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Nov 17 2012
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
Specular's "Beach Boy" is anything but washed up.
Jul 31 2012
Between Him And His Calvins Comments (1)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Good-looking man in weird-looking underwear—a combo that never fails.

Jul 17 2012
You Can't Ford This Comments (1)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Ford model Kevin Johnson shows off for Charles Quiles here.

Jun 16 2012
The Stud McMuffin Comments (0)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Terry McDaniel by Bell Soto is well worth looking at for a long time. It's the kind of imagery that makes me wish I could tip it and watch the clothing come off, except you'll find Soto has helpfully provided one nude already.

Apr 23 2012
The World Is Sones Comments (0)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Jacob Sones by Rick Day is everything you'd hope it would be.

Mar 07 2012
Simon Le—Bon! Comments (0)


Via Sticky (Work-Unfriendly): Shooter Simon Le captures Adrien at what I sincerely hope is his best.

Feb 24 2012
Eyewitness Account Comments (1)


Via Sticky (NSFW): Diego Miguel submits evidence in his ongoing case that HE has the world's most perfect body. I've filed a friend of the court brief. It's that red one. More here.

Feb 14 2012
The Parole Of A Lifetime Comments (1)


Via Sticky (NSFW): Rick Day's "Parole" is outta control!

Dec 08 2011
Double Take Me, I'm Yours Comments (4)

Via Sticky (NSFW): Those Patriota Twins, as captured by Rick Day, are not shy about evoking incest, eh?

Nov 08 2011
The Gay-List Comments (0)

Weekend star Tom Cullen is shot by Bruce Weber for L'Uomo Vogue. Many more here. Andrew Haigh's thoughtful flick has earned over $400,000 at the box office so far and is currently the #131 most successful gay-themed movie of all time, according to Box Office Mojo. But keep in mind Box Office Mojo thinks of Interview with the Vampire and Alexander as gay/lesbian films. (Boy Culture is #156, whoot.)

Speaking of Bruce, via Sticky (NSFW): A totally worthwhile salute to some of his best, sexiest work is here.