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Nov 19 2017
Flawless Sabrina, Mother From THE QUEEN, DIES Comments (0)

  Feature_04202016_musto_thequeen_grove_press_photofest-1366x980(Image via Grove Press)

If you've ever seen The Queen (1968), you'll know why RuPaul's Drag Race — for all its glories — seems like child's play. The film was peopled by men willing to be seen competing in a drag pageant 50 years ago, when they faced arrest for their self-expression and skills.

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Nov 15 2017
Versace Nightmare + Disney Star Flasher + Roy Moore's Fake Support + Debunking That Hillary Hoax + Tennis Stud's Bath + Studio 54 Fleshback — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.49.02 AM(Video still via FX)

Bloody, Sexy, Scary Versace Trailer

Disney Star's No Mouse Down There!

Roy Moore's Wife: Accomplice

Shep Smith Goes Rogue

Bathtime for Borna Ćorić

Studio 54 Mini-Mystery

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Nov 14 2017
Blake Shelton + Takei's Stern Denial + Mike Pence In Dutch + Australian Gay Rights + DIFFICULT PEOPLE Done + RIP Debra Chasnoff — 6-PACK! Comments (0) me back, baby! Nah, I'm good. (Image via People)

Takei: I Have Never Forced Myself Upon Someone

Sexiest Man Alive?!

Pence's Dilemma

History of Gay Rights in Australia

Difficult People Is Dunzo

RIP Filmmaker Debra Chasnoff

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Anita Bryant: Living Well Is As Easy As Pie 40 Years Later Comments (0)

Hqdefault(Image via video still)

Singer and lifelong anti-gay rights activist Anita Bryant — famous for taking a pie in the face 40 years ago this year — has had her share of financial woes, but damned if the bitch isn't living well now ...

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Nov 13 2017

T-scotty-bowers“I created the rainbow in Hollywood.” — Scotty Bowers (Image via Altimeter Films)

Five years ago, I posted a review of the book Full Service, the as-told-to story of Scotty Bowers, a 21430294_1815779352046499_9204368091529911051_nHollywood gas station owner who claims to have become a procurer for some of Hollywood's biggest names from the '40s onward, including Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, George Cukor, Rock Hudson and many more.

Along with hooking them up with sex partners, he also claims to have had sex with many of them himself, including Bette Davis, Walter Pidgeon and both Cary Grant and Randolph Scott.

Gore Vidal on Scotty Bowers

The comments on my review were largely critical, blowing him off as a liar in spite of the support of Gore Vidal and other serious people who wanted us to know Scotty was the real deal.

I prefer this take: 

Now, director Matt Tyrnauer has shot a compelling documentary on the man of 1,000 facials, and I think Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood far surpasses the book as both art and documentation that Bowers was probably every bit as busy as he boasts ...

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Nov 11 2017
Born Today ... Comments (0)

Just a little slice of gay history — straight actor Vincent Schiavelli was born 69 years ago today. He played the first recurring gay character on U.S. TV, on The Corner Bar (1972), a very ill-remembered, short-lived series. Sadly, he passed away from lung cancer in 2005.

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Nov 08 2017
Cary Grant: In His Own Hand Comments (0)

ShubertArchives4(Image via Frank Rizzo/Showriz)

The above letter was handwritten by a very young Cary Grant (when he was still Archibald Leach). Looks like gayscript to me.

Check out more from Showriz's visit to the Shubert Archives here.

Nov 07 2017
Peter Brady Is SIXTY, Guys Comments (0)

Giphy(GIF via CBS)

Today is Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady's 60th birthday. Check out a fun list of 13 reasons why Peter aka Chris was the ultimate Brady!

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