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Nov 22 2013
Need To Know: The Marrying Manson, Florida Regaining Sanity?, Kanye Still Delusional, Weir Going It Alone + MORE! Comments (0)

Jackman-729-620x349Hugh better get that checked out.

*widget boy cultureHugh Jackman treated for skin cancer.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Crist leading Rick Scott in Florida 2014 gubernatorial poll.

*widget boy cultureShirtless Colten for OhLaLaMag.

*widget boy cultureKanye compares himself to 12 Years a Slave slave.

*widget boy cultureCharles Manson is engaged.

*widget boy cultureIt's the James Franco Cat Calendar 2014.

*widget boy cultureAaron Carter declares bankruptcy.

*widget boy cultureGay cruise line says "nyet" to Russia.

*widget boy culture#GayPropaganda's "The Scream" urges LGBTs to stand firm against Russia.

*widget boy cultureJohnny Weir wouldn't boycott ANY Olympics for ANY reason, because the athletes.

 *widget boy cultureSad that a simple majority vote on judicial nominees is considered "nuclear" in the Senate.

Harry-reid-fingerReid between the lines.

Oct 22 2013
It's Not All About Hugh, Dear: A Review Of THE SEAGULL Comments (0)

I was generously invited to see The Seagull, a new take on the classic Chekhov play starring Trudie Styler, playing at the Lynn Redgrave under the auspices of Culture Project. The latter's mission is "socially conscious theater," and they couldn't have picked a better vintage story to retell if they were looking for something timeless...prescient even.

I couldn't get a date for the play, so was doomed to sit alone. It wasn't a full house (Tuesday night and all) in spite of the play's good reviews, making it all the more obvious that Hugh Fucking Jackman (and his wife) was sitting directly behind me. I took a breath and merely smiled, telling them I loved them as I sat down. They thanked me. Smooth. At least I didn't say, "I believe you when you say you're not gay!"

The play began and I have to say that while I was chewing off every fingernail trying to game out how exactly I'd get a photo with Hugh, I was also riveted by the action in front of me.

Seag5Styler and Cox are deeply shallow.

Chekhov's story touches on parenting, passion and even the modern invention of fame in ways that speak to modern audiences more so than most works of its period. A supremely assured Trudie Styler is creepily radiant as a self-absorbed theater actress of some repute, whose socially maladjusted, incest-friendly son "Constantine" (Slate Holmgren), but it was Rachel Spencer Hewitt who knocked my socks off as "Lily," an ingenue so taken with a famous hack writer (a splendidly vapid Alan Cox) she trades away her innocence and her future.

Done in two acts, the sparely but inventively staged piece (kudos to director Max Stafford-Clark and to Thomas Kilroy, who adapted it) never fails to engage, never recedes into antiquity in spite of its old-fashioned dialogue and builds to a climax that's depressing enough to make you want to wear black all the time, just like "Mary" (Amanda Quaid).

Check this out while you can—it plays through November 3.

At intermission, I had turned to Hugh and nervously (I'll admit it) asked if he would mind terribly posing for a photo with me. He looked pained but said, "After?" I agreed happily. So when the show ended (and after a rousing round of applause), he asked me, "You have your camera ready?" I did. His publicist took two shots because he blinked on the first one. I thanked him sincerely and mumbled something about Peter Allen. I thought mentioning The Boy from Oz since we were in a theatrical setting would score me some points. I think I could have brought up his Oprah zipline disaster and gotten about as much traction—he was faultlessly polite but was not about to engage me. Fair enough! Got what I wanted and was excited. Also was excited that he would never know all the trash I've talked about his sexuality. (He must not be gay after all...he didn't ask for my number.)

Hugh-Jackman-Matthew-RettenmundI know, I know...I hate me, too.

Look, it could've been far worse...I could've grasped his legs and begged, "Master me! Master me!" as happens in the play. But I thought better of it because I didn't want to end up as dead as the titular gull.

The Seagull is playing at the Lynn Redgrave.

