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Feb 23 2014
The Not-So-Wonderful WIZ Comments (0)

The-WizWiz trivia galore here

Last night, we randomly watched Sidney Lumet's lurid mess, The Wiz, a true failure of a film that is nonetheless fascinating in random ways. The most interesting part is its capturing of the NYC of 1977, when it was filmed.

Tumblr_m0sqwkTFCj1r31wv0o1_500 Tumblr_mdlnb7d25U1qiz3j8o1_500The movie works better as a collection of animated gifs.

With thanks to my pal Jason, check out this link and this one for some interesting reading on the movie, of which Diana Ross is the only survivor among the main cast.

Tumblr_lofpakltGm1qc4cp9o1_r3_400I'll give her (only) this re her perf: Ross brought plenty of energy to the dances.

Feb 22 2014
Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before? Comments (0)

Bess-FlowersA face in the crowd

The Hollywood Reporter has a great read on forgotten actress/extra Bess Flowers upon the occasion of the 30th anniversary of her death. Flowers came to Hollywood and did small parts—then a few leads—before becoming the industry's most famous and sought after extra and dress extra. ("Dress extra" meaning an extra who could be counted on to show up in her own clothes, appropriately attired for whatever the scene required.)

She was also a selective pack rat:

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About Two Boys Comments (0)

Mike-mishoe-kenny-walsh2If you're not quite sure about purchasing Kenneth Walsh's first book, the uncomfortably funny, funnily uncomfortable Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?, you can get a FREE taste of what you're in for here, and then you'll probably be ready to take the plunge.


Jan 29 2014
Need To Know: Is Kirk Cameron On Drugs?, His Rape, Vin Diesel's Playlist, Don't Ever Tell Them To: Madonna & Miley Can't/Won't Stop + MORE! Comments (0)

358771019-Kirk_Cameron_drugsMaybe he should try some after all?

*widget boy cultureTo Kirk Cameron, the Grammys were "an all-out assault on traditional family."

*widget boy culturePEOPLE HAVE THE POWER: Pete Seeger's House Un-American Activities testimony.

*widget boy cultureMan claims he was raped at a gay resort. Makes a video. Doesn't tell police. Thoughts?

*widget boy cultureNEW WAY TO COME OUT: Vin Diesel jams to Beyoncé & Katy Perry.


*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus & Madonna duet on "We Can't Stop" & "Don't Tell Me" tonight on MTV. Madonna-Miley-Cyrus

*widget boy cultureWoman murdered over accidental photobomb.

*widget boy culturePrince suing fans for $1 million. Doves are bawling.

*widget boy cultureMy game of "Would You Ever?" with Big Ang.

*widget boy cultureTara Lipinski thinks skating trumps gay rights.

*widget boy cultureNew George Michael album.

*widget boy culturePatton Oswalt's mind wandered during the State of the Union:


Jan 16 2014
To Hurrell And Back: This Guy Wrote The Book On The Movie-Still Collecting Couch Comments (0)

HurrellHere we go a' Carole-ing...

Jean-HarlowThe new-ish book George Hurrell's Hollywood: Glamour Portraits 1925—1992 looks to be a compelling read as well as a sumptuous collection of the legendary shooter's best work.

Author Mark Vieira forwarded me one note about how he caught Hurrell, whom he personally knew for 15 years before the photographer's death in the '90s, perpetrating art fraud. Seems a famous shot of Greta Garbo and John Barrymore on the set of Grand Hotel was appropriated by Hurrell as his own in spite of suspicions he hadn't shot it. Vieira was able to locate the original negative, which bore telltale signs that it could not have been shot by Hurrell...pretty scandalous, and hard to explain considering Hurrell's already impressive portfolio of indelible images.

One insight may be in that Hurrell didn't consider photography art, at least not early on. In the 1940s, he said photography, as art, had "no collectors' market," and:

"I saw that photography was strictly commercial. As an art, it simply has no market with collectors. I concluded that I must make photos that startle, that intrigue and hold interest. Tomorrow, most photos are forgotten."

Hurrell-art-fraudPositively negative

One tidbit from the book is the gay angle among collectors of vintage movie stills, a phenomenon that sprang up in the '50s and '60s and gathered steam as time wore on. Just like some gay horndogs, evidently:

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Jan 12 2014
Jeez, Luise!: Luise Rainer Turns 104 Comments (0)


Luise Rainer, the oldest living Oscar winner (she won two in a row as Best Actress in the '30s), turns—get ready for this—104 today. To put that into perspective, she's only four years younger than Greta Garbo would be today, and Garbo's been dead nearly a quarter of a century...after living to a fairly ripe old age!

Tumblr_m6mx0k8Apr1qan75no1_500From The Great Ziegfeld (1936)

Rainer is within striking distance of becoming that rarest of things—a supercentenarian (110+) famous for more than longevity alone.

Jan 09 2014
Howell I Make My Lunch? Comments (0)


Natalie Schafer, aka "Lovey" from Gilligan's Island, is one of the celebrity connections I most regret never having the chance to make. She died in 1991 (at the age of 90, having lied to everyone about her age for years), well before I was in any position to be in the same place at the same time with her, though an online pal of mine (Alan Light) took one of the most widely circulated later-years images of her in L.A. at an AIDS event:

Natalie_Schafer_at_the_AIDS_Project_Los_Angeles_APLA_benefitThis picture is from September 6, 1990; cancer claimed the following April.

Above, check out her ridiculous "recipe" for tuna salad from a now-hilarious 1978 book of celeb recipes to benefit a Hawaiian rehab center called Habilitat. If you're interested in recipes from the likes of Sharon Gless and Lloyd Bridges, check it out on one of my favorite blogs.

Natallie-Schafer-GilligansSchafer on The Brady Bunch, a 1961 series called Thriller and Three's Company

Learn even more about "Lovey" at yet another blog I love-y so much, this one a blog that—like Schafer—is dearly departed.

Jan 07 2014
It Gets Better…Eventually Comments (0)


For the full story on the story of a man discharged from the military 58 years ago for being gay, click here. (Spoiler: It has a happy ending.)

Jan 04 2014
Almost Entirely GONE WITH THE WIND Comments (0)

Alicia-RhettRhett as "India Wilkes" (L) and in April of 2012 (R)

Alicia Rhett, one of the last surviving cast members of Gone With the Wind (1939) has died at the age of 98. From all accounts, she lived a quiet, artistic life in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Swingers Convention Comments (0)

TarzanHangin' around

This is a propos of nothing, but it's still required viewing: Maureen O'Sullivan (1911—1998) tells a long and hilarious story about working with an interminably erect, homosexual Cheetah...

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