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Mar 18 2013
Meriting A Response Comments (5)

Video courtesy of Yann Perrigault

A truly annoying piece on HuffPo takes it upon itself to apologize for Madonna and GLAAD's "flamboyant" statement against the Boy Scouts. As I wrote on the site and to the author on Twitter, I don't believe activists get anywhere by coddling, wringing our hands and expressing disappointment. I'm offended by the concept of approaching a sworn enemy (as the Scouts' decision-makers are) with an apology and I think the entire GLAAD appearance, while pointed, was really very funny. Madonna's ridiculous get-up tweaked the Scouts and was a great way to mock just how silly their policy really is.

Worse than silly, it's discriminatory, and it's a policy they've had ample opportunity to reconsider in recent decades. Their clear-eyed decision to keep going with it (for now) makes the Boy Scouts absolutely equal to a restricted country club, so they should be mocked and shamed, not the activist-minded Madonna and GLAAD, who are, after all, on the right side of history.

ANYway, I'm sure the author was well-intentioned, but I really think his piece gives aid and succor to an enemy. And until they change their policy, they are an enemy.

As an antidote, check out the cute backstage video above, in which the face of the battle vs. the Scouts—lesbian mom Jennifer Tyrrell—humbly thanks Madonna for "doing that," to which Madonna says, "My pleasure."

Here is Jennifer from the carpet that evening, before her emotional speech from the stage:

Mar 15 2013
Need To Know: Inevitable March Down The Aisle, SMASH Closing?, Disney Deconstructed + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureVia HuffingtonPost: The literary birth of a chorus boy.

*widget boy cultureWhere in the world is Matt Lauer's fan club?


*widget boy culture1/4 of men sit to pee in order to keep texting.

*widget boy cultureThe ultimate Kyliedonna megamix.

*widget boy cultureWhich Madonna era are you?

*widget boy cultureLIKE A PROGRESSIVE: Ask yourself what Madonna would do.

*widget boy cultureOver 60% of Americans think marriage equality is inevitable

*widget boy cultureSmash moves to Saturdays.

*widget boy cultureA "fierce Latina superhero Web series."

*widget boy cultureLittle League raffle's top prize is an AR-15 assault rifle.

*widget boy culture"Gus Mattox" (aka Tom Judson) defends the honor of gay porn.

*widget boy cultureJesse McCartney's all grown up and releasing a new album.

*widget boy cultureTN Senate opts to "pray away the gay."

*widget boy cultureWorld's largest gay nightclub, Krave Massive, opens in Vegas June 15.

*widget boy cultureWorld's oldest cat turns 27.

*widget boy cultureStephen Fry &. anti-gay Russian politician go at it "hammer & tongs."

*widget boy cultureHAPPILY NEVER AFTER: Best Disney parody of all time.


Nov 23 2012
Need To Know Comments (4)

REBECCA-KADAGA-UGANDA-KILL-THE-GAYS-BILLGoing All Out against a country going all in on the persecution of gays

Widget boy cultureHelp tell Uganda its "Kill the Gays" bill is abhorrent. Madonna-Mexico-new-album-movie

Widget boy cultureHorrendous 100-car pile-up.

Widget boy cultureTranslation: Madonna's got a new movie AND album in the works?

Widget boy cultureCameron pushing for marriage-equality vote in the UK.

Widget boy cultureCan Dems retake the House in '14?

Widget boy cultureAbortion fanboy Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) won't quit. Garrett-Neff-shirtless

Widget boy cultureYou buyin' what Garrett Neff's sellin'?

Widget boy cultureUnited States out of Mexico?

Widget boy cultureCaddy/boy: Cadillac Ranch millionaire accused of bribing boys for sex.

Widget boy cultureBoeing is anti-marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureNOM fears college drag parties.

Widget boy cultureIt's Black Friday. Be ashamed, be very ashamed:

Nov 22 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Quinn-Jaxon-bulgeEnjoy this trip-dych

Widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon, underwear godling, spills his guts.

Widget boy cultureJustin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Liz & Prick. Rupaul-Live_Forever

Widget boy cultureYou Better Re-Work: RuPaul releases a slew of remixes.

Widget boy cultureDon't Like It, Like It: Rihanna's outfit resembles Webster S/M chic.

Widget boy cultureDamiana does Thanksgiving.

Widget boy cultureIs Truvada effective in preventing HIV?