Jul 31 2013
Need To Know: Hugh & Eye, Russian Roulette, Deen Admissions + MORE Comments (0)

Hugh-Jackman-selfieWeighting for you.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas, watch out! Hugh Jackman workout selfie.

*widget boy cultureWeiner's director of communications slurs former intern as a "cunt."

*widget boy cultureBradley Manning guilty, but not of everything.

*widget boy cultureGALLUP WHERE WE BELONG: 52% support marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureLegislator challenges Putin on enforcing anti-gay laws during Olympics.

*widget boy cultureThe heat is on in Russia.

*widget boy culturePornstar James Deen is above Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureJustin Deeley is hotter than hell.

Justin-DeeleyGood Deeley.

Jun 16 2013
He's Not Me: Hugh Jackman Covers MEN'S FITNESS Comments (0)

In (and on) Men's Fitness (July/August 2013), Hugh Jackman looks fantastic, and talks about how being nice has led to some bad photo-shoot choices:

"I can look back at a couple of photo shoots and say, 'Oh, my God, it's so not me,' where the stylists had brought clothes they wanted me to wear, and I said all right, which is a bit pathetic; but I was way more worried about hurting their feelings."

He keeps it simple this time, as you can see in the gallery above. Best bet when the stylist brings lame outfits: Birthday suit.

May 29 2013
Need To Know: MVP Anti-G*A*Y, Hugh's Huge, Nothing Gets Between Nick And His Calvin + MORE Comments (1)

Tumblr_mksvu21zHJ1rhrax1o1_500Kissin' because'ins

*widget boy cultureSome things are fun to look at "just because."

*widget boy culture"Reigning NFL MVP" says of gay marriage: "To each his own. I'm not with it." Lat-la-dd-liberace-cooks-la0004314175-02-20130528

*widget boy cultureObamacare turns out to be a huge bargain.

*widget boy cultureBehind the Candelabra a big ratings hit.

*widget boy cultureCooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureKooking with Liberace.

*widget boy cultureThe Wanted back with "Walks Like Rihanna."

*widget boy cultureJoseph Gordon-Levitt's shirtless Don Jon trailer.

*widget boy cultureDiet soda = meth when it comes to tooth decay.

*widget boy cultureLaShawn Ford (D-Illinois) is for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureYOU'RE SO VEIN: Hugh Jackman's arm is in 3-D.

*widget boy cultureNeedles needles Austria on Nazis, invokes Shirley Q. Liquor.

*widget boy culturePros and cons from USA Today "readers" on the new BSA policy. Sharon-needles-life-ball

*widget boy cultureChelsea Clinton focusing on health & gay rights.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay couple engaged in White House get hitched

*widget boy cultureJessie J's new single.

*widget boy cultureVID: "They Die By Dawn" by The Bullitts, etc., etc.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & boytoy Nick Gruber bury the hatchet?

GruberIntent on starring in the real-life sequel to the Liberace/Scott Thorson saga.

May 16 2013
Need To Know: Don't Let Them Eat Cake, Heads Roll, Embraceable Hugh + MORE! Comments (3)

*widget boy cultureFleur Cakes doesn't do dyke wedding cakes, probably can't define "ironic." Dbe-new-and-repeat-special-743

*widget boy cultureMANY UNHAPPY RETURNS: Obama sacks IRS head.

*widget boy cultureHolder IDs Deputy Attorney General in AP "scandal."

*widget boy cultureJohn Boehner: "Who's going to jail?" (How about Cheney?)

*widget boy cultureRepublicans waste $55 million against Obamacare.

*widget boy cultureHot men like Josh Henderson at the TBS/TNT Upfronts.

*widget boy cultureHALF-BAKED: Amy's Bakery nutjobs talk to the media.

*widget boy cultureFresh, shirtless Hugh Jackman shot from The Wolverine.

*widget boy cultureSteven Klein uses Matt Woodhouse's ass to sell undies.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Hides tries on Madonna's Met look for size.

*widget boy cultureThe connections between Madonna, Prince & Jacko.

