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May 02 2010
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Howard Dean made a surprise visit to GetEQUAL's latest shout-OUT against DADT in front of the White House. Along with Nancy Pelosi's aggressive demand that the military institute a moratorium on DADT expulsions, it feels like momentum, with or without the White House.


President Obama visited the oil disaster today, which I certainly don't begrudge him. I do wish he'd never caved to "drill, baby, drill!" in the first place—his hands would be much cleaner than they already are on that issue. But it's fucking annoying that righties want the BP disaster to be his Katrina. Big disaster, yes. An entire city destroyed with dead bodies left unattended while Bush ignored it? Not comparable.

Jan 20 2010
Disqualified For A Scream, His Voice Is Still Badly Needed Comments (2)
Dec 17 2009
The Charge Of The Dark Ages Brigade Comments (5)
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Note: Even if you don't read my post, please click on all the hyperlinked names for truly informative, up-to-the-second opinions on health care.

259c5a86-0088-4553-ab9b-17806ef44af0  Health care is such a clusterfuck to the sickhouse at this point and yes, I blame President Obama for tactical mistakes as well as selling out. He's all boxed in now, so I can't really blame him for wanting SOMETHING...except he's the one who boxed himself in. So I blame him more than convenient villain Joe Lieberman. And it's depressing. I'm not sure where I stand—and I'm a pretty opinionated guy!—on whether to just fucking pass it as it and hope to improve it later (smart as hell people like Paul Krugman and Nate Silver and Jay Rockefeller are in this camp), refuse to pass it until it's been further tweaked (smart as hell people like Markos MoulitsasHoward Dean, SEIU leader Andy Stern and potentially Bernie Sanders seem to be in this camp) or kill it and start over from scratch, preferably using reconciliation, Tea Bagger distractions and fickle poll plunges be damned (smart as hell people like diarist mcjoan from DailyKos are in this camp). All have valid points.

I think if I were a senator, I'd vote for it and then push like hell to continue working on health care, because it's for damn sure not what we were promised and not enough as an ending point.

But when you realize that the people AGAINST ALL HEALTH CARE REFORM are just against it because they loathe Obama, think he's foreign Manchurian candidate Socialist and think taxpayers should be up in arms literally) over the good things the Democrats are up to, it gets hard to come down on the side of killing the bill. Like Laura Ingraham, who compares health care reform to the Holocaust (above) or Michele Bachmann, who stupidly compares its combatants to the Charge of the Light Brigade...which, um, didn't work out well (below):

1216_sarah_palin_launch_v3Maybe this is why—even in the face of some unpopular decisions and a bad economy—voters seem to be torn between The People In Charge Right Now and the alternative, a party of buffoons, corporatists, racists, idiots and failed veep candidates who childishly black out the names of their former running mates on visors just to get press. Because the answer to the unspoken question is, "Yeah, actually, things really could get worse...if Republicans take control."

Dec 15 2009
Not So Fast... Comments (1)

 ...I was thinking we'd be better off accepting the Senate bill and moving on, but now Howard Dean—whose opinion I respect on this subject ahead of most anyone's—is saying we should kill the bill and go back to the House and start reconciliation. That would be the bold, "Fuck yeah!" thing to do. I'm not sure President Obama has the guts to do that at this point in time—he needs closure because he's had a year of seething hatred from the right and six or more months of incredible impatience and hysteria over dashed expectations from the left. It doesn't help him that the economy, while improving, is still considered in the dumps, something I think he's helped to improve, albeit imperfectly.

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