general ...”

*widget boy culture“If Sanders debates Trump, he will lose my support. And he should lose yours, too”: Shocked Sanders supporter on the unlikely-to-occur #BernieTrumpDebate.

*widget boy cultureThe case for Clinton/Warren. Excited by the idea of an all-female ticket, but wonder if people of color will be turned off that she'd pass up Castro, Booker, many others.

*widget boy cultureIt's sinking in for everyone that Hillary could lose CA, which won't mean she isn't the Democratic nominee, just that she will have suffered an embarrassing finish.

*widget boy cultureLet's hope Slate's right on Trump—there is such a thing as bad PR. NY Times says (hopes?) Trump has stumbled in trying to go big; staff disintegrating, paranoid.

*widget boy cultureObama, in history-making Hiroshima visit, embraces A-bomb survivor who also wanted U.S. names on monument to the bombing victims; 12 POWs perished.

6-PACK — Randy Cohen GIFs + Jimmy Kimmel Guest No-Shows Over Trump + FOX News Hits New Low In Propaganda + AIDS Activist Feels Burned, Not The Bern + Yuge Sponge + How Many Gays In The U.S.A.? Comments (0)

Ben cohen2Ben thinkin' about you... [GIF via Kenneth in the (212)]

*widget boy cultureGIFs of Ben Cohen in his underwear in the locker room are always a good way to kick off a holiday weekend.

*widget boy cultureA big music star bailed on Jimmy Kimmel once he found out the dastardly Donald Trump (who can't feel his hair) would also be appearing. Vile Shkreli endorses Trump.

*widget boy cultureEven some top conservatives found FOX News airing Meet the Trumps reminiscent of state-run TV propaganda. Will it next do Meet the Clintons?

*widget boy cultureAIDS activist Peter Staley feels “used and abused” by the Bernie Sanders campaign over hijacked messaging from meeting.

*widget boy cultureLargest sponge ever discovered may also be one of the Earth's oldest animals.

*widget boy cultureShould the next U.S. Census ask if you're gay? Would you answer it honestly? 

May 26 2016
The Latest Hillary Clinton Distraction: Not E-mails, Shirtless Dudes Comments (0)

Hillary is brushing aside any suggestion that her e-mails will take her candidacy to the spam folder, and she's also showing some humor while on the campaign trail.

At a Wednesday night rally in Buena Park, California, two shirtless dudes with slogans on their chest (one had her logo, one went all in with HILL IS PERFECT) caused the presumptive Democratic nominee a moment of distress that she'd lose her train of thought. According to Edge:

“Hillary, they're kicking us out because we don't have our shirts on,” one of the men reportedly said. “They're making us leave,” another said, as the first added, "because we don't have shirts on."

Clinton responded: “Well, um, you know what, as long as they don't take anything else off.”

“You know, you gotta make split decisions. That's what leadership is about,” she added.

They're such diehard supporters that they later told a reporter they were behind her because ... “She's the least bad candidate.” These borderline tools have also pranked Rubio and Trump events, and loudly proclaimed they'd finally found a candidate “to settle for” while they did a video selfie on Clinton's meet-and-greet line.


6-PACK — #BernieTrumpDebate Will Never Happen + Pines Party Promo: Xanadu Me, Baby! + Natalie Wood's Sister Continues To Accuse Robert Wagner + Elephant Speaks + Bath Time With Reardon + Pocock's Pro-Gay Mission! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrump, trolling Hillary, seemingly agrees to debate Bernie in CA. Bernie, trolling Hillary, seemingly eager to make it happen

*widget boy cultureAbove: Red-hot Pines Party 2016: Xanadu ('now that you're here, now that your queer...') vid stars Joshua Michael Brickman, uses Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.53.44 AMLana Wood, Natalie Wood's sister (Video still via Crime Watch Daily)

*widget boy cultureNatalie Wood's sister Lana speaks: “I think R.J. [Robert Wagner] was absolutely involved in her drowning.” Lana recently confronted Wagner.

*widget boy cultureThis elephant, driven by desperate loneliness, has learned to speak—actually say—five words in the native tongue of its handlers.

*widget boy cultureModel and rugby stud Stuart Reardon gets nude, sips some wine, takes a bath for you to see.

*widget boy cultureWhy David Pocock decided he had to speak up for LGBT rights

May 25 2016
Report Finds Hillary Clinton Violated State Dept. Email Rules Comments (0)

A new report will sharply criticize Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's handling of her emails, Politico reports.

While the report concludes that the agency suffers from “longstanding, systemic weaknesses” with records that “go well beyond the tenure of any one Secretary of State,” it specifically dings Clinton for her exclusive use of private email during her four years at the agency. 

“Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office of the Secretary,” the report states. “At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”

Shouldn't have been done that way, but it's such an esoteric lapse of protocol that had bad results only for her reputation. In order to find something like this disqualifying, I can only imagine one would have to have been a dyed-in-the-wool member of the #ImAgainstHer club.

That's all ya got? I'd apologize if I were her and give a contextualizing speech about the unfortunate violation of protocol and what the other side is openly espousing.


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