*widget boy cultureSave 20% on  undies using code BOYCULTURE20.

*widget boy cultureFour-fifths of The Wanted comes out of the closet.

*widget boy cultureWatching Behind the Candelabra...from behind bars.

*widget boy cultureThe dog with a seeing-eye cat:

Apr 15 2013
Need To Know: Daft Punk Rocks, Shake The Disease, Bieber Even More Annoying Than Mrs. Van Daan, Hung & The Restless + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove, Daft Punk + Giorgio Moroder + Nile Rodgers = heaven. Shimansky-Steve-Cochran-shirtless-models

*widget boy cultureWeHo realtor brain dead from bacterial meningitis. Get the shot.

*widget boy cultureKmart becomes cool with just one commercial.

*widget boy cultureMILKIN' IT: Mama cat adopts orphaned bunny.

*widget boy cultureFollow Boy Culture's (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr.

*widget boy cultureCyndi Lauper pleads veggie on Lady Gaga's meat dress.

*widget boy cultureMen's fall/winter '13 collections are here.

*widget boy culturePUBIC NUISANCE: Hugh Jackman gets pubic-bombed at gym.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber really is an idiot.

*widget boy cultureBut so is Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

*widget boy cultureA list of the BIGGEST male stars, like Steve "12.4-inch" Cochran.

*widget boy cultureBrian Shimansky works it on out.

*widget boy cultureIs La Toya the "most relevant living Jackson?"

*widget boy cultureIn the Deep Web series about friends with secrets.

*widget boy cultureIs Walt Disney World "an unconstitutional form of government?"

*widget boy cultureScott Brown to carpetbag New Hampshire?

*widget boy cultureYESTERGAY: San Francisco's forgotten gay bars.

*widget boy cultureBest Star Wars parody ever?

*widget boy cultureWhich has the Weitz stuff?

*widget boy cultureA (Work Unfriendly) Tumblr: Guys & Pits.

*widget boy cultureHot young models with crazy hair.

*widget boy culture1st look at Darius Goodworth's FU e=fu8 Underwear shoot:

Underwear-modelFive-card stud

Jan 16 2013
Fanboying @ The Golden Globes Comments (11)

DSC04162 Golden-GlobesOscar who?

DSC04180 Bryan-Cooper-Matthew-RettenmundWhile in L.A., I was contacted by my friend Bryan (that's us pictured) and invited to share space with him in a special VIP area near the arrivals. It put me right up front and within 10 to 30 feet of all the stars, so that I was able to spot them while they were still in the backseats of their limos, watch them emerge and wave to fans and then enter.

It was pretty fun in spite of the arctic weather (by L.A.'s standards) and long amount of time on my feet (we arrived at 11:30AM, the first stars appeared around 2:30 PM, the show started at 5PM).

DSC04496 Jessica-ChastainThe fans there were hilarious. Mostly young, they would shriek out each star's name as if he or she were their ultimate idol. (At one point, someone yelled out to Amanda Seyfriend, "Amanda! You're my #1!") One young, straight boy next to me kept shouting the oddest, most specific things, like, "Oh, my gosh! Steve Buscemi! I'm on season three of your show!" or "Jessica Chastain! You're my second favorite actress this year!" Much too close to a conversation in order to be yelled, but highly amusing.

Most of the stars gave the fans some notice, but it ranged from having to be told to do it (as Eddie Redmayne was, by his PR) to a brief wave (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence), to repeated smiles and other silent means of communication (Nicole Kidman), to the few who came right over to us and strutted their stuff with the everyday folk (only Connie Britton, Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Chastain and George Clooney went that far).

DSC04556 Hugh-JackmanHugh do something to me...something that simply mystifies me...

I was most dazzled by the first star to arrive—Debra Messing. I love her, and it was exciting to see her pop out so early. The last star to arrive was Orlando Bloom, who was promptly goosed in the privates by Miranda Kerr, who used her handbag to semi-discreetly make that point.

Enjoy the belated photos...

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