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Jan 24 2015
You're A Disgrace To The Human Race, You Know That? Comments (0)


The late Nelson Sullivan's 1,900 (!) hours of NYC-in-the-'80s video footage is safe and sound with NYU's special collections, and some of it is available for viewing here. The stuff is priceless.

Jan 17 2015
It Girls Comments (0)


Love this beautifully conceived and executed look at female looks of the past 100 years.

Jan 09 2015
Do Get It Twisted: The Art Of Eugene Bilbrew Comments (0)


Fascinating read on a perverted artist of the past—always wondered what ever became of people like this, who made their livings creating things that at the time were against the law.

Need To Know: Turing Company + CHARLIE HEBDO Developments + For Ryan Out Loud + Bridge & Tunnel + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureGay luminaries come out on behalf of Alan Turing & The Imitation Game.

*widget boy cultureThe New Yorker's touching Charlie Hebdo tribute cover.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Hebdo suspects had al Qaeda link.

*widget boy cultureNeo-Nazis in France not letting Charlie Hebdo terrorism go unused.

*widget boy cultureVia VJ Brendan: Ryan Ferguson is both hot and has a story that goes beyond his abs.

Ryan-FergusonHe lost 10 years in jail and still find motivation in life???

*widget boy cultureMiles Teller & other offbeat guys suit up for Prada.

*widget boy cultureI choose Ellen Page over Queen Elizabeth on this issue.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie is a very Kinky boy.

*widget boy cultureMichael Urie directs What's Your Emergency, debuting Jan. 27 on Stage 17.

Stage-17Emerging talent: Watch more here.

Jan 01 2015
It's Only A Movie? Comments (0)

Dave and Mark SchultzDave & Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz, played by Channing Tatum in the so-so thriller Foxcatcher, has suddenly realized that the film makes him look gay, or gay for Olympic gold. In response, he's gone off his rocker in a series of Twitter insults and a long rant claiming he takes back anything positive he's ever said about the film

One thing the movie got right was Schultz status as a dim bulb—even on first viewing, the film can only be read as the story of a gay creeper and the briefly complicit, ultimately grossed out, straight boy he nearly succeeds in buying, body and and soul. That's what makes the movie work—it's clearly the narrative crafted by the director.

SchultzSchultz with the actors of Foxcatcher, in happier times

No idea if it's based on reality, since so many other real things were changed or left out, but that's what the movie is.

Now, Schultz is worried his legacy is tarnished because a movie implied he might've let a rich old guy rub himself off on him while they wrestled in the middle of the night

Pretty pathetic all the way around.

014-schultzbrothers-600x364The Schultz Brothers

I do hope it helps keep the movie from getting Oscar nominations, though. Like a lot of movies that are highly questionable politically, it's definitely interesting—I was screwed to my seat (sorry, Mark) the entire way through, and found some of it quite good. But overall, it's an okay movie and the prosthetics on Carell are pretty bad and distracting. Tatum is good in spots but seems to forget to be Schultz occasionally. And I don't like when movies that purport to be about real events take outrageous liberties with what really happened just for the sake of the film. If it's inconvenient that du Pont had mental issues or that he didn't murder the man he murdered until many years after his confrontation with Schultz, then change all the names and call it something else.

#TBT: Joseph Campanella Comments (0)


My mom snapped this at Walt Disney World around 1976—she recognized Joseph Campanella (who at 90 is alive today) with his son (?) and asked if he would pose with her daughter, my sister Melissa (right). Her first pic-with was as a toddler!

Dec 23 2014
11 O'Clock Number: Billie Holiday - FINE AND MELLOW Comments (0)


Just two years from death...

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Dec 22 2014
51 Years Later Comments (0)


Missed the 51st anniversary last month, but found this original front page of The Flint Journal, my mom's hometown newspaper, in her scrapbook during our last visit. It interested me that JFK's survival for an hour after the shooting was a major beat in their story.