Widget boy cultureAnti-Planned Parenthood Komen ex-exec eyes Senate bid.

Widget boy cultureU.N. pushing for gender-ID protection.

Widget boy culturePulling Some Strings: Neil Patrick Harris's new Nerdist puppet series.

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Nerdist-Puppet-DreamsAnd they call it puppet love

Nov 21 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Gale-sondergaard-wicked-witch-of-the-east-1252415Blacklisted actress Gale Sondergaard's career was ruined by that witch hunt

Widget boy cultureHollywood Reporter's mea culpa re the '40s/'50s blacklist era.

Widget boy cultureStone Fox: Emma Stone has a sex tape, and "that's a fact."

Widget boy cultureFOX News shits on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Widget boy cultureGood As You does far better. Dean-Geyer

Widget boy cultureDean Geyer continues to be cute.

Widget boy cultureChick Flick: Emily's List video thanks supporters.

Widget boy cultureScarborough semi-apologizes to Nate Silver.

Widget boy cultureTeen students routinely sodomized during hazing.

Widget boy cultureJared Leto is a poor man's Lucy Punch as a girl.

Jared-Leto-drag-Lucy PunchPretty enough to be a girl?

Widget boy cultureKylie does "The Loco-Motion" on Strictly Come Dancing.

Widget boy cultureThe Naked Truth: SF bans nudity.

Widget boy cultureNormalizing sex talk.

Widget boy cultureChristine Quinn well-positioned to be NYC's first out mayor.

Christine-quinn-paid-sick-daysVoting her out

Nov 18 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Versace-shirtlessSmell ya later!

Widget boy cultureShirtless Versace TV ad.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's MDNA DVD to be filmed in Miami.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper awkwardly discusses his MDNA experience. Uganda_africa

Widget boy cultureUganda's "kill the gays" bill to the House floor Tuesday.

Widget boy cultureGabby Giffords's successor, Ron Barber (D-Arizona) won after all.

Widget boy cultureShoot!: AZ gun store bans O voters.

Widget boy cultureJennifer Esposito, diagnosed with celiac disease, canned by CBS.

Widget boy cultureTurns out Republicans want "gifts," too.

Widget boy cultureAllen West, won't you please go now?

Widget boy cultureSuck It, Shatner: George Takei sings.

Widget boy cultureTrump's steakhouse plays even dirtier than its namesake.

Widget boy cultureHot Dudes in White Underwear = why Facebook was invented.

Hot-dudes-in-white-underwearBuns upon a time

Nov 13 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Donald-trump-badhairPolitical expression vs. sedition = splitting hairs?

Widget boy cultureOnline petition urges Macys: Dump Trump.

Widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) against secession...but wasn't always.

Widget boy cultureObama's Latino support = 75%.

Widget boy cultureIf Latinos turn Texas blue, Republicans can forget the presidency. Ever. Eddie-Cantor

Widget boy cultureFAB: Live singing wasn't invented by Les Miz.

Widget boy cultureChad White, Adam Senn & Kevin Sampaio strip.

Widget boy cultureNew Web Series: How to find YOUR Obama.

Widget boy cultureOut's Out100 continues to roll out.

Widget boy cultureFirst openly bi member of Congress elected.

Widget boy cultureFordham College Republicans disinvite Ann Coulter.

Widget boy cultureThe Wise Kids hits DVD.

Widget boy cultureDC gay flag football: Gangnam Style.

Gay-Gangnam-flag-football-LGBTStart spreadin' the news

Nov 08 2012
Guillotine-age Rebellion Comments (3)

Peter Harry BrantGuillotine-agers

Painfully annoying Brant Brother Peter Jr. jokes about killing the prez on Twitter, the friend he was tweeting with defends their actions ("People seriously need to take a joke") and then Peter finally apologizes under duress.


Stephanie+Seymour+Peter+Brant+Jr+Stephanie+hoq8N2SlCEDlHis daddy is publishing mogul Peter Brant (maybe one of those bazillionaires who wasted an obscene amount of money in trying to unseat the president in favor of people who think rape is all in the semantics?) and his mommy is supermodel Stephanie Seymour.

For good measure, Peter also joked about women's rights, which is odd since he's such a girl himself. Recall that he is also the one who was spotted all but making out with his mom.

Peter-Brant-Stephanie-SeymourBrant & Seymour really raised their kids right-wing